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Now the FTC’s are clear concerning what constitutes a legitimate business model. If most would follow these guidelines we would have fewer people being scammed and many more success stories. Where is the personal responsibility for us to read and understand what we are getting into as aspiring online entrepreneurs? We can see why so many fail. It is the failure to properly do the upfront research resulting in a blatant lack of knowledge.

In people’s quest for success and more money, it is very easy to see why some fail in their pursuit of wealth. Reason being, they bring the same lackadaisical offline attitude to business into the online realm and expect that they will have born-again, life-changing results. But hey, attitude is attitude and bad attitude offline will result in bad attitude online as well. There is nothing hard to understand about this at all.

“Before signing on the dotted line, study the company’s track record, ask lots of questions, and seek out independent opinions about the business.”

FTC Advice concerning MLM

FTC Advice concerning MLM verification

Read the Fine Print Before Making Decisions — Protect Yourself

consumer decision making process

Every online marketer should read and understand the terms of service and agreements of every platform, software or marketing tool they use, or else it may return to bite you (you know where). Too many people continue to ignore the fine print but have great expectations.

By the way, if you spend time reading terms of service, disclaimers, privacy policies and the like, you would hardly have to go anywhere or to anyone to learn most things. You would come away with enough knowledge to make healthy — informed comparisons and decisions.

For example, recently, I was looking at the difference between two products and as expected, there was so much information in the user agreement and various other legal agreements that I never had to refer to anything else. After my research, I could have posed as a product expert just from reading these. 🙂

However, more importantly, what I learned from reading the fine print of a recently defunct online company is that only 1% of its members were making decent money.

Though sometimes this is the fault of members themselves because of laziness, I am sure if many of them had taken note, they would have had questions or maybe, not have signed up at all.

Ways to Avoid Scams Online – Look For Red Flags

ways to avoid scams online

There are many scams online because there is much money to made from persons who refuse to investigate anything. Scams are fairly easy to spot and so are frauds. Just look for a few tell-tale signs and you are good to go.

1 – A Flashy Lifestyle

Anytime a presenter is standing in front of a mansion, jet, yacht or fancy car, beware – (that’s sooo corny and kindergarten). They are trying to tap into your emotional side and manipulate your innate longing for success. This can lead to impulsive decision-making and subsequent disappointment.

Most rich and successful people already know who they are and what they have. They are a disciplined breed who don’t judge success by loose standards. They don’t have to impress or prove anything to anyone.

Haven’t you ever seen people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and others flaunt their success by talking about their possessions? They know that having lots of “stuff” is not their primary passion — and certainly not a fair assessment of their success.

2 – Huge Up-sells

Now imagine a program starting at one nominal price of let’s say $49 and by the time you jump into a sea of learning and begin to enjoy your newfound knowledge, you are presented with a barrage of upsells that leaves your eyebrows raised in a permanent expression of surprise. You are also pinching yourself so hard and wondering why you wouldn’t awake from the recurring nightmare you are having.

3 – Images of Generic Persons

One time I right-clicked on the image of a photo of the presenter of a program and searched in Google, to see whether the person’s image was authentic. Would you believe that person’s face was all over the Web with claims to several other names, programs, websites etc? The image turned out to be generic and derived from pixabay.com.  It also allowed me to see some other frauds out there.

4 – Payment Requests

They haven’t offered any real value but are ready for a payment. Their sites are like Christmas trees and filled with payment options and “don’t leave!” pop-ups.

5 – Guaranteed Wealth Using MLM Model – Recruiting New Members

I am always curious about this one. If your system guarantees such high returns why try to make money from me and a downline (sign-ups)? Why not use the ‘product’ or the core system itself to generate wealth.

6 – It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Well, you know the answer to this one. I will leave this one for you to figure out. Want a clue? It’s a cliche.

7 – You Feel Cornered and Pressured to Respond “Now”

“Hurry, get started now! Only 5 more left!” — for a digital product… sigh… You return in 10 hours and now 6 more are left. You know this feeling, don’t you? You also hate the feeling and hurry on over to the little “x” on that tab in your favorite browser (Chrome) to slam the door and say good riddance.

You haven’t felt this way since you were asked to be married long before you were ready — And certainly, not since your significant other called you by the wrong name, then pretended it was your new pet name for you.

How to be different from scammers and frauds? If you want to come across as the real deal, show people that you care.

stop scammers

What Success Really Looks Like

  • Show people you care about their success.

The bottom line is this, people like others to care about what they care about. This is the secret to winning anyone’s confidence and loyalty. This the reason for targeting a niche market and providing solutions. We then demonstrate how much we care about them by providing awesome reviews and solutions.

Yes, the houses, yachts and flashy cars would be nice, but they are not what creates a real incentive for most.

  • Build a list, get traffic, conversions, sales by connecting with people on a positive emotional level.

Do not use cliches, and perceived materialism. Be transparent and you will build trust with your followers.

Now let’s look at what really stands out in your customers’ eyes and what they are really looking for in you. Be real, be true and demonstrate what success really is.

Common Characteristics of Successful People

how successful people think

Let’s examine some key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

They are not just successful financially but;

  • Emotionally — that good feeling you get when you give or do something awesome for someone.
    • Successful people give and are not selfish. They create and deliver tons of value whenever they get the opportunity to share
    • They understand that they get back much more in the end than what they have given
  • Spiritually — They connect with God, the purpose and the reason they exist. This also governs their principals and values hence, their character, personality, and impact on others.
  • Physically — Their discipline usually transcends business and causes them to understand the importance of staying healthy in order to enjoy success

They value relationships and solving problems more than anything else.


Success Means Different Things to Different People

In the end, success will be different for everyone — but our promotion of success should in no way be trivial or narrowed down to a fancy car or a house as proof. People take us more seriously when we don’t come across as egotistical, superficial or materialistic. That just makes us seem irresponsible and unaccustomed to success and therefore, can’t be trusted.

Follow Your Gut!

Our intuition or conscience is a good thing. It’s what convicts us at the beginning and at the end of a thing. It usually springs to action early in the game but is usually beaten into a pulp when we want to have our own way. Don’t worry, though its face is often battered, it’s forgiving and will be ready to function on your behalf again if you let it.

What we can learn is never get rich at the expense of others if they too are not succeeding. True wealth is mutual; i.e. money for value and value for money.

Never make promises of hefty sums as a sales pitch to anyone in order to reach your personal targets.

Don’t be afraid to put any company through a test to determine their credibility and claims.

Do not ignore these red flags.

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To Your Amazing Future,


If you have been a victim of a scam what did you do? What have you found helpful to avoid scams? Please share your thoughts below and if you found value in Ways To Avoid Scams Online – What Success Really Looks Like, comment below and forward to your friends on Facebook.

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