Uforia Review: Make Money Online Or Another Fake Promise?

Uforia Science


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Thank you for checking out my Uforia Review! This article will tackle different information about Uforia Science. This will help you make an informed decision whether this new MLM business is for you or not.


Nowadays, there are a lot of MLM marketing firms in the market. Is Uforia Science a legit MLM business? Or is it just another scam? This review will enlighten you and give you an overview of Uforia Science. It is a new business in the market that focuses on health and wellness niche.


If you are a health conscious individual this might be perfect for you. Read on and learn about Uforia Science and how it works for each individual that signs up and purchases the company’s DNA kit.


There are some companies that work on the same field and niche like Uforia Science. One example is Mannatech; it is a multinational multi-level marketing business that uses a scientific basis for their dietary supplements and products for personal care.


Uforia Science uses the specific DNA sequence of each individual and creates specific supplements for them. Ron William, CEO and founder of the Uforia Science knows that this company has great potential and believes it can grow big over time.


Uforia Science Products

Product: Uforia Science

Website: https://uforiascience.com/

Company’s Motto: “Being U Never Felt Better!”

Founder and CEO: Ron Williams

Price: $159.95 plus $99 One Time Lab Fee

Intended For: Individuals who love Network Marketing, MLM business/marketing firms, those who are health-conscious and have an interest in DNA-based Supplements.


Blind Nutrition Vs Designer Nutrition

What is Uforia Science?


Uforia Science is an Multi-level marketing company based in Utah, United States of America. This business is with a goal of helping individuals learn about their DNA structure and based on the DNA and genetic data, unique and personalized nutrition supplements will be provided for each individual. It contains plant-based ingredients combined with superfoods, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and other essential nutrients that the body needs.


How does Uforia Science works?


  1. You have to purchase the DNA kit. Do the saliva swab included in the kit and send it in the prepaid box.
  2. Wait for the DNA result from Laboratory.
  3. Based on the genetic structure of your DNA, Uforia Science will send you the results and the uniquely prepared supplements will be available just for you.
  4. Uforia Science will create specific supplements according to your DNA results and you can purchase them every month.


DNA Kit and Pretrition

Uforia Science Price and Features:


$159.95 USTART DNA TEST KIT which includes 2 DNA swabs, Uforia DNA test kit, Instructions Manual, Prepaid Return Envelope, DNA Swab Envelope, and the PreTrition Kit that has 180 veggie caps plus $99 One Time Lab Fee.


Uforia Science uses approximately 400 million special and unique formulas for 100 peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients for their special supplements that also include vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.


It is a unique company that unlike the others that creates a generic multivitamin for everyone to consume, Uforia Science creates designer nutrition specially formulated just for you and it is based on your DNA results.


Uforia Science is HIPAA compliant and certified by the CLIA. The company values the privacy of its members and clients.


Uforia Science will help you focus on what your body needs. It uses specific manufacturing procedures and exclusive technology that is able to create designer nutrition for each individual.


Compensation Plan: Uforia Science Compensation Plan


Uforia Science pays their members every time they sell kits to their clients and when they add new recruits as new distributors for the product.


For a member to qualify, a minimum of 100 Personal Volume per month must be reached.


Affiliate members can join Uforia Science, by paying $39.95.


Uforia Science Benefits



The DNA kit and special supplements are unique. Including DNA for the package itself makes the product “more” credible by association. Especially with the previous success of DNA testing services lately. This makes Uforia Science stand out from the crowd.


The company’s special supplements have a great following. There are a lot of people searching the market for supplements and multivitamins that will make them look great, happy and healthy.


The company has a promising Compensation Plan. Affiliates of the company can earn a lot of money.


Eric Worre is popular in the networking business. The product will easily reach a lot of individuals soon.


Uses safe and quality ingredients that are formulated based on your DNA results.



The cost of the product itself is a bit high, not everyone can easily join, but if you want to try it out, the cost can be reasonable enough.


It uses the Multi-level marketing business model. The company uses MLM tactics.


Not a lot of information from the company is available online.


DNA kits are only available on the website. The products are coming soon.


Heavy recruiting is the only guaranteed way to earn big bucks with Uforia Science.


Uforia Science Reviews:

Uforia review

Uforia review 2

Uforia Science Video: See Below



Uforia Science is a new multi-level marketing company in the market. It offers a unique way of knowing your DNA results via their swab kit and formulating unique products and supplements that are made especially for you based on your genetic code.


Once your DNA report is ready, you can order the unique formula of supplements created especially for you every month.


The DNA kits are effective and unique, making it an awesome feature of their company. The compensation plan is really good when compared with other companies in the industry.


If I was able to spark your interest, you can try it out by purchasing the DNA kit first so you can have first-hand experience with it.


If you are used to the ways and tactics of an MLM business, Uforia Science is recommended for you. Since it is a newly released product, there is a big chance you can earn a lot of money. You just have to make sure to spend a lot of time to promote and recruit to earn a great income with Uforia Science.


As we all know, Health is wealth. It is never too late for you to invest in your health and well-being. Uforia Science is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM business that focuses on the health and wellness niche.


My Rating: 6 out of 10



Yes, if you are curious and want to check out Uforia Science. You can have your DNA and genetic profile tested and you can have a specifically created supplements based on your DNA results. If you are the type of person who believes in this product you can earn money by being an affiliate for the company. If you love to recruit, networking and have a great talent in multi-level marketing this is for you.


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