Avoid these mistakes and succeed at marketing your affiliate business

Affiliate marketing is a very simple business model; find a product, promote it and earn a commission. This simplistic view can lead to disappointment when you end up making nothing from your affiliate business marketing online efforts. You may not even know what you are doing wrong.

Fortunately, there are a lot of successful affiliates who have learned valuable lessons through trials, making mistakes and finally succeeding.

Let us discuss 8 common affiliate marketing mistakes in more detail. 

1. Websites with Mediocre Content and Reviews

Your website visitors are seeking quality information that will answer their various questions about a particular product. If you don’t give them what they want they will go somewhere else.

Every sale is based on trust and which better way to build one than through your written or spoken words?

If you don’t provide a review with clear benefits and superior advantages, nothing would help, not even adverts or creative traffic generation.

2. Promoting Worthless Products

I know you are trying to maximize profit but if you want to be in this niche for the long haul, quality is of prime importance. Stay away from all poor-quality products, no matter how attractive their commission is. It is bad for both your website and personal reputation.

Your customers value quality products, that is why they were willing to do the necessary research before purchase. Don’t expect your customers to return to your website after selling them a poor or fake product, they are never coming to your website again.

It doesn’t matter if your poor product selection was intentional or not. The result is the same.

3. Too Many Affiliate Programs and Products

It is a simple logic. The more products you promote, the better your earnings.

Nothing is wrong with having multiple sources of income but your business can become unmanageable with too many websites and programs. Demoralization, burnout and quitting is the likely result.

Choose one or two programs and focus on promotion. Learn what works and doesn’t then promote until you meet with success.

4. Choosing a Wrong Niche (For You)

“Hot” niches abound and many marketers jump in without much consideration. Your niche’s profitability should be a priority but so is your interest and knowledge of the niche.

Otherwise, your affiliate business will quickly become a tedious job you have to do to earn money which is very bad for a business requiring patience.

5. Focusing solely on Selling

Your job as a marketer is to sell. However, a lot of what goes into the final sales is not selling, at least not in an obvious way.

Your readers want to buy but don’t want to be sold. You may alienate many of them if you don’t understand this.

How do you sell without selling?


Focus more on helping your readers. Let them see that you care about them and the benefit they will get from your promoted products. Only then will you become an unbiased promoter who is worthy of getting repeat business.

6. Ignoring List Building

A list of user opt-ins is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Yet, many affiliates ignore it because they think it doesn’t apply to them. Some start to build a list very late when a lot of readers have visited their website without subscribing.

If you offer value to your readers, you should ask for their emails. It is neither wrong nor pushy.

You are leaving money on the table if you don’t.

7. Single Traffic Source 

A first page ranking on Google can increase your earnings overnight. This has led some marketers to ignore other traffic sources such as social media, email and even ads.

This is a mistake.

What happens if your website loses its top spot? 

Whatever traffic source that can help your business should be considered.

8. Not Tracking Affiliate Links

The second-best thing aside making a sale is knowing how you made the sale. This is the age of data-based decision which allows business to tweak the sales process. Without tracking, you won’t know where a sale comes from or the landing page that led to the sale. Tracking links can help you optimize your conversion process.


Now you know the mistakes that can derail your affiliate business marketing online and how to avoid them. Learning never stops, be open to new ideas and tips that can improve your business.  These content strategies will also help you stand out from the competition.

When you help consumers find the right product, you are on your way to earning a decent income online. When you’re ready, check out this premier Online Marketing Education platform >>>>Here<<<<

What marketing techniques have you found to be the most helpful? Please comment below and share with your friends on Facebook.

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  1. What a great article Sheryl and thank you for sharing this really great information. Honest and upfront and this is how good business is done
    Thank you

      1. Hi Sheryl
        I think people use affiliate links way too soon sometimes and need to build a really great amount of content before they add all kinds of links

  2. Hi Sherly,

    Thank you for the list of 8 mistakes that can ruin my business. I appreciate your thoughts. Going through your list I saw a few mistakes that I make and what I have to fix or work more. Keep on doing a great job! Thanks again.


  3. Hi it is nice to see what you have to say about Affiliate Marketing.
    I also want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and all the training and tools they offer.
    Do you think it is hard to make money online?

    1. Hello Stefan, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to review my article. I won’t say it is easy to make money online but building your foundation with a beautiful website, plugging into a helpful community with other like-minded individuals willing to offer help and encouragement along with your consistent applying what’s taught it is certainly attainable.

  4. You gave some really good advice here, and what really made me think is about list building, I am unsure if I should do it yet, as I am not getting THAT much traffic because I am only doing one article a week due to me being a uni student. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Danielle, first congratulations on your decision to start building your online business while a student. It is never too soon to start building your list. Even with one article a week you are no doubt offering value. When visitors come to your page have some type of funnel to capture their information. Much success!

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