If you are thinking of joining the Ambit Group MLM program, this Ambit Energy review is for you. You have probably been approached by a consultant or seen ads claiming that Ambit Energy can help you earn monthly income while saving on electricity. Full disclosure, I am not an Ambit affiliate.

Read on to learn about the program and whether it lives up to its touted benefits.

What is Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy is a company based in Dallas Texas. It was formed after the deregulation of the energy industry in Texas. Ambit operates on the MLM business strategy to sell energy subscription to customer in the US with the help of independent consultants.

Ambit has come a long way since its founding in 2006 to reach a billion-dollar revenue. It currently serves 17 states in the US, Japan, and Canada. Ambit Energy has the goal of providing cheap affordable energy to consumers. ambit group

Next, we look at Ambit Energy’s product and the business opportunities.

Ambit Energy Products

Ambit is an energy carrier, it gets energy from suppliers at wholesale price and retails it to consumers. It basically acquires customers for energy companies.

Ambit Energy offers Electric, Gas, Green-e and Solar energy plans to commercial and private businesses.

It also provides the following services:

1. Electricity Savings

Ambit helps both small and large businesses to implement cost-saving electricity plans.

2. Renewables

Through its Green-e plan, Ambits contributes to the renewable energy drive to protect the environment and tackle climate change.

Environmentally-conscious consumers can also subscribe to Ambit’s Solar savings services. The service is run in partnership with Sunrun, an established solar energy company.

How Much Does it Cost?

To become an independent contractor or consultant there is a one-time registration fee of $75. In addition to that, a fee of $24.95 per month is necessary to stay active with the program and maintain your personal website.  The registration fee covers training and welcome kit.

Business Opportunity

If you register as a marketing consultant your residual and bonus payments will depend on the number of clients you registered and their energy usage.

With ambit energy, you get rewards from up to 7 levels deep. There are 3 basic ways you can earn money based on the Ambit compensation document:

1. Free Energy and Travels: you will enjoy “free” energy supply from ambit when you refer 15 new consumers for enrolment in the program. If you earn enough points, it can be exchanged for free tips.

2. Consumer and Team Bonuses: You will earn $100 if you get 4 consumers to sign up. You also earn $100 when one of your referrals do the same.

3. Leadership Bonus: You are eligible for this bonus if you refer a new contractor for registration and they end up recruiting 4 other consumers within the first four weeks.

4. Residual Bonus

This is based on your downline activities and it represents your highest income potential as an independent contractor.

What is Good About Ambit Energy?

1. Low Sign up Fee: With just $75, you can start your Ambit business. This is good news to cash-strapped individuals who mlm home based business opportunitywant to make money.

2. Eco-Friendly

Ambit Energy’s support for renewable energy is a plus for the company.

3. Essential Product

Energy is a necessity both in homes and businesses. You will spend your time convincing your prospects of the merits of Ambit and not trying to sell them the benefits of purchasing energy.

4. Billion Dollar Business

Ambit is one of a few MLM companies who has exceeded 1 billion dollars in revenues. Hence, one can say that it has a solid business strategy and earning potential.

Downsides of Ambit Energy

1. No Earnings Disclosure

There is no publicly available information on the earnings. So, you won’t have an idea of what you can earn as an independent contractor. This lack of transparency is a great concern for anyone interested in joining the program.

2. Shady Pricing Deals

When you switch to Ambit Energy, you are placed on a fixed plan. However, if you fail to renew your subscription after 1-2 years, Ambit will automatically transfer you to a variable pricing plan which costs from 2x to 4x your original plan. This has been the subject of class actions lawsuits and settlements against Ambit because the information is hidden in fine print.

3. Recruit or Crash

Residual commissions are insignificant. Continuous recruitment and team building are necessary to make a substantial income.

Ambit Energy Verdict

Ambit Energy is a legitimate company dealing in essential service, that is, Energy. However, like other MLM programs, considerable effort must be expended in promotion and sign-ups before you can earn a decent income.

Before you sign a contract with Ambit, let your consultant walk you through the terms and discuss the details of your agreement. This will help you decide if the program or the team is the right one to join to earn money.

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