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How to Find Your Target Audience Online.

As an online marketer/blogger, you want traffic to come in hoards to your site and for visitors to engage. You need them to become loyal fans, to subscribe to your mailing list, to buy your products and recommendations. You need them to support your promotions and to share your content on social media. However, in order for them to do that, you must know your target market and how to find your target audience online. Knowing your target market and audience will define and drive your marketing efforts, your content, brand and your message.

You are working hard on your SEO skills and considering PPC, producing in-depth content, trying shorter articles (for those who don’t like to read) but are you seeing any real increase in traffic? If the answer is “no,” then you are writing for Peter Pan and his band of boys in Neverland. Peter and his crew will never land on your site. No traffic, no engagement, no conversion; no target audience and no money will make you a poor individual. We don’t want that.


Find the right traffic, target the right audience and build your empire

You will easily identify your target audience after carefully noting their interests; shared characteristics, where they spend time online, their unique problems etc. within that particular segment of the market.

  • Leverage what people are searching for in the search engines
  • Research long tail keywords
  • Solve problems  — Meet their needs and they will stick to you like bees on honey
  • Relate and appeal to them by using this information to speak their language, interact and hang out with them online

Let’s elaborate on the 4 points above.

sear engine optimization

1. Use SEO to Identify Your Target Audience

Your focus should be on your reaching your target audience not just generating more traffic. This is what will help determine your brand and your authority in your area of expertise. Your contribution to the market will be directed at your audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works while you sleep. Think of SEO as an employee who is always at work and one you never have to pay. The more time you invest and understand it, the better it will work for you behind the scenes — and for free. Use SEO best practices recommended by Google here.


Search Engines are coded algorithms used to find quality answers and place the best results in front of its audience. They are your loyal friends, but can also become your enemy in a jiffy if you foul up. They never compromise. They reward people who follow their best-practices (with rank). They can be a little controlling but the bright side is, once you accept them for what they are and work with them, they can be your ‘bestest’ friend ‘ever.’


The downside: betray them too often, and they will sentence you to cyber-cell where no one will ever find you — at least for a long time. You will also become the lowest ranking creature on the planet.


Stay One Step Ahead of Your Audience and Competition

You must get the attention of your audience by using good SEO strategies. Match what they are searching for in the search engines, i.e. their problem, to your solution. This is how you place your content/products/services directly in front of your audience and stay 1 step ahead of them and the competition.

find keyword search volume


2. Long Tail Keywords

It’s no mystery that what people search for in the search engines reveal their “problems.” Just ask why the VPN (Virtual Private Network) services like TOR are so popular. Oh my, some things we search for we would be revealing too much about ourselves and allow the profilers to come up with a fairly accurate version of ourselves. Mine is the super-awesome marketer; what’s yours?


The good news is, there’s probably a file on you right now but that doesn’t matter. We are just trying to make an honest dollar whenever we are online, right? In the same way, we are building a profile of our target audience by examining what they search for – keywords entered in search engines.


What Is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO?

A long tail keyword comprises 3 or more words entered in a search-engine that are relevant to

  • a product or service being sold or offered  – by the Marketer/Publisher
  • what a customer actually wants to buy –  the specific nature of the search reveals the visitor is close to the point of purchase

People who search for long tail keywords are usually at the point of conversion and are your target audience in motion. Your job as a proactive marketer is to meet their needs with excellent well-prepared content – so Google can chauffeur them (in style) to your site for an awesome solution.


Here are a regular keyword search term and a long tail keyword example for you to peruse.

1. Regular keyword —  “grow lettuce”
how to do keyword search

Summary for regular keyword:

Average monthly searches: 798

Traffic if 1 st page ranking is achieved:136

QSR = Number of competing websites for quoted search term: 286 – Too much competition as expected

2. Long tail keyword — “how to grow romaine lettuce indoors”

seo page analysis

Summary for long tail keyword:

Average monthly searches: 120

Traffic if 1 st page ranking is achieved: 21

QRS = Number of competing websites for quoted search: 4  – Very low competition

The result of the long tail keyword means less competition because it narrows down an otherwise broad saturated niche-market. Searches are conversational and solution-specific, hence the longer search term. It indicates that the person is ready to “buy in” or convert because they are being specific in their question. In time, capitalizing on these metrics can allow you to target and dominate this market.

But here is the bummer. Once you get them to land their craft on your site, you better have what it takes to keep them.

There are some sites that get thousands of hits per day but few conversions. This is because they may have a great topic, but poorly written or — are not solving any specific problems. Using our example above, let’s say someone is searching for “how to grow romaine lettuce indoors,” (a good niche, by the way) and according to your research, there’s little competition and enough traffic.

top keyword searches for


You post an article on the same topic and rank for that keyword phrase. Jane Speed, a visitor who is in a hurry, is already growing her lettuce indoors — but her lettuce ends up touching the ceiling. Thanks to some low competition long tail keywords, she lands on your site looking for a solution — but your writing isn’t engaging; nor is it offering any real value.


After 30 seconds of reading, she points that mouse pointer and gives you an “X” (not a vote), that dreaded sound of “click” fills the air and you are shut out of Jane’s world. She now goes on to look for another problem-solver (not you). She also never wants to see you again. Now we don’t want that.

The better you can solve a problem and write good content, the more your website traffic will grow and define your target audience.


Quality over Quantity — Less can be more in the long run

Tell me, which do you prefer. 10 million visitors per year who land like flies on your site and fly away just as quickly – or 2,000 subscribers per year? I heard you. The 2,000 will be worth much more to you in the long run. That’s your target audience, your fans, and your focus.

They told you what worked to find them so treat them with respect. Once acquired, that’s who you live for and target with your products, promotions, content etc.


3. Learn How to Solve a Real Problem

Everyone has a problem or a need that must be solved or cared for. You must be that problem-solver. The problem you solve could be small and provide a solution for many or it could be big and provide a solution for a few people.


However you phrase it, people and the search engines love problem-solvers. If your number 1 priority is to be a problem-solver, soon you could have every search engine and satisfied client/customer working for you.

  • They will recommend you to everyone and on every medium (SM) they have access to
  • The more problems you solve, the more recommendations you will get
  • You will earn their love and respect
  • You will gain dedicated followers
  • You will create a template for others to follow and build on
  • They will be your personal investment who will bring in high returns


Adopt this approach and let your target audience not only sing your praises but become your “employees,” who by the way you don’t have to pay. All while they buy from you over and over again and share you with their world. It can’t get any better than that, or can it?

Learn how to solve a problem and your followers will solve yours

seo with content marketing

4. Understand Your Target Market: Talk the Talk — Speak the Language of Your Audience

Great marketing, is knowing how to reach an audience

From what I said here about targeting organic hair care products for women with curly hair, you must be willing to empathize with your audience. They are your friends. If you don’t have curly hair, now is a great time to buy a curly wig or toupee. You need to understand and share in the emotions and aspirations of your audience.

Visit blogs,  Yahoo Answers, Quora and find conversations on curly hair. Discover trends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.  Start a movement and be bold. Reassure those who wished they had straightened hair. Tell them how they are blessed.

OK… I am overdoing it, but you get the gist. One more thing…

Don’t promote American footballs to soccer players and don’t talk about either to your dog. Be relevant… It’s wasted effort.

social media trends today

Relate to your audience by doing some simple research.


  • Who is searching, and for what
  • What is their problem
  • Where are they from
  • What are their ages
  • What are their similarities and interests
  • What is the common speak or jargon associated with that topic and audience – according to the demographic
  • What do they enjoy reading

Your response:

  • Cater to search-terms real people are typing in the search engines
  • Share relevant and practical solutions that work, with their problems
  • Find, interact and hang out with them on Social Media, blogs and forums
  • Learn more about how your niche affects your audience
  • Provide relevant content that stimulates creativity and inspires your audience



Keywords real people type into the search engines provide hints of what they need from you. They provide great  insight on how you should go about presenting your content:

You should present relevant and factual information in the content-style required to interact with that specific audience. Use this to your advantage and create amazing content.

Use forums to see what questions and topics people are discussing and pay careful attention to the best answers provided.

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To Your Amazing Future,


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