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25 dollar 1UP Review: What is it About?

Owner: TJ Holloway 

Website URL:

Product name: 25 dollar 1 up

Price: $10+$25, $100, $250, $500 

Final ratings:  3/10

Every now and then, a new money-making program pops up with new strategies and promises. However, you cannot know for sure if the touted claims are true without getting more information. This 25 dollar 1UP review article was written to provide detailed information about the program and help you decide if it is for you.

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What is 25 dollar 1Up?

25 dollar 1UP bills itself as a franchise but it doesn’t operate as a full franchise. It is a platform that exposes you to other internet marketers and allows you to promote a “done for you” system to others.

While there is a recent buzz about 25 dollar 1UP, it is not entirely new. It was rebranded and relaunched after being migrated from another platform

It is very easy to create an account on 25 dollar 1UP. You have to purchase one of the available plans which include:

  1. Gold Package: This comes with a fee of $25. included in the package are pre-written ads and scripts, development audios and lead tracking system. You will get a mindset training video and a step by step tutorial on how the system works.
  2. Platinum Package: For a fee of $100 you get all the Gold level privileges and more. You also get auto mailers, tools to promote your other business, 12 banner ads and personal branding page.  There are Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram video courses
  3. Diamond Package: This package goes for $250. Here you get all the Platinum level features. In addition, there are video courses on list building, digital marketing, $10K Blueprint, and Teespring. You have the ability to add your own sales video and create a bridge page.
  4. Enterprise Package: It takes $500 to register for an Enterprise package. This package includes all Diamond package features with some extra video courses on closing and systemizing your business, creating your own products and execution strategies.

You will be required to pay a one-time admin fee of $10 when you sign up. So, $35 is the minimum initial investment you can make.

Commissions and Compensations

The major way to make money is to buy a 25 dollar 1UP membership and sell it to other people (your referrals).

You will earn 100% commission on your sales but your second sale goes “up” to your sponsor. For instance, if you purchased a $25 Gold package, you will earn $25 commission while a $125 Platinum package will earn you $125.

What Makes 25 dollar 1UP Different?

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The caveat is if you enrolled at the Gold membership level and one of your referrals enrolls at the Platinum membership your sponsor if enrolled in Platinum will receive $100.  

When you sponsor and build a team, you get paid commissions from your referrals new downlines. This means you can earn unlimited commissions and enjoy a passive income stream by continuously growing your team.

Payment Methods

There are multiple payment methods through which you can receive your earnings. You can link your Paypal account and use other systems like Stripe, First Data, and Payza is a good option for international users. Offline methods such as money orders and checks are also available.

Special Features of 25 dollar 1UP

Here are a few things you would love about it.

  1. Instant Commissions

You don’t have to wait for days or a certain amount to accumulate before you can realize your commissions. 25 dollar 1UP offers instant commissions, and you can withdraw the amount on the same day you earn it.

This makes it stand out from other programs where you have to wait some days to withdraw your earnings.

  1. Pass Up Commissions

This “up” commission system is the secret to your earning potential. What you need to do is build a big and strong team that is also motivated to build their own team.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Earn through direct selling and referral system
  • Passive income with Pass Up Commissions
  • Withdraw earnings on the same day


  • You have to recruit many people to earn a significant sum
  • No refund policy
  • It is hard to stand out from other members since everyone uses the same ad banners and sales funnels
  • Misleading claims, for example, the “automated system” which isn’t fully automated.

Will 25 dollar 1UP Make You Money?

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Now that you understand the 25 dollar 1UP system, it’s time to answer the most important question.

If you manage to make a sale on any package, you will get 100% of the commission and you will recoup your initial investment. This shows that making money on the system is possible. However, getting a sale isn’t that straightforward. To make any tangible income from the system, you need to get reliable and consistent leads. This can be very difficult for a newbie and inexperienced marketers who are often drawn to these kinds of programs.

If you are just starting out in the internet marketing space, you will need a lot of training and trials before you can start making substantial money from 25 dollar and 1UP. Jumping straight into the program without a plan may not be a smart move. For marketers with the skills and means to put in the required work or a huge network or database, it is a good earning opportunity.

How I Make Online Income

Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model to make money online because:

  • No need to recruit anyone
  • Build a passive income stream for your financial freedom
  • Free to get started