We’re still digging deeper to find your profitable niche in Affiliate Marketing with a few long tail keyword examples.

Let’s try a simple Google Search (though limited, it can be quite useful).

Use Keyword Research Tools – Find Profitable Niche Markets

“Autocomplete is a feature within Google Search designed to make it faster to complete searches that you’re beginning to type.” According to Google, these predictions are based on actual trending searches; In other words, there is already a potential target market you can match your niche to; so this is a great way to get started with basic ideas for your keywords and niche research.

In the following image, I have a screen grab of a simple Google auto complete (predictions) search.

.Make money online by affiliate marketing
As you can see, once I enter “hair care pr…,” a drop-down list of possible ideas for niches and/or topics for content are displayed. To further drill down and optimized these, however, we would have to plug them into a tool like Jaaxy, mentioned above.

For example, you may want to focus on reviewing and promoting hair care products, which can be a niche market but it’s still way too broad. It’s still a market with tons of products; so you can break hair care products even further down to:
1. hair care products for men
2. hair care products for natural hair
3. best hair growth products for men

This further drill down makes it a lot easier for us to become an authority site for this topic and for our specific market. That means targeted traffic and potential sales.

For a more in-depth but brief keyword analysis of the long tail keyword “best hair growth products for men,“ we will be using info from the following tool below. As you can see, there are many other great niche ideas here as well, but we are sticking to our assumed passion.



We have here (no pun intended) an average of 267 monthly searches and just 59 ranking competing websites for this search phrase, therefore, our KQI is pretty good for us to begin targeting our likely market (Avg) for this niche idea.

In another article, we will look further at long tail keyword examples for better conversion and less competition.

The Benefits of a Sub-Niche

Niches can be broad and so we must be wise in seeking to stand out in the midst of the competition. We must further refine and break down any main niche into one (or more) sub-niche for maximum output. Do not try to be a jack of all trades in your approach to making money online. In niche targeting, less is more – especially if you are new to affiliate marketing and aren’t yet making any money online. Your site will take way longer to gain authority that way.

Become an Authority

In order to become an authority site in our respective area or niche, we must zero in on one or several specific related areas of a general niche. An example of this would be Hewlett Packard which manufactures printers and PCs (a general niche). However, in their line of printers, you will discover that they cater to several aspects of the market by producing a range of printers for each sector the market e.g. home, home-office, small business, large business, and enterprise.

Taking Advantage of the Competition

Competition is not a bad word because it causes all involved in a market to offer buyers the best possible value; i.e.

  • product-wise – selecting good products that solve real problems
  • content-wise – writing awesome reviews and content
  • time wise – by matching what people are searching for to our content, we will be quickly found in the search engines, resulting in higher page rank and conversions

In order to be found more easily, we want to ensure that our chosen niche has as little competition as possible, relative to the potential for traffic or average monthly searches it gets.

So the next step would be to check our competition for either of the above niche ideas. I use a powerful tool above called Jaaxy, which allows me to find all kinds of nice niche and keyword ideas and also, to monitor the competition. It was “developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers” and so, it is very functional and practical in the management of all aspects of keywords, competition, and market research.

Niche and Target Markets Go Hand in Hand

Understanding the concept of a niche market and a target market is not that hard once we grasp the fact that we participate in these markets every day. As we pay more attention to our own
habits and interests, we will discover that we know more about this business than we give ourselves credit for. We need to understand that we are all consumers and going forward, need to leverage and implement the same strategies when promoting our goods and services.

A target market is simply a segment of a market having a distinct interest in a specific product or service (niche).

A target market is not to be confused with a niche market. It is simply a common group of people that will buy from you. It could be a very large segment of the market which buys your focused product or product line – your niche. The way we reach this market is by doing research using tools such as Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner and other similar products. Without these tools, it would be impossible to get a grip on what is going on in the market and for us to be effective in providing anyone with solutions to their problems.

Objective grouping the right people together with commonalities such as habits, preferences, income and other factors, in order to tailor relevant products to them

A target market is not to be referred to as just any group of people, but a group with specific needs and similar characteristics. These people if properly identified and targeted, will be the ones who buy from us.

Every television ad we watch is geared to a target audience. Based on the type of show, you will find that the ads are mainly geared toward the anticipated audience watching.

Like a niche market, we have to drill down and properly identify and define this group of people if we are to reach them. Don’t make the mistake of pooling a group of people together according to geographical location or age range only, e.g. people living in Dubai between the ages of 25 – 40 and think that you have landed on a target market. That’s the wrong approach. Depending on your niche, you will need to look for other factors like, those who are using

  • specific products or services in your niche
  • which gender is most likely to buy – this can determine site design, style of writing
  • Is the gender from a certain socioeconomic bracket and can they afford your products or are they students primarily
  • Which specific age range spends more money and more often on a products
  •  What are their common interests – this helps with promoting related products

The list can go on but understanding how to reach a target market puts us right in front of the traffic that converts.


A properly researched target market can reveal

  • types of problems to be solved
  • Common interest
  • income – can determine the cost range of products to be sold
  • the skills and strategies we employ in providing solutions for this market
  • The aspect or sector of the market; such as construction, accounting, teaching…

When we are through gathering info and fully understand our target market, then we better match our niche accordingly. In the process, we meet the exact requirements of our market and solve a problem.

Here is a fantastic video on understanding market segmentation and target markets.


We Must Think Like Consumers

As long as we shop for specific products and services, we automatically belong to a target market which supports a niche market. Therefore, we must see ourselves as a way of understanding how buyers think, as they peruse products and services to buy…

E.g. when shopping for products like a special brand of toothpaste and soap on the major shopping networks such as Amazon, ShareaSale, ClickBank; we also look for useful information that helps us decide whether to purchase a product.

What is that critical info we look for? List it and use your inner consumer superpower to serve your market better.

We see how we can be successful in promoting our niches to our target markets because we also relate to their needs as consumers. We are very much aware of the things we like and don’t like while shopping. A careful study of ourselves can bear much fruit by affecting the way we prepare content, promote products and take stock of our attitude as we interact with others.

Stay tuned for more as we continue with long tail keyword examples and the series on How to Get More Traffic For Your Online and  Affiliate Marketing Business.

To your amazing future,


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