how to write content for a website

Creating valuable and high standard content for a website can be quite the trick because attaining how to write good content for a website is quite different from creating content elsewhere. However, you can learn a few tricks to the trade by the time you’re done reading this.

1. Your Content must be Compelling and Concise

Web visitors are very eager for information and they hunt for content like wild animals hunt their prey. You must be ready to catch their attention pretty quickly and quench their thirst. 

This must always be at the back of your mind when inventing quality content for a website. Every shopper always wants the best product and this works for web visitors too. You have to make sure that you deliver the best of what they need.

Web visitors are usually interested in just two things and that is if your website can give them what they want and if your website delivers it easily. Waiting too long for a meal at a restaurant can be an appetite killer so that goes the same for the website. 

They want the content top notch, quick and easy so web visitors decide if your website is worth it there and then. On the spot.

The web is like a market. If you don’t have what the customers want, they move to the next seller and you lose them right there. If there’s too much hassle and complications using your website, they’ll keep it moving too.

2. You Need To Get To The Point

Creating content for a website is not like a research thesis. In academic papers, you want to talk about the genesis, origin and discuss the background extensively but that’s a no for web content. To be quite candid, people have no time for that.
They want you to get to the point on time and tell them just what they need to know. They are interested in your most important information which is the very essence of the article. 

If you wanted to buy a Blue Hermes bag, you wouldn’t want the sales attendant rambling about a Gucci Red bag or Christian Dior Black bag when there’s a Hermes Blue bag right in front of you. You’d get annoyed and exhausted.

This method of writing is known as the inverted pyramid. Usually used in newspaper articles, the most important part of the story comes first so that once you read the first paragraph, the story or message is already clear. This goes for a website too. Your customers want to know the big picture before anything.

3. Keep It Simple

One of the important tips you should learn to create quality content is simplicity. It’s okay to be creative and demonstrate your writing process in length and structure but honestly, most web visitors don’t. Statistics say only 16% actually read web content word for word so why bother?

Keep it concise, not too complex or elaborate so it is easy to digest and peculiar creatively draws the visitors in. Endeavor to also avoid needless repetition. It is a reader vibe killer.

4. Keywords Are Important

When creating content for websites, endeavor to infuse popular search terms and keywords that visitors would be interested. It will help boost your numbers and fetch you more ardent followers.

Using keywords make your articles more accessible, increase your site’s exposure and will help increase a website’s traffic. Finding services and information has become easy due to Google’s Keyword Tool so using keywords while creating your content will make the article easy to search and increase ranking.

5. Take Advantage of SEO

The Search Engine Optimization tool is important for website content creation because of rankings and site traffic. SEO helps to increase your internet income as well as your number of visitors. To take advantage of this tool;

–  Try to answer the trending questions and solve the puzzles revolving around trending topics
– Add relevant links to your site or other sites
– Use keywords or care words that are trending.

6. Your Outlook is Important

The web design of your site, the colors, the structure and the arrangement is very important. You must try to attract more readers and customers to your site by using compelling features, outstanding colors and seamless navigation. These things matter to your readers because it’s what welcomes then to the site.

No one likes anything looking dull or rusty. If you stopped by a car dealership garage and you saw all their cars looking dusty with ugly scratches and dents, would you come back? I don’t think so. This also applies to a website. People want it to look appealing, bright, well structured and attractive.

7. Be Transparent

Try not to pick a side in any of your articles. People have different allegiances, faiths, beliefs, attractions and things that they fancy. The thing however is, you can’t read their minds, so you must try to be neutral.

Ensure not to allow your personal opinions, obsessions or allegiances to get in the way of your writing because you are not writing for just yourself but everyone who clicks on your page. Don’t let your bias or dislike towards anything reflect in your writing or on any site which content is being created for. It is unprofessional and repels readers who aren’t in line with your entity or beliefs.

8. Be Original

This is one rule that is important. Don’t. Ever. Copy. As a writer and content creator, you must be free of plagiarism and original with your ideas and of course, the work itself.

Don’t go snooping on blogs and doing a copy and paste especially without credit. Even the photos you must use should have credits properly added to them. No visitor wants to keep purchasing the same kind of a similar item. Do your own thing.

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To your amazing future.

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