Do You Want to Know the Truth About the Price Of Success?

The internet is full of scammers and their predatory systems as in the real world. These vultures can be found everywhere looking for an opportunity to prey on well-meaning, ambitious people who just want to be entrepreneurs in their own right. Entrepreneurs like us, who are simply creating a better future for ourselves. But how do we cut through the noise? How can we fend off online predators while knowing how to recognize a good opportunity that can lead us to a rewarding success? 

Though most are willing to invest in any business that looks like a viable one, some are lost concerning the requirements necessary to recognize a good business opportunity when they see it.  Therefore, you better believe that scammers are making big money as we speak. It’s a billion-dollar industry and someone is always falling face first in crap.

Some have been burned so many times that they are still swimming in you know what from the ridicule and the disappointment of their loss. Mostly because they have taken uncalculated risks, i.e. risk due to ignorance.


It is known that most people who pursue online business opportunities are making a bold move to expand their income and build a profitable business. They are investing in themselves with the expectation of reaping some sweet returns within a reasonable time-frame. That’s why one of the most devastating things a person can do to another, is to betray their trust. No one wants to be deceived or ripped off.

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It takes time for us to accumulate money and time is equal to life. When we allow ourselves to be scammed, we lose investment, faith in the system and waste of valuable life. We are conned out of a portion of life we can never get back. No one wants to be in that frustrating, vision-killing position — and with less money in our pockets.

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Let’s face it. You fight to make your dreams a reality – you are aiming for a better future and constantly seeking ways to improve yourself. You are inspired by those who have traveled the path of success before. Since success leaves a trail, you believe it’s possible for you as well – and you are right.

If you are observant and disciplined, you too can eat the crumbs and succeed. However, to do this, you have to be mindful of a few things.

Beware of Those Who Make Promises of Wealth

There is no automated turnkey system for success without hard work. Neither is there any secret to success. We achieve success by following a plan of action: i.e.  VISION → Seeing & Believing, OBJECTIVES → Measurable goals, STRATEGY → Game-plan, Risks, ACTION Timeframes, Discipline, Hard work.

Tip: Successful people never promise success without hard work. They teach its principles and what they have learned from their experience. The choice to succeed is up to us.

Risk and Opportunity

Both opportunity and risk require action but our decisions can be a lot less risky if we have knowledge. Risk presents the concept of less overall control while opportunity is simply taking control of a situation

Opportunity is synonymous with a favorable outcome that is usually already predetermined or settled. It awaits acceptance by the recipient in order to complete or fulfill the process of reward

(1) Paying an established, proven company a few dollars to enroll in a program that offers great value and no upsells is worthy of merit.

  • Paying a few dollars per month tells me that the owners understand the process and that the path to success will take a little while. That’s an investment opportunity that puts success solely in your hands.

(2) Paying thousands of dollars for another program (with further costs for higher tiers) with little value is another thing; especially if you are new to online marketing. However, this becomes a blatant risk venture, that leans more on the negative side.

Usually, a sure sign of fraudulent activity is if it guarantees wealth in a short space of time. Never let greed blind the path to your success. No sincere person or company would demand such large sums of money from their members before they even begin to make money.

With so many online leeches seeking to suck you dry of money with fancy talk and flaky promises, we need to learn how to rise above the noise and zero in on a real opportunity. Understanding this is key to avoiding regret, stress and wasting time… And yes, there are still lots of excellent programs out there.

Leverage Risk – Zero in on Value

Everything in life involves taking risks and how do we get to the next level unless we do. To properly understand this, we have to accept that there are good and bad risks.  Risks are unforeseeable “what ifs” that can have either a favorable or unfavorable outcome. However, they can be governed by a set of principles and experience for a more streamlined and guided positive outcome.

This is the approach entrepreneurs often take when taking risks. One such principle and the golden rule of investing is “never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.”  I also like the analogy between ‘pain’ and ‘risks.’ Good and bad risks are like good and bad pain.

Good pain: To build muscle, one has to constantly work those muscles until they hurt — but after a while, the results of the pain begin to bear fruit.

Bad pain is like untreated ligaments in a sprained knee. It will only get worse.

  • Good risks — taking out a loan to buy a house is considered a good risk
  • Bad risks — investing large sums of money you can’t afford to lose for very little value in return

To take this a bit further, education, research (or acquiring knowledge) can cause you to be better prepared for risks as well. Choose risks that lean toward opportunity. Don’t take risks in the name of blind faith hoping for success.


President Obama once said, “If you think education is expensive, wait until you see how much ignorance costs in the 21st century.”     


Ok, so where am I going with this?


Rebuilding Trust in Online Business  Because of much dishonesty and scams, some are prone to take the stance of the skeptic and deny themselves a stake in the future where online business is concerned.

I want you to rise above the fraudsters and hold on to your dreams. Nothing has changed because fraudulent companies are exposed. This is just proof that there is money to be made but some are willing to prey on the crowd to get it…

Risks have to be managed within the few common-sense guidelines mentioned earlier. These will protect us from scammers and thieves lurking to live big at our expense.

I am positive that you understand that there must be a measure of personal sacrifice in order to succeed. I am also positive that you are not willing to give away your hard-earned cash for nothing, or for little in return.

Plan, examine and execute with this step by step training platform that has helped literally tens of thousands start a successful Online Business since 2005.

To Your Amazing Future,


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