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There are a lot of programs which promises to help people make additional income but without careful research and assessment, you may end up accepting a wrong offer. This Mannatech review aims to help you understand the program and decide whether it is worth joining.

What is Mannatech About?

Mannatech is a nutritional supplement company focusing on health and wellness. Its products are sold through Multi-Level mlm home business opportunityMarketing(MLM) program and it has a goal of providing nourishing product to promote people’s well-being.

Mannatech is headquartered in Coppell, Texas, has been in business since 1993 and currently operates in 23 countries. Its products are based on Ambrotose, a plant-derived proprietary saccharide made from glyconutrients.

Mannatech Product Lines

Mannatech products are completely organic and fall within 5 categories including; Integrative health, Targeted health, Weight management, Skincare, and Essential oils.

Glyconutrients serves as the base ingredient of all Mannatech products including its flagship product Ambrotose.

Ambrotose is said to aid in cellular communication which is beneficial to a number of body processes including digestive and immune system. Glyconutrients reduce with age and Mannatech products help to replenish them in the body.mannatech products

Joining Mannatech MLM

Mannatech MLM requires that you pay an Associate Membership fee of $49.99/year to become a distributor.

In addition, you have to purchase any one of these 3 product packages:

1.     Basic Pack – $99-$169

2.     All-Star Pack – $499

3.     Premium All-Star Pack – $999

The premium pack offers the highest income potential while the basic pack offers the least. Mannatech will give you a welcome kit on registration. Training and mentoring are also available in addition to resource guides and tools.

How Associates Are Compensated

Familiarize yourself with the compensation plan since that is how you will be compensated.

You have probably been waiting for this section because it is why you would want to join the program in the first place. There are about 18 ranks in Mannatech starting from Silver Associate(SA) to Crown Platinum Ambassador(CP). mlm marketing

The two basic ways to earn money from Mannatech MLM is to sell products and sponsor new members. There are a variety of compensation plans based on these two, they include:

1. Retail Sales: The difference between the wholesale and retail price is your profit

2. Direct Bonus: You earn a 15% commission from the product pack bought by your sponsored downline. It is a 20% bonus if the “All-star” pack is purchased.

3. Member Bonus: This is a $10-$15 on your sponsored member purchases.

4. Team Bonus: You will be rewarded if you help your recruited team to build their own team.

5. Leadership Bonus: A bonus for National Directors or higher who have sponsored other National Directors or higher. $100 bonus for each National Director and $400 for each Executive Director sponsored.

7. Personal Power Bonus: Recruiting 4 “All-Star” Associate will net you a $400 bonus.

More details about rank and compensation plans are contained in the Mannatech compensation plans guide.

Pros of Mannatech

1. Resilient:

Mannatech has been around for 25 years. It has survived many challenges including expensive lawsuits. That the company is still around is a testament to its authenticity and robust leadership.

2. Has Actual Products

Some MLM companies cannot boast of their own products, but Mannatech is different. It is responsible for the manufacturing of all its product lines. With this, quality and direction of the company are under its control.

3. Relatively Credible

Investing in research and clinical trials is not common with MLM companies in the health and wellness industry. Yet, Mannatech is reported to have obtained over 100 patents, spent about $50 million on research and have sponsored or supported 17 clinical trials to test its product claims.

One common challenge with MLM programs is the lack of transparency on their earnings. Mannatech is a publicly traded company and its financial performance is publicly available.

There is also a 180 days money back guarantee on products bought from Mannatech.

Cons of Mannatech

1. Mandatory Recruitment

Yes, earning from sales is possible but if you want to make a meaningful income, recruitment is a must as most compensations are tied to building a team and helping your team to progress. Depending on your experience with marketing and promotion, it may be very difficult to get new recruits when starting out.

2. Overhyped Benefits

FDA does not allow nutritional supplements companies to make specific medical claims. However, Mannatech and its distributors have been caught touting its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases such as Diabetes and Cancer. This has earned it a rebuke from the FDA.

3. Lawsuits

Mannatech has been involved in several lawsuits and settlements primarily because of inappropriate marketing and alleged exaggerated claims to consumers. Its reputation has been hurt due to this.

Is Mannatech MLM for You?

A simple Yes or No answer won’t do. There are some serious issues you must consider before making your final decision.

Are you a great communicator and are you willing to learn?

A great deal of your MLM work will be convincing people of its merit. This can be very challenging if you are new to MLM and not equipped with the necessary communication or sales skills.

If you have a passion for recommending health products, work towards developing necessary skills and exercise patience while rising through the rank, then Mannatech MLM might be a good option for you. Ultimately, the decision lies with you.

Mannatech is an MLM but very legitimate, although I am not an affiliate, I have personally used their products and visited the home office. The product is very expensive so building a sizeable network would be long and slow.

Affiliate Marketing is a much better business model for almost anyone to make money online.

You will certainly delight in a home based business that is concentrated on something that you enjoy. Further exploring will possibly lead you in a brand-new course and you will discover it simple to develop brand-new ideas based upon your passionate activities.


When you discover your specific niche, it’ll be worth it when you do well in your home-based business. After you have actually picked a specific niche, you can start further research and study what is available. Discovering where there is a need is your start point.

There are a great number of methods to generate income in your preferred niche the strategies are readily accessible. There is also a number of products readily available to assist you to select a particular niche and aid you create a thriving home-based business based upon your specific niche. Select intelligently and all the best on your search.

Have you discovered MLM is just too much work?

To Your Amazing Future,

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