What is Social Media?

Social media is an interactive community. It includes smaller groups of networks and connections of people from all regions where there’s an internet connection. The more people “like” and share content within the community, the more it grows in knowledge, influence and reach, but, how to use social media to promote a business? do businesses use social media

You rely on the networks of others and the relationships you build in order to share thoughts, suggestions, interact and more importantly, have fun. It’s the new way to meet “friends” and connect with like-minded people.

Because of its popularity and reach, many companies now use social media to promote their businesses, provide solutions to their customers and for brand awareness.

How it works

Let’s say you have 100 friends and I connect with you — now you may have friends who also have loads of other friends. As I participate in your discussions and post helpful content, you and “friends” in your personal network may begin to “like” and share it with others and hence, communication expands and my reach grows. I certainly wouldn’t have access to such a large volume of like-minded people on my own. Hence, the rise of social media.

People will share everything that they care about with their connections and keep them updated too. In most cases, it’s a form of referral, approval or a personal stamp of recommendation. Who wouldn’t feel great after seeing their post acknowledged, shared or ‘liked’ by others and for all to see.

Careful analysis of these trends and habits can lead to great marketing strategies for companies who are paying attention on social media.

Social Media is Where Your Customers May Want to Interact

Social media gives you an idea of how your customers may prefer to interact. It is also an easy way for you to stay connected and be in constant contact with each other. The more people that can interact with a problem, the more scenarios can be observed to create a strategy for future solutions. As a result, new content can now be produced on your website’s FAQ page for example.

Build your authority by providing an expert, virtual help-desk support system. You are being seen as someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help. Your SM presence will speak to your willingness to provide advice and quick resolutions.

With almost 3 billion people on social media, there is no time to waste in growing your business, as you focus on the following character-traits below.

  • Build relationships
  • Build trust
  • Help people — provide practical solutions
  • Be seen as an expert
  • Be transparent
  • Get traffic to your website – Promote your brand

Use Social Media to Build Relationships

The easiest thing to do on Social media is to connect with someone, as this is built into the platform’s algorithm. Friend suggestions, friend requests, recommendations and, other methods are seamless. People like being “friended” and they will most likely welcome you.

Once you are in, tread carefully. Don’t be a wild horse in a chicken coop. Take time to build relationships and connect with your friends or customers in a respectful but informal manner. Do this by “liking” or sharing their posts. This subtly says to them that what they are saying is pretty darn important and someone is noticing… you.

Everyone loves attention so this will work in your favor. This allows them to see you as a real person because you show them you care about their concerns.

Use Social Media to Build Trust

You also get to build trust as you engage and provide practical solutions and suggestions. If people like what they see, they will share your content with others, thus achieving the objective of your presence on social media — sharing. After all, “Spread the Love” has meaning here.

As long as you are consistently engaging and promptly helping others, they will begin to trust you and will “like” and share you with their connections – and others will notice.

Use Social Media to Help People by Providing Practical Solutions

This is a no-brainer. Do you know anyone who refuses to be helped when in crisis? Don’t answer if it’s “yes.” (you need to be around the right people :-)).

People are always expressing their pain points, you just need to pay attention and have a strategy for providing helpful how to grow a business in aanswers. Solve a problem for one and it’s possible that you may be solving that problem for many as well. Once done effectively, you could be on your way to growing your awareness astronomically.

Be Seen as an Expert in Your Field

As you consistently interact, give tips and solve problems, you will automatically rise to expert status in your respective area. You will be become the “go to” in your niche. This is a powerful badge of honor to wear as it will launch your mega status and brand across your target market. This can lead to a greater market share for you. A bigger piece of the pie. How’s that?

Be Transparent

Your presence and positive engagement on social media will automatically project you as open and honest; you have no choice but to publicly deal with challenges (insults and all) before the prying eyes of the world.

Don’t offer anything that you can’t deliver. Be honest, be vulnerable but don’t be a wimp either.

People are watching, and they will notice how you respond to the “worst of the worst.” People don’t like bad customers, but they don’t enjoy seeing your impolite responses either — even if you are right, it sends off a bad vibe nevertheless.

Be open to accepting responsibility for mistakes and have the right attitude about resolving any issues. There is also nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know at this point, but I will get back to you.” The better you are able to deal with this, the more people will respond to your openness and maturity.

Get Traffic for Your Website – Promote Your Brand

After you have been doing the above for a little while, you will have earned the “right” to promote your brand as a bold solution to your connections. You have established yourself and have gained some credibility and trust. Maintain it. For free traffic for websitesome, you are as good as your last job. Scary, but true.

You can now begin to lead them to your website for more information and conversions. This will allow you to pay more individual attention and refine your marketing strategy somewhat, for each customer.  Oh, and make sure your website is properly prepared for conversions.

To Your Amazing Future,





Do you have a social media platform that you have been particularly successful on? Is there one you would like to be more comfortable using? Please leave your questions or comments below.

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