What is your Strategy to stand out from YOUR Competition?

  • Do I have a great product — Is my product all that?
  • Am I solving a problem and making a real difference in someone’s life?
  • Am I friendly and entertaining?
  • Do I care about the success of others?

If your answer is a heartfelt yes, then you are not built for failure. You are already a success story and there’s much hope for you. standing out from the crowd

The product you are offering is most likely being sold by others, and by the tons, but this is not bad news at all. Too much competition can be a serious pain but let’s turn this around into something good… This is good because –


  1. the product already has a market
  2. the product works
  3. it’s trustworthy
  4. it has a proven track record
  5. it delivers what it promises
  6. it has a large following — an audience that can be influenced in other directions — (upsells perhaps)


  1. Lots of competition — (competing websites, content)
  2. Hard to cut through the noise

What if I told you that this can turn around in your favor, as long as you can deliver your content in a different style from everyone else. Remember, you can be in a large crowd but you can choose to stand on the heads and shoulders of the crowd. This unique approach is left to your creativity so be innovative.

Geico uses funny Ads to reach millions in ways that appeal to their target market, though being in the traditional insurance business.  A Bloomberg article called Geico’s Silly Ads Are Working explains it all. Need I say more?

Be Creative in Your Content Delivery

You can offer a unique approach and that unique approach can be your content strategy to conquer a large niche with lots of competition. For example, if you write well, you could write unconventional stories (storytelling) around a product to get your points over. That way you entertain and share information at the same time. See this example here about a lesson on procrastination in story form. People love entertaining stories.

Get people to laugh and you have made a friend. Be very careful though… if you think you’re an engaging writer and it turns out you are not, you could create enemies instead — and that will be terrible for business. Instead, hire a writer with the relevant skills. With this approach, you get to engage, build relationships and make sales at the same time. More importantly, you stand out in the crowd.

When Nothing Is Going Right, Go Left Click To Tweet.

Let’s look at the following example of delivering content in story form. This excerpt is about an online marketer with a great website, who spends lots of time writing great content but doesn’t research or seek to promote that content on Social Media or otherwise.

See if you recognize any references to CTAs, free EBooks and resources, competition, SEO, PPC, Social Media jargon, and potential traffic. Here goes.

A creative writing style for articles — Example writing content for websites

As the owner of a website sitting in cyberspace, and on very generous acreage — now what? Your website’s home is well furnished and you’re always putting on a new coat of paint and touching up here and there. It is ladened with content that could fetch the highest price at any auction but…

Your “For Sale” signs point to many treasures and potential doorways to success. You have even included signs bearing invitations for free coffee and chocolates. Talking about signs — good grief, you have been spending so much time on them, you are thinking of selling signs as a niche.

You have no time to waste with those who stop in for a quick browse and off they go… In the meantime, you take a peek through your stained windows, tiptoe to see over your guard wall and it’s like a flea market outside. Loud noises of traffic and transactions going on 24/7 by the neighbors.

You notice that some neighbors are handing out tons of free snacks and getting people to come inside to stay awhile. When they leave, they do with all kinds of goodies in their baskets and promises of return. Some are shouting “I like you, I love you, we will share you, and wow,” what does that even mean? They also thank the neighbors for the wonderful directions and for making it so easy to find them.

Meanwhile, the chatter of cool vacations and financial rewards are being discussed by your neighbors. So much so, that your head is spinning like a ballerina who forgot why she even spun at all.

The bottom line is this; you are not making any friends, landing any sales and you are asking yourself, what is wrong with this pretty picture?  You live in the same area with millions of neighbors and the web of highways brings billions of strange looking people called customers? So what is the issue?

Your neighbors are stepping outside to invite people in, handing out free but valuable treats and some are even paying cabs to bring people to their homes.  

You are living in a great neighborhood and everyone has the same opportunities. Sitting in front of your home are many lanes of traffic… Go after it!

Hey! Welcome back. I hope you get the idea and that you have enjoyed my little story. There are several highly effective viral marketing techniques. Do an audio recording, add a little animated video background and you are on your way to becoming number 1. If you can’t produce it yourself, hire someone to do it. It’s worth the investment in your success. I learned about this cute free DIY video format below here



Here is a thoughtful quote from LIAM MARTIN

“Look at what your competitors are doing and where they all have assumed the same outcome — whether that be market, product offering, etc. — and then try the opposite of what they’re doing. Companies that follow will never prosper. Be the company that takes the lead and explores new territory, and you might end up taking the entire market!”

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To Your Amazing Future,

Have you found a strategy that has helped you Be Heard above the crowd?  Please share your thoughts below.

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