Trends have indicated that audio/podcasts and video are where it’s at – and has been for a while now. The hard reality is that most people don’t read every word of our content. As a matter of fact, most will just scan the title, headings and any text we care to emphasize i.e. bold, italicized, highlighted points and skip the rest.

Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s the truth. Well, if you are a master writer who can keep your readers’ eyes glued to the screen for 2000 + words, then this doesn’t apply to you. But for most of us, visitors will skip like a calf and hop like a kangaroo all over our super amazing content. They will only read what shouts loudly from the pages at them -and what prods their interests, not yours.

Yes, I know it may have taken you a whopping 5 – 6 hours to give birth to your work of art, but unless you really know how to market an online business to reach everyone, you may be the only one left eating your own words.

Let’s face it; if there is one thing everyone lays claim to is that they are super busy, so as content producers, we have to work with our audience and find ways to get our content to fit their schedules. One way of doing this is to leverage trends and existing technology and pay attention to what works… That’s it!

If it works and it is more effective, then we must use it. In this
business, we have to be aggressive and let others see that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get their attention.

Trending, Is Reaching Your Audience Where They Are Atdeveloping content marketing strategy

We must consider using every available tool that is out there to promote our businesses. In our content-marketing strategy, capitalizing on every available medium is demonstrating that we are willing to join the movement wherever it’s at and be trendy.

For maximum reach, let’s look at the possibility of producing some audio and video and adding it to our content; but does this mean that we should forget about producing quality written content? Of course not.

There will always be a place for written content, but by adding options, we stand a greater chance of reaching a bigger share of our target market.

Just think about this for a moment… Your existing written content + YouTube video and/or Audio clip = more SEO juice, findability, reach and longevity.  A tasty blend indeed.

Also…we have more options distributing our content to reach a greater target market. We will have the option to share just the YouTube video or the audio; plus the written article (inclusive of all forms of content), all on Social Media. This will give us great flexibility in one article alone. Remember, that they all will lead back to our original content on our website. How’s that for authority?

Understanding Learning Styles? – The Reason why we learn differently

There are fundamentally 4 main learning styles according to Neil Fleming’s VARK questionnaire. Whether we are familiar with this, we all use combinations of these methods every day, in order to process any information we are interested in. Depending on what the subject matter is or targeted audience, one style may be more effective in absorbing or delivering this information than the other.

Here they are;

  • Visual – Some learn by using video, images and similar tools
  • Auditory – Others learn best by listening, discussion or the use of sound and music
  •  Reading – reading (duh). These persons learn by reading primarily but also engage other styles as well
  • Kinesthetic or Tactile – They prefer a hands-on approach to learning. They “learn
    through active movements and experiences”(Wikipedia).

Be All Things to All Men When Marketing

At some point, the reality is that many of our readers probably say,

I really wish I had an option to listen to this, right now, my eyes are tired.”

Some will wish they had the option to watch – get to know you better while they relax with a cup of coffee; and for others,

I would love to read this article but I also need to go jogging now.” easy use video editing software

From this, we see how we can offer a solution that fits all. We simply give our visitors what they want. We do this by embracing (and using) all styles of content-creation and dissemination.

We have to be concerned about leveraging any trending reality as much as possible. By doing this, we will always be cutting-edge, one step ahead and they will love us for it. This is maximum exposure to our target market. That’s what we want, right?

We must be providing solutions wherever possible. That’s how we show them that we care and as a reward, we develop our own loyal following of personal fans and continue to build our list.

How to Market an Online Business – Content-Marketing Strategy: Using Audio

Every bit of research has shown that people are willing to listen for much longer periods of time than they would watch a YouTube video (3 minutes tops). It is also noted that listening is one of the most important skills anyone can have… Who wouldn’t like someone who listens to us anyway?

People listen to content;

  •  to gather and process information
  • for entertainment – connect with personality, tone, emphasis, sarcasm etc. This helps us to hear and understand the content within its original context and intention. This can be missed when reading in our own voice.
  • if the option is provided – and current mood or circumstance allows
  •  because we are doing other things

Listening to audio has the ability to trigger our inherent ability to multitask; even for those who think they can’t. The listener can focus on what you are saying, yet is free to participate in whatever else is going on around them. While listening to you on their mobile devices, they can be gardening, jogging or doing the dishes. All without the usual interruption of having to break the flow whilst reading your awesome content.

This will create a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction…and perhaps, a conversion. They may never return to finish reading an article but they will get to hear your super helpful content while doing other important stuff. This, of course, is unless your written content is extremely engaging and they are nailed to their chairs.

Now we see how by adding audio, we can be more effective in our online business, as we utilize all of the learning styles. Let’s get our content into the minds of our audiences using these methods. Let’s widen our reach and add staying power to our content.

Audio/Podcasts benefits for your website

  • People will listen to an audio podcast episode for as much as 60 – 90 minutes or longer
  • Multitasking: most can listen to a podcast and while working, walking, exercising,
    folding clothes…
  •  Mobility: audio/podcasts can be listened to or downloaded to mobile devices and
    accessed at any time
  • Podcasts are great people with short attention spans
  •  Listeners get a personal and direct connection to you – become a celebrity as you have a captive audience
  • Audio can be recorded and published without having to worry about your appearance
  • They are easy to create – Using free tools such as Audacity (you can add one more skill to your belt). See here for publishing.
  •  Great alternative if one is camera shy
  • A great alternative for tired eyes

small business marketing tools

Tools needed:

What we will need: A good microphone, audio editing software, and podcast hosting. There is a slight learning curve but there are awesome tutorials all over the web. Spreaker is also a great option for podcast hosting and creation. We have talked much about audio but what about video? Truth is, video has audio embedded as well but I’m not trying to be funny here but I recommend that you start with audio first as you build your confidence and skills.

How to Market an Online Business – Content-Marketing Strategy: Using Video

I know some have joked that they only have a face for radio and not the camera, but that’s simply not true. People don’t care about your looks unless you are a troll. As long as you are human, you are good to go. We tend to worry about stuff like that more than others do – and we will never seem good enough by our own standards. The thing is, no one gives two hoots… so get over yourself :). If Jon Morrow, who can’t move anything on his body but his face can do it, so can you.

If you must convince yourself that you are not quite ready for the “big screen,” then there is a pleasant compromise. You can use screen recording software such as Icecream Screen Recorder. This allows you to record your computer’s screen while you do your presentation. If you are still timid, then there is the option to outsource your video production.

Research from Insivia has stated that

“including video in a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.”

That ought to be enough motivation to get us going right away.

I must admit that video can be intimidating if you are shy, but having spent some time podcasting, you would eventually have mustered the courage to present yourself to your target market. Understand this, whether you can wrap our head around it or not; everyone sees us exactly the way we are anyway. Being on camera just means that more people get to see your lovely mug.

Don’t Worry About How You Look or Sound

This can be a big hindrance when considering posting video on YouTube. I have found from my own experience watching videos that I wasn’t very concerned about how the person looked, as long as they were dressed appropriately and good mic quality. What always stands out, is whether the person is making sense and speaking clearly enough for me to understand. Also, once the background scenery is simple and not distracting, for the most part, I’m ok.

Be Professional in Your Approach to Recording

We humans being the inquisitive lot we are, tend to notice whatever is lurking in the background that is out of place. So make sure that your room is professional so that your audience’s attention is focused on you, the presenter. Recording a video in your bedroom with clothes on the ground and a disheveled bed in the background is a no-no.

I have seen that way too many times. Record your video in a pleasant and quiet area of your home. Better yet, if you have a friend with a studio, record there. Studios always seem to lend a professional edge to the entire presentation for some reason.

Some Advantages of Video

  •  Video has the potential to go viral and therefore get your message across quickly
  •  Google owns YouTube and prioritizes video content over written content – so ranking is
    faster; especially when combined with written content
  • YouTube is also a search engine and will, therefore, have SEO advantages by driving traffic to your site. Use keywords in titles and descriptions
  • Videos will keep people on our sites longer and therefore improve our site’s bounce rate stats
  • It’s good for demonstrating products – people like to view demonstrations rather than hear or read about them
  • Video grabs one’s attention as it reveals more about who we are – adding personality to our brand
  • Video can be converted to a Podcast – Truth is, when we record most videos, we’ll be automatically creating a podcast. Just remember to edit out any visual demonstrations and words like “look here.”
  • It allows one to identify with the speaker’s expressions and nuances, adding a sense of one-on-one dialogue.

Adding any media to your site will bring your visitors much closer to you. It will increase the level of trust they have in you by adding personality and character to your site. That’s big if you want conversions and sales. So let’s step out of our comfort zone and begin to engage our audience. If we want traffic, then we have to be willing to utilize what is trending.

Tools needed: 

What we will need: A good microphone, video-editing software and a YouTube channel. There is a steeper learning curve but free internet marketing toolyou have the option to outsource as well.

Bring your old post back to life by producing a recording an audio or video presentation of it. When you are finished, the next step is to promote on Social Media. Ask friends to re-post them. Email close friends or people who have a large following and ask them if they would be so kind to promote your media.


Written, audio and video content have a role to play in reaching your target audience, so if you are cool with that, go for it. For information on one of the best online educational communities for the Online Business person click here.

To Your Amazing Future,


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