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Email list building tips that work.

Visitors are reluctant to share their precious email address with you. After all, your content is the bomb and you’ve put in lots of hard work, fancy landing pages, CTAs glowing like Dubai at night. You deserve it, right? Yet your email conversions are like Route 66. You need to know why and here is the simple answer. They fear being bombarded with meaningless information – face it, they don’t want to go that way. To win them over you must position yourself on one of several interstate routes, they don’t have time to waste. They must like you and you must be offering something of great value, a solution.

What’s All the Hype About? – The Value of an Email Address

The email address is a great point of contact. You are permitted to have it only if someone is interested in what you have to offer. It’s a very valuable commodity online because having it can lead to serious income if handled properly. Visitors are very much aware of their potential value to you – so you better be prepared to bowl them over with niceness, and loads of valuable content in exchange for it.


Instead of having the appeal of a beggar, your visitors should be saying “shut up and just take my email address already.”

 An Email Address is Considered Personal Data free email marketing leads

Yes, in particular, ones that are made up of a name and a surname can be used to identify you. 


Now, an address is where we live. It doesn’t matter whether it’s offline or online. We guard it and for us, it’s personal. We don’t give it to anyone but to our circle of friends or for business purposes – and this is for good reason. In the wrong hands, it’s like having an annoying and pushy salesman “knocking on our door” (more like getting on our nerves) all day long. Worse of all, trying to sell you something you are not interested in.


Though we can learn some things from annoying salesmen, we will seek to build our credibility on trust and value instead.

The Power & Might of the Email Address

An email address can be used to receive payments or to initiate, conduct and follow-up on personal and business activities.


Payment processors like PayPal use it to identify its members and process transactions on their behalf. You can receive payment just by supplying your email address to anyone who owes you.


It can also be used for both personal and company branding in conjunction with a private domain name. For example, myname@superawesomecompanydotcom says to all that you are a proud representative of that super awesome company.

When doing business, that’s a great reason to give out an email address. It can benefit us one way or another by promoting brand awareness while providing a point of contact.


For visitors, however, this does not in the least bit matter to them. You are the one who has to convince them that your content is worth surrendering their email address for.


Remember, they are not visiting your site to give you an email address, primarily. They are only interested in looking for answers to their problems. You better have answers because it’s only after being satisfied that they may be willing to share that precious real-estate with you.


Let’s explore the reason behind this skepticism.


A Little History of Junk Mail

Remember the days when we received all kinds of unwanted magazines, credit card offers, catalogs etc. in our physical mailbox? Maybe you still do. What a waste of trees. It is the most annoying thing having to sift through unwanted junk to find what we really want.


Granted, some of it was/is interesting but unwanted nonetheless and most of it ends up in our garbage or as DIY firewood projects (not recommended with all that glossy printed ink.) 



By the way, you certainly shouldn’t be receiving heaps of junk mail in your physical or electronic mailbox these days. If you are, then you must be living under a rock (or you want to), since most companies offer the ability to receive much of this as a digital option and internet providers pretty much do all of the work for us with junk/spam filters. Services such as and allow you to remove yourself from receiving a reasonable set of physical junk mail.


Just like with snail mail, some people were already taking advantage of the opportunity to abuse the system (SPAM). This not so cool habit followed us into cyberspace –  with the physical junk mail still bearing the stench of a dump. To make matters worse, some were virus-borne. Remember how our computers became infected, costing us unnecessary downtime and money?


And who can forget those times when we wanted to believe that some genuine caring person out there really wanted to give us money (SCAM). This made you really upset, didn’t it?


Whether offline or online, scam or spam, it’s all bad traffic and we don’t want it. We don’t want it all up in our personal space. It’s like having uninvited guests and worse of all, turning up in droves. So instead of pondering about how our website visitors feel about receiving junk, ask yourself, “how do I feel about it?”


As a result of this, many of us marketers are now left to face the lingering hatred, disgust and paranoia meted out to us by our visitors — and so, a virtual tug-o-war for that hard-to-get email address. 


That’s why many may visit your site but never sign-up for anything. It’s because they need to trust you first.


Understanding how you feel about this personally is the key to getting visitors to hand over their email address. You are also a visitor to many sites so you should empathize with your visitors. We are all subjected to pop-ups, opt-in forms, landing pages and javascript (code) running “Don’t leave this site yet!” Nothing is wrong with these, they work.


Build Trust by Overwhelming them with Helpful Content

  • Provide excellent, helpful, from-the-heart content in a friendly and engaging manner
  • Hit them where it “hurts” by dealing with pertinent issues and real problems
  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse, such as a free eBook or course loaded with a step by step approach to solving that problem and accomplishing a particular goal.


Do this and they will want to connect with you all on their own.


What Can We Learn from a Pile of Junk?

Out of all that junk spoken about earlier, came something positive. We became more creative and honest while focusing more on giving away awesome life-changing value. The visitor has been educated, hence, the reason for high-quality eBook offers, free reports, white papers, coupons and other genuine giveaways. This is our best and most effective response to lure visitors and fatten our biggest pride and joy, our list and our very own traffic. 


When visitors sign up it signals we are on the right track.

  1.  It lets us know what appeals to them so we can continue to optimize that same (or similar) approach to reach and grow our audience.
  2. It provides us with a group of clients that have bought into our message, brand. They will most likely stick around once we treat them right.
  3. We have the freedom to continue to influence them along their journey and continue to target them with our products
  4. They make our work easier so we can focus on them as a priority customer.

As long as we develop a good relationship with our list, we will never have to worry too much about traffic. So again, instead of having the appeal of a beggar, let’s hear “Shut up and just take my email address already.


To Your Amazing Future,

Are you finding it easy to convince visitors to share their email? You may also find value in Ways To Avoid Scams Online.  Are there other points of interest you would like us to share? Please share your comments below.


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