Are You Ready To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to make money and is probably the easiest of all the ways to make money online. Unfortunately, some begin only to give up eventually because of an incorrect approach to business in general.

They fail to follow the most basic principles for success i.e.

(1) understanding the business;

(2) having a vision – where you want to end up;

(3) Setting goals;

(4) determination.

  • Understand Your Business – We should always be pursuing knowledge in the area of our respective business. The more we learn and understand, the better we can strategize and implement a shorter path to success. This is the most important key we will hold in our hands. Use it and it will unlock everything else
  • Vision – Setting a vision for your business determines where you will end up. It’s a blueprint for success. It’s like living in the present but also in the future. It’s a way of measuring growth and being accountable to yourself and others. Without a vision, you will never reach or attain success in anything. If you haven’t yet written down your vision for your life and business, write your vision down now
  • Set Goals – Goals are smaller targets you must achieve in order to reach your vision. Use the SMART approach and go about setting goals that will chart a path to the fulfillment of your vision. Work hard to achieve them. Nothing will be impossible for you as long as you adopt this attitude. Your reward is guaranteed with this approach
  • Be Determined – Determination is everything. Without it, none of the above is even possible. In order for all of this to work, there must be the will and sheer determination to succeed, despite whatever comes your way. Be obsessed with your success and you will possess all you desire. Go for it!

The Journey to Success Begins with a Single Step

Working from home and just about anywhere, is a fantastic way to live once done right. First of all, it’s a level playing field as no one has a particular advantage. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, and a teachable spirit – you are poised to make lots of money and the sky’s the limit. All you have to do is follow a few guidelines to determine how fast you succeed. Stick to the plan and you will most likely be joining the growing list of successful internet marketers today.

Establishing a well-structured plan and supporting goals can lead to resounding success in:

Finding Your Niche Market

Though you may not necessarily get it right a first, the key to success in affiliate marketing is finding the right niche, a target audience, and some perseverance. At first, you may have a bit of a struggle finding your niche market and that’s not a bad thing as there are many benefits to any initial “failure.” However, to consistently make money online will require landing on a niche that works. That’s the plain truth. This is an important step and will require some careful but simple research and planning, on your part.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to be too broad when selecting a niche. The competition will eat you up and you will end up in a cyber dump somewhere. No one would ever find your stunning website in the search engines – great content and all.

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This is where most get frustrated, complicate a rather easy process and subsequently quit. By following these simple guidelines, you can come up with several great niche ideas (and content) quite easily. Here’s how.

How to Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

One main reason we need to establish a niche is that we can’t compete with the large merchants who already dominate the market with their many products and services. Therefore, to stand out as an authority in our niche, we must zero in on a target market that is interested in our product – our niche.

Our objective will be to target a market and be a big fish in a small pond – where our target market is the “big fish” and our niche is the “small pond.” Being successful in finding a great niche is having the potential to place our products directly in front of our target market. More on target markets later.


For example, you have researched a niche that you are passionate about (double blessing)… let’s say your super idea, is to review a small line of fragrances called Casharoma (your niche).

Your research reveals that there are a lot of searches (11,022) for your product and there is little competition (10 websites ranking for the search term). Your goal then would be to pursue the potential traffic (1874) by aiming for a possible page 1 rank in the SERP (search engine results pages).

Your strategy would be to capture that market by reviewing products in your niche and posting awesome content about why everyone needs Casharoma fragrances. Then, make a living from it. Understanding this objective and strategy is one of the critical keys to your success.

So we understand that one of the first things we need to do before we start to service a target-market is to decide how we will choose a suitable niche for ourselves. One that will provide a solution to a distinct or specific group of people with a specific problem we can solve.

This is done by doing some research and by determining

  •  whether we are passionate about that area of the market
  • whether the niche solves a “big enough” problem
  • the number of searches, potential traffic, and number of competing websites for the particular niche
  • your familiarity with or ability to effectively research the product/service
  • the sustainability of the niche i.e. is the scope to create lots of content over time

Let’s take action and begin listing our abilities and accomplishments.

  • Action: Possible list
  • Areas of training – e.g. Accounting, Music, Building, Marketing, Languages, Plumbing, Business development etc.
  • Your interests and hobbies e.g. writing, sewing, art, sculpting…
  • Things you are passionate about e.g. health & beauty, camping, gaming, problem-solving – you offer great advice that helps others.
  • Your talents such as musical abilities, artistic gifts or anything that makes you stand out as unique from most.

What did you write down? Let’s assume you chose health & beauty as something that you’re passionate about. We think alike… that’s a great choice, however, the “health and beauty” industry is extremely broad and we would need to narrow this down quite a bit.

According to the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool in the image below, the average number of people searching for this keyword phrase per month is a whopping 10,899. However, the competition, Quoted Search Results (QSR) or the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword, is around 300. Therefore, our Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) reports our keyword as poor because of too much competition.

internet affiliate marketers

So… we will have to look at narrowing down the health and beauty idea. Let’s hurry along and narrow it down to hair care products. After all, who doesn’t care about their hair, right?


Again, that’s a little closer to home but still too broad so let’s do a little basic research to refine our super awesome niche idea. Mastering this next part will allow us to dominate our corner of the market and make lots of money if we are consistent and determined. Remember, our overall objective is to become a big fish in a small pond – and become an authority in our niche

To find a potentially profitable niche, we have to dig deeper and research our ideas. We must determine whether

  • enough people (our possible target market) are searching for our “product” (Avg)
  • the level of competing websites for our idea’s exact match – Quoted Searched Results (QSR)

The above will determine the Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) or whether our keywords will bear fruit after all our hard work.
We just got some amazing info from the Jaaxy tool which I personally use, above,

Stay tuned, in our next article we will continue by using other methods you may be more familiar with.

To Your Amazing Future,


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