What Are Proven Business Survival Strategies For The Online Marketing Business?

No matter which system or product you are promoting, your business shouldn’t come to a complete stop if your platform turns out to be problematic ( happens). I do understand that there may be some frustration and loss, but if you had been busy building yourself as a brand, an email list and had an overall marketing strategy, you could dock your broken ship, repair its wings (or use another) and soon be back where you belong – soaring in the clouds.

Like it or not, there is no time for a pity party… not with passengers on board. Life goes on and few care about your problems; they only care about how quickly you can recover (and that’s for their sakes).

TIP: You must be prepared to get off your butt, dodge the punches and make it happen. People are watching you.effective marketing strategy

We have all heard about the pending demise of another high-ticket player and MLM-type program made up of people who were promised the usual, “insert cliche here…”

From the buttload of evidence brought by the FTC (4 thousand+ pages), it is unlikely that this company will raise its head again and recover from this hot mess.

But seriously, my heart goes out to all those who are affected, but we must ask ourselves, why do people buy into high-ticket programs? Especially, those who are new to the online business marketplace? Is it because of greed, ignorance, being gullible, combinations of these — who knows?

I do believe that we all have to take personal responsibility for how we go about pursuing and doing business, but some elements of manipulative psychology do play a part in this. After all, everyone wants to get ahead in life, right? And sometimes that opens up a measure of vulnerability where time constraints and personal ambition interweave.

However, our success should not depend on an income stream from one system alone – There is no reason not to continue to succeed if an online business platform goes down. Your skills are transferable, so make sure you understand this survival kit below and make it your virtual mentor. It will sustain you in whatever area of business or system you choose to market.

 4 Strategies for Surviving Any Online Business Crash

1.  Your Goal – Be an Online Marketing Expert

Understanding the business in a nutshell

  • Customer Strategy – Identify a niche, target market & audience
  • Branding Strategy – Visuals, website, logo, packaging, content
  • Content Marketing Strategy –  Written, video, audio, graphics, SEO
  • Monetization Strategy – Funnels, SEO, pay per click (PPC), cost per impression (CPI/CPM etc.

As an online marketer, it is your ultimate responsibility to understand the 4 steps above as thoroughly as possible.

It is important to note that in these 4 steps, there’s not a single reference to a particular product/service or type of business. What does this mean? It means this blueprint can work for any business whether offline or online or any idea still in that brilliant mind of yours.

By following this set of principles, you can rest assured that you will be back in the saddle soon should you ever happen to find yourself flat on your butt. Your success is now only limited to whether you properly understand and implement the strategies above.

If your focus is on promoting value and solutions and not just on selling products, you can take this model and use it as your literal money tree. It will bear you fruit in due season.

As you identify your target market and find your audience for your product; you must then be armed with the strongest marketing drive that converts your audience into buyers. Your strategies must appeal to and engage your target audience in the most relevant and effective ways possible.

By utilizing the tools of the trade, you will be focusing your attention on honing your marketing skills. This is done by implementing best-practices and applying your knowledge and experience as you deliver your skills.

Despite whatever your niche market is, your focus is to become an Online Marketing expert. When you understand your small business marketing expertbusiness and its inner workings, what works and what doesn’t, you can:

  1. Confidently promote any product or service for which there is a market
  2. Transfer your business model to other brands, products, and other platforms quickly if necessary
  3. Enjoy a passive income
  4. Automate your business
  5. Replicate your business model for more income

2. Build Your Personal Brand

As online entrepreneurs, we must be about building and promoting our own brand. That’s it. That way if we are promoting a product for ABC company and it fails, we would still have a measure of continuity and with little disruption to our clients and our income…

Why is all of this important? It is because we have our reputation and image (brand) to maintain. This is vital for our own survival as a reputable brand — Brand yourself.

Some Benefits of Branding:

  • It is key to building success
  • It will identify you and set you apart as unique — cutting out your market segment
  • It represents you and speaks louder than words
  • It keeps you focused as it locks you into a specialized area or niche
  • People will take you more seriously because you are specializing
  • Accountability — Your message, products must be consistent everywhere and every time
  • It creates an aura of trust, quality, and assurance in a customer’s mind

TIPIn time, your message will be captured by your brand’s visuals and awareness alone.

 3.  Leverage Your Skill-Set and Specialize

After spending time in online business and you are not coming away with some serious skills, then you are leaving money on the table. You are not seeing the larger picture.  No one can be an online marketer and not possess a multiplicity of skills.

There are many people willing to pay whatever you are worth to learn some aspect of what you know at this point. The more you learn, the more you continue to expand your worth and reach.

As you become an Online Marketing expert, you will notice that certain skills will come more easily to you. That’s OK. Some of its strategies will stand out and that’s a good indicator of what you can specialize in. As you continue to learn from the best in the business, you will be amassing a wealth of knowledge in various aspects of the business. You now have several options that you can zero in on and train others.

Dear Past thank you for the lessons. Dear Future I'm Ready. Click To Tweet

As an online marketer and entrepreneur, these are the areas you become familiar with:

  • Marketing (duh)
  • Web-design
  • Understanding target markets/audiences
  • Content marketing strategies – ideas, goals, types of content, publishing, brand, audiences etc.
  • Content writing, audio, video
  • SEO — PPC, Keyword research,
  • Project Management
  • Social media
  • Using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools

Finally, the one thing you should always be doing is building an email list. Yes, the cliche is coming. “The money is in the list” and here is why.

4.  Build an Email List — It’s Your Biggest Asset

Building an email list cannot be said enough. All of what I have mentioned before depends on this list. This is what truly defines your business. Your list is your biggest online asset; treat it well.

Why an email list is your biggest asset and your core business

Since this is so important, let’s look at this example.

Let’s say you are an affiliate marketer promoting an awesome product on (for Amazon) — so you have worked hard to build your blog to create some engaging SEO butt-kicking content that brings a visitor over. They loved your review so much that they head over to Amazon to buy your recommended product. So you think you have hit the jackpot and begin to celebrate your $2 or $3 commission. Congratulations, and good job, but you are robbing yourself of a much better way of doing business.

That model is good for Amazon… but bad for you. Yes, I know you got a sale and that’s fantastic – but basically, you have recruited a customer for Amazon like a good recruiting bot … sorry, officer you are. This customer can now choose to bypass you next time they want to buy. And don’t forget about Amazon’s follow up email promotions with them.

Now, this would be sweet if Amazon and other networks allowed their affiliate cookies to last forever. This way once we recruit a customer they would be ours for life. OK, let’s stop dreaming now.

Instead, you should be sending your visitors to your email opt-in first, then convert them to buyers, second. The objective is for you to become the expert.

This is the difference between a successful or a cents and pennies mindset. Get rid of it. Convert your cents into dollars by building a list today.

Please note:

Sending your visitors straight to buying an affiliate product will result in a one-time sale. However, a subscriber to your list will buy many times whenever you choose to promote your products to them.

Your email list comprises your fans and your personal target audience.  

They are the most important people in your life (except for your family of course… I hope). 🙂

You get to influence their way of thinking and buying habits as you build trust over time.

Treat them like your loyal friends who you bounce ideas off of, share helpful thoughts while giving away loads of value. Never treat your list like an ATM

After doing this, you would have gained “the right” (tread carefully) to periodically promote a product/solution without any reper-cussing repercussions.

Nothing is wrong with checking in on them occasionally, just don’t make it too personal nor do it too often or you may scare them off. Last time I checked, feeling scared and building trust never goes hand in hand. Knowing your list will take time, everyone is different so you may even have to create separate lists based on demographics and other factors.



So now you have had a breakdown of how valuable you are, please look at yourself as a marketer who knows more about top marketers worldmarketing than 99% of online users. Leverage this immediately and live your dreams.

Do you have a continuity plan for your amazing business or will it die a natural death because you have all of your eggs in one basket?

Develop and market your skills. You do have many… Design sites, write content, do SEO, consultancy etc.

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To Your Amazing Future,


If you have had past struggles surviving in the online world, have other strategies to share or you found value in 4 Business Survival Strategies For The Online Marketing Business, please comment below and share with your friends on FaceBook.

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