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Owner: Mike Cheng – Award-winning founder of Lumen5, Sniply, WittyCookie,

TEDxSFU, Beta Collective, and QC Productions

Intended for: Online Marketers, Retailers, Ad Agencies, Publishers/Bloggers/Writers, Digital

Marketing Specialists, Site Owners

My Rating: 9 out of 10

In the competitive world of online marketing, we all need to stay ahead of the game or at least be on the winning team. After all, with 1.8 billion websites  (not all competing for the same niches and not all marketing sites, thank goodness ), 2 million blog posts published every day (according to; What? How on earth do we stand out in the crowd? What if I told you that you could get noticed and promote your site on any trusted, popular site on the internet. Yes, that’s right, it’s called If you are used to sharing useful content from the web with your target audience, you can attach your branded CTA to the same content you share. With you can create a custom CTA that links right back to your site, increasing your conversions.



How about leveraging popular sites like Forbes,, YouTube, Wikipedia and benefiting from their authority and target audience. How is that for a marketing bulldozer to cut through the crowd. What about taking advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand and drive conversions by leading their visitors back to your capture pages and solutions? Well, enough of the questions, right? By setting up interesting CTAs, you are simply setting up a win-win situation for you and the owners of the content you share. People get to read the content you share, but they also get to click your Sniply link back to your site where you and your powerful marketing strategies await with idling engines, ready to engage.

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What is Sniply?

Sniply is an awesome marketing tool which gets your message and brand in front of the content you share with your audience. It allows you to place a CTA which unobtrusively overlays the shared content and drives traffic back to your site. Sniply or is used by individuals, businesses, and marketing agencies for maximum conversions while leveraging other people’s content.  Sniply promises between 5 to 15% conversion rates on CTAs.

“A marketing tool that drives conversions to every link you share.”

No, you are not spamming or hijacking anyone’s content. Visitors will have the option to “kill” your CTA with that annoying action called a mouse click, while you scream “No!” But don’t worry, the link’s super friendly looking and seems non-intrusive to most (polite) eyes. It doesn’t pop up or fill your screen like an electric blanket either, making you ponder whether to do the disappearing act and get out of there. People can still read the content you shared quite easily, while your Sniply CTA sits somewhere on your screen patiently but discreetly begging for attention.

As you read and share the articles your target market is interested in, you will also be building trust and generating interests in your brand. People like solutions and if your Sniply CTA is interesting enough, they will click through to your site.

Here Are Some Benefits of Using Sniply

1. It adds a Call To Action and can drive conversions with every link you share

2. Share snips of other people’s content on Social Media and point tons of traffic to your site

3. Create opportunities for promoting your brand with every link you share with your audience

4. Manage multiple brands or clients in a single account

5. “Steal” the attention away from the content you share by having captivating CTAs — see below for an excellent witty example

creating content marketing strategy

6. As you share useful content, you get to showcase your brand and drive traffic to your site as you “partner” with related content providers

7. The Free account is more than enough to get you going until an upgrade becomes necessary

8. The Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer…) extension simplifies sharing content by sharing the current page with a single click — no need to log in to the Sniply dashboard

9. It integrates with over 30 apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer, MailChimp, and others

Is Sniply Free or What?

Sniply has a free plan which allows up to 1000 clicks per month. Then there are 4 paid plans categorized as follows; Basic, Pro, Business, and Agency. See the diagram below and for a full list of features, click on the image.

The free plan is loaded with features that may be more than enough for most. Certainly, when the fruit of a robust marketing program begins to mature, then it will be necessary to scale up.

Can the free version be effective? Yes, because it contains several core features as follows.

  •  Unlimited Sniply links
  •  Custom Calls-to-Action Campaigns
  •  Unlimited Data from the Analytics Dashboard
  •  Integrations (Buffer, Hootsie etc.)

You will only be hindered by a 1000 click per month restriction. Who is complaining about that again?



social media marketing

Product Description and Features — Free Version

Some common useful features shared among all packages are quite generous — e.g.

  • Sniply types such as Button Snip, Text Snip (hyperlinked text), Hidden Snip
  • Data Gathering such as Analytics and Conversion Pixel used for tracking clicks, conversions, and actions on a website
  • External such as Integrations, Extensions, API used for connecting to MailChimp, Hootsie, Buffer and installation to Browser and building workflow
  • Email support

Product Description and Features — Paid Versions

(*includes the features from free version)

  • Sniply types: Form Snip, Image Snip
  •  Data Gathering: AB Testing, Conversion Pixel
  • External: Integrations, Extensions, API used for connecting to MailChimp, Hootsie, Buffer and installation to Browser and building workflow
  • Custom Code: Retargeting, Custom Tracking, Custom CSS, Custom Scripts
  • Customization: Themes, Custom Positioning, Custom Short Link, Custom Colors, Custom Domain, Remove Sniply Branding

How to Use Sniply

Sniply is quite easy to use. Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started.

My Recommended Strategy for Sniply

Have a consistent strategy when linking back to your site with the Sniply CTA e.g. provide more in-depth solutions to the article you shared. Sniply already takes advantage of your relationships on SM thereby making it non-intrusive. The link you send or recommend will be going to your existing SM network. Its link bound and only those receiving the link will see your message.

You are the one who has to drive traffic back to your site. The Sniply CTA will not magically appear on authority sites on the web. You must look for relevant articles that are already trending and have a high Social Media engagement. Tools such as Buzzsumo can help put you right in front of battle where all the friendly action is happening. By curating and sharing highly relevant content on a particular topic with your target audience, you will stand head and shoulders above others.

In the above image, Buzzsumo is displaying some healthy SM stats for the long tail keyword “How to Build an Email List from Scratch.”

Using the above as an example: Since people are already interested in the content above, use that opportunity.


discover buzzsumo

In the above image, Buzzsumo is displaying some healthy SM stats for the long tail keyword “How to Build an Email List from Scratch.”

Using the above as an example: Since people are already interested in the content above, use that opportunity create and to link back to your relevant content by:

  •  Zeroing in on a specific area of some important aspect of the person’s content you shared
  •  Writing an overall better article
  •  Providing practical solutions on your site for the content you snipped/shared
  •  Elaborating on the article you shared
  •  Providing video & audio alternatives on your site for the content you snipped/shared

*It’s a good practice to fill in the gaps if the content you shared is lacking anything — also perhaps a continuation of their article

Take advantage of the power and reach, of authority sites. Popular, trusted sites have a higher click-through rate ( CTR ) so by curating that content, visitors will be more prone to click-through and be presented by your Sniply CTA.

Tip # 1

Search Facebook’ search bar for your area of specialty, and share the posts with the highest number of views.

facebook as a marketing tool

Tip # 2

Curate content and develop a reputation for sharing consistent, valuable content. Become trusted and generate traffic for free.

Tip #3

The power of a click-through lies in your ability to catch the reader’s attention. So, make sure to be creative. E.g. A CTA saying “for more information click here” is not bad but probably will be ignored as it’s bland and doesn’t create any urge to leave the page the reader is on. However, a creative one like “ Here’s another strategy that works” or “Tired of going around in circles? Here’s a system that works.”


What I Like About the Product

  •  It is easy to use
  • The free version offers some amazing core features which are powerful enough to drive conversions and begin the curation process of sorting through the vast content on the web, relevant to my niche
  •  It is a cool way to capitalize on other people’s great content while pointing them to my site and my CTA campaigns
  •  It’s scalable — as I begin to see increased conversions I can upgrade my package

What I Don’t Like About the Product

1. No customization until the last 2 levels.

I personally would prefer to be able to customize the CSS to make it a little neater but in order to do that, one has to upgrade not once, not twice but to the flagship (Agency) package. I think they could have offered the ability to customize the CSS way before — maybe at the Pro level. The upgrades are not cheap. What were they thinking? The only thing to do here is to scale. As your business begins to make money from the increased conversion rates, then scale up.

2. It doesn’t work on every website — because some sites block iframes — not many though

3. Sniply branding should have been removed at the Pro level



To generate lots of clicks and benefit from a Sniply link back to your site, there must be an aggressive target marketing strategy on SM. This, of course, is because your Sniply link will only be as good as your reach on SM. By having a social presence that is properly organized, you will benefit from shares as well as paid promotions. Remember, it’s not an SEO tool directly, it’s a marketing tool, so you will have to depend on others to share, or use paid Ads to boost your posts.

Sniply is the only way to get access to any site (that allows iframes) and place a Call To Action. No, it’s not like guest blogging or paying for an Ad, but it’s a great way to get noticed for free. It is as though my CTA is an endorsement of some kind on their site and I’m talking any big-name site. The only caveat is with the Free, Basic and Pro plans; there is Sniply branding. Yes, as they say, nothing is truly free… you have to promote them, but who cares. Who will notice that but you and other marketers? So, If you are looking for a way to benefit from sharing content by getting free traffic back to your site, use Sniply.

Newbies and advanced marketers alike create a long term, successful business Online.


Can you be successful with free website traffic statistics?

Is it simply a matter of chance? Maybe, if you’re willing to wait and wait some more. It takes excellent business wit, perception and a great deal of assistance from some type of support system. Notably the enthusiasm to do well and understand the process, the readiness to spend a great deal of effort and at least a little cash are also necessary.


There are lots of stories of success you will become aware of concerning flourishing businesses on the web. The worrisome point is, for every 10 success stories there is perhaps a hundredfold more who are not. Lots of individuals have not been able to get off ground zero with their business venture per statistics just a handful will do well.


The Rudimental Elements


Like any type of company or business that’s in a physical structure or in the shopping center, not every person that goes in will purchase, yet the higher number that do come in to search your goods, the higher number of individuals that will certainly purchase your items. It is a well-known and rudimental (basic) element. I just like that word. 😉


Just how do you obtain a large enough percentage of web traffic so you earn revenue from your eventual customers? increase sales percentageLots of large businesses produce thousands of website traffic a day while a pitiful 10 to fifteen percent really purchase yet, that little percentage is sufficient to give them an excellent company.


Many of these success stories obtain their website traffic from paying. This comes as a surprise to some, but, you need to invest money to make money. Advertising and marketing is the secret. The more individuals that are aware of the existence of your website; the more individuals would obviously visit your website, capiche?


No more singing “the One that got away.” Without website traffic, all your marketing initiative would simply go to waste. Every service requires clients, without them you would not have anybody to market your items to. In the world of internet marketing website traffic is the stroll in client. The more website traffic you have the more individuals you have the ability to market your items to.


While there are several methods which you could obtain marketing totally free, generally these do not produce the same high volume as the paid techniques that are making money. These paid ads consist of marketing through Google, as well as, Yahoo.


The Value of Searches


We’re not speaking of the frisk and pat down variety but the Online search which will obviously be the simplest and the check my website trafficfastest way to locate just what an individual wants on the internet. Search browsers are extremely vital today since they give a crucial solution to lots of us, search engines have actually become preferred when considering what or when to purchase.


They are foremost, free and very easy to utilize. With this appeal, they receive several site visitors and clicks to the most typical websites that individuals review. It is understandable why many businesses are willing to pay to promote with these internet search engines.


It is like paying for your website traffic when you pay for your ads. This might not seem like such a smart idea, however, the benefit will be indisputable. You are assured of regular website traffic to your website when you pay for your web traffic. Once you see the results, you will never ever opt for an unproductive sales day.


Internet search engines supply info to the countless users that they have every day. They give website links to connect to numerous websites that an individual might be trying to find. You have an excellent opportunity that they will go to your website if your website shows up in pretty high rankings of the search results web page. While SEO is a less expensive or free method to get your website a high ranking, with paid promotions you are ensured that you will get a higher ranking.


Pay or Scrimp for your Traffic?


The money paid to increase your website traffic will certainly yield dividends. You will obtain a remarkable increase in web traffic, which will likewise result in a terrific increase in your sales numbers. Spending a reasonable amount for your website traffic will be a great goal as soon as financially able, to receive the added advantages it provides.


Typically, you will be billed for the hits a web link receives when your advertisements are clicked, this is called PPC (pay per click). Some internet search engines will bill you each time your advertisement appears when specific keywords or phrases are searched for. therefore, It is crucial that you have optimized keyword content in your advertisement. check keyword traffic


There are several tools that help you search and use the appropriate keywords for the appropriate advertising campaign. Jaxxy is one of the premier tools to search for premium and the often time overlooked long tail keywords.


Without traffic, your best content and awesome images are just an exercise in futility since no one will see them.  Your first content probably won’t be the best and it definitely won’t be your last, but you won’t get better until you start. I believe in you.

To Your Amazing Future,





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Finally, SEO strategies that really increase traffic and conversions.

Hey, let’s get to the point. You want traffic and not just any traffic, but the relevant traffic interested in what you have to say and offer; your very own target-audience. After all, you have a great product that might benefit thousands (or millions) but people don’t quite know you so well; and so, they are not stopping by to hang out with you just yet. Can you do something about this — is there hope for you? I say a booming “yes,” so let’s fix this.

Do people even know you exist in your business? Hmm. While you ponder, let me lay it on some more. 

  1. Are you identifying with people’s problems?
  2. Are you connecting with your audience? — Are you even relevant when you speak?
  3. Are you creating and delivering value?
  4. Are you providing real solutions?

These are all important questions you need to answer to measure your effectiveness and impact on your market.  One reason for this is that in the online marketing business there is a lot of competition, so find ways to stand out, to be seen and heard.

The noisy and sizable crowd will never go away, so stay with the crowd and stay in the game. You can’t win unless you are a part of the game. Make the crowd your friend but leverage the crowd by standing on its back. Have you ever watched a surfer ride a massive wave? Not only do they do that by staying on top of an intimidating wall of water, but they also manage to stand out in an intimidating ocean.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks.

1. Turn Problems into Opportunities

Do you know you can turn people’s problems into a win-win situation? The core of this business is to solve problems and provide solutions, right? Who needs more problems? Life is stressful enough on its own and problems come and go.

All you need is to be that shoulder that people can cry on. A genuine shoulder I might add — you have been there and so you understand well. That doesn’t mean you don’t rub the problem in their faces until it stinks enough for them to want get rid of it. That’s where you come in.

While they are crying, you hand them a tissue. By now you should know that they will wipe their eyes and blow their noses in it. You should also know that they will try to return it to you. No, not washed — right there and then. You politely refuse it but your strategy here can be this; the tissue is a keepsake representing a turning point in their lives — snot and all. That’s your gift from you to them. Your free E-Book of comfort pointing the way out of their misery.

But wait, here’s a bonus. Don’t collect their email address just yet (as everyone does). Yes, I know you want that email for real but be patient. Earn their trust, don’t be just like everyone else. I know I am going against the grain but hear me out.

You offer a free EBook with valuable content but you place your CTA (Call To Action) in that EBook. I told you I was going somewhere with this. Boom, they come right back to you with loads of trust (and hopefully loads of money) — just kidding about the money, I know your is reasonable but packs the punch of the Hulk defying the Norse god, Loki.   Get A Free Download here


Now go and turn people’s problems into solutions — into opportunities. Hey, you might even write a book called “Turning Setbacks Into Greenbacks.” Now that’s a win-win marketing strategy with good intentions in mind, for both marketer and customer.

NB: Sorry, someone has already written that book — but here’s a great opportunity for an affiliate sale right there. Don’t leave any money on the table.  Just remember to send your customer to your affiliate page where you will collect an email address first before sending them off to your affiliate link.  I spoke about this here. It also works out better for you. Google dislikes your affiliate links all over the place. Oh, and remember to use pretty links.

2. Know How to Connect With Your Audience

  • Watch your tone

If you are pragmatic but jovial by nature and make insults in a friendly engaging manner with no one knowing you are really laughing at them, then this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you are an Einstein and scientific in your approach, be warned.

You will come across as a scary individual (no offense) and it’s only a matter of time (very short) before that mouse pointer sends you to an eternal cyber-hell. The scariest part of this is that it will be forever. Anyone having left a site in a hurry, usually never returns.

  • Don’t be a Dave Ramsey be a marketer (great guy with loads of great advice)

No one wants to hear that they spend too much money on stuff when they are looking for products to buy. No one wants to hear they are a loser who wasted precious time running around with trophies of shiny objects. (* not Dave Ramsey’s quotes)

If people like our mentioned friend were popping up everywhere on Adsense and on Amazon sites, they would be bad for business, wouldn’t they? In another forum, however, they offer great help.

OK, so people don’t want to be reminded that they are doing crappy things that lead nowhere — unless you can show them a better way that works right away… which of course is a great review or post bundled with a solution. Yes, you heard that it right — that’s why we are here.

  • To connect with your audience you must talk and act like them
  • You must be understanding but positive, reassuring, offer hope and have a cure for their problems
  • You must show you care about what they care about (we touched on this before)
  • You must provide a meaningful solution, not a plaster
  • You must point the way to great value for as little money as possible little is relative :-))

Show them that their success is your success. It really is… When others succeed, they make you look great. Share their success stories and inspire more people.

3. Market Products That Provide Value to You First

What and why are you selling? What is your product worth to you first, and then others?

Aha… we’re onto something here. You’re delivering value and that value should first mean something to you before you even begin to give others the opportunity to experience it. That’s why you are sharing it and that’s how you will relate to your audience.

With no real knowledge and experience about the benefits of your product, how can you become an authority on the matter? People are great at spotting frauds. Don’t be one.

When something means the world to you, it creates wonderful energy and provides you with the freedom and ease to talk about it. When you adore something, you also demonstrate it by making sacrifices and great personal investment.

  • You will speak with great authority on the subject and develop a “following” of students
  • Your passion will show as you present your content
  • Your confidence will improve because you have tried, tested the product
  • Others will follow you to every new level of success
  • Your passive income will become consistent

4. Marketers Should Provide Real Solutions

We must understand that people are primarily looking for cures, not prevention. Yeah, yeah, advice on prevention is great but the reality out there is this. The only advice people want is  “where and how do I get this or that — and how can I get the best value for money?” Add the word ”fast” to all that and there you go. Sorry — let me rephrase that. What I really meant to say was the quickest way, not “fast.“

Yes, why waste precious time if we can cut through the noise and zero in on success, right? The quickest way between two points is a straight line, we only have to know how to avoid the obstacles in our path and truly, success can be a shorter run.


What you should do:

Write great reviews and posts — Those that seek to accomplish the following:

  1. State the customer’s problems
  2. Hammer it in some more —  the more it hurts, the louder they scream for a solution… Yours.
  3. Give an honest all out convincing review or comparison
  4. Present your trusted honest recommendation  
  5. Let the decide but benefit either way from their decision

If they can’t settle for option A, give them option B. Again, a win-win.

Check out a Free lesson Here and Learn the right way to educate people so they trust YOU for suggestions on what and where to buy.

What have you found that helps your customers, know, like and trust you?  Are there other topics that you would like us to cover?  Please comment below and if you found value share 4 Great SEO Strategies for Traffic and Conversions with your friends on Facebook.

To Your Amazing Future,