Can You Really Make Money Online Now With YouTargetr?


Can You Really Make Money Online Now With Youtargetr? Is It Legit?

A lot of people nowadays are on the search for different ways to make money online via online tools, products, or software. The entrepreneur, retiree, single dads, and moms are all looking for ways to make money online.

Making money online can be quite difficult for individuals who do not have the idea on how to earn money even at the comfort of their home. This YouTargetr review will hopefully give you an idea on one way to make money online. Is it a legit product or just another scam product? Continue to read below…

Product: YouTargetr


Product Creator: Victory Akpos

Price: $27 is the FE version, OTO 1 is the Pro version and it costs $37.

Intended for: Online Marketers, Bloggers, Digital Marketing Specialists, Website Owners, Local Business, E-commerce, and Affiliate Marketers

What is YouTargetr?


When you are planning a video campaign that has ads as an online marketer and when you opt for using Adwords, you have to be prepared with a budget and if you decide to just search and look for Youtube Videos, it may take a long time and all your efforts will be just wasted if you use a video for your ad that doesn’t have the customer appeal or desired impact.

YouTargetr is a product/software that will help you find the right videos through an advanced search and you can find a specific video that works for your specific content or niche. It will provide you the specific channel, related videos, SEO information, and etc.

YouTargetr, as its name stands for it helps you target the videos, the viewers and you will be equipped with an effective approach so you can get potential leads and be successful in your campaign.

YouTargetr is cloud-based software that works as a YouTube Ads/ Video Targeting/ SEO tool for online marketing. It makes use of the powerful and effective Google and YouTube search so you can find the right YouTube videos that can be monetized and you can also search specific niche videos that are currently trending on YouTube.

Product Description:

YouTargetr is an online, cloud-based product created by Victory Akpos. He and his team created this software as an advanced video search engine and can be used to target specific videos or specific niche for your online content. They understand the difficulty that online marketers experience when they are using ads in YouTube Videos.

Victory's sample Youtargetr income

Victory Akpos is also known for his other tools in Internet Marketing such as VidZio, AdSmartly, and ReachInfluencer.

YouTargetr is an effective marketing software tool that will help search and target specific videos on YouTube.

YouTargetr Price and Features:

You must buy the FE version and you can add more features depending on your personal preference. The FE version is a must, the other upgrades will not work without it.

FE:$27 (Price during its launch week)

Search a channel for videos

Search keywords, channel, and suggested videos

Results can be copied to the clipboard for easy access

Target lists can be created with video URLs

Video Training

OTO 1: An additional $37 payment for the YouTargetr Pro version and more added features.

It includes advanced search features which include, license, popularity, and length.

Advanced filters for videos.

It also includes Video Rank Checker, research tools, location-based targeting, and Video Info Grabber tools.

OTO 2: Costs $47. It is the Citizen Agency Internet Site and local ads educating.

OTO 3: Costs $37. It is the DFY Video Pack.

OTO 4: Costs $197. It is the YouTargetr Reseller Bundle.


30 days money back guarantee. You can check out the product if it works and it is legit. or If it is a scam, you can right away request a refund.

It is user-friendly. It is easy to use.

Helps target specific niche and keywords.

Search by specific channels.

Helps search related videos to the target content.

Video ads Training is provided.

Results are provided and can be exported to CSV and copied to the clipboard.


You need to upgrade to the Pro Version to experience the other important features.

An additional payment of $37 is required for the OTO 1 Pro Version that comes with all the full features.

The price of the software may possibly increase soon.

The FE version or the basic version only includes the Target list and Extract Monetized Videos.


Frequently Asked Questions for YouTargetr:

  1. Is there any software that I need to download after I purchase the YouTargetr product?

No. YouTargetr is cloud-based software; you can use this software using any type of device without the need of downloading an application for it to work. You can use your personal computer, laptop, smartphone, IOS, and Android. This software is easy to use and user-friendly and can be used in different devices.

  1. Do I need to be an expert in creating videos so I can use the YouTargetr software?

No. You are not required to know how to create any video so you can use YouTargetr. There is no need for any video creation application software as well. 10 easy to edit PowerPoint video templates are provided with the software when you purchase it. These templates can be used for editing and creating your ads accordingly.

  1. How much is the YouTargetr software? Is there a monthly subscription price that I need to pay if I want to purchase the software?

The purchasing price of YouTargetr for its launch week is a one-time price product of $27. After the launch, the subscription price will be $67 per month. Anyone will benefit this product especially nowadays; everyone is making money via online tools.

YouTargetr Reviews:

Youtargetr reviews

Youtargetr review

See YouTargetr video below:


YouTargetr is newly launched cloud-based software by Victory Akpos on December 2018. It comes with a zero risk and you can try it out. This tool is recommended as an effective Marketing, Youtube Ads Targeting, and SEO software. This is a must-have marketing and SEO software tool for Individuals who are using Adwords. The price is not that high and you can save a lot of money when using Adwords with random clicks.

YouTargetr provides an effective search filter that you can find a specific video and as well as the viewers that will help you earn a lot of money.

My rating:

6 out of 10.


Yes, YouTargetr software is effective cloud-based software that can be used for targeting ads. It is a newly launched product and may have various issues that are not yet resolved. You can try it out if you are curious after all, the product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have purchased the software and you are not satisfied with its performance or results, you can just request a no-questions-asked refund for the payment. The Pro Version comes with all main features and you can take advantage of the advanced search filter so you can maximize the potential of the software. If you find out that it is a scam product and offers no results and you have changed your mind within the first 30 days of purchase, you can refund your money easily.

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