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Do you want to do something totally different and outside of the box? Are you willing to go against the odds and stand out? Then this approach might work for you.

Become a celebrity… Whoa. Sounds crazy right? And please don’t ditch your SEO efforts… But wouldn’t you like your message to be found by everyone simply because you are trending? Yes, YOU — not just your content. If you can understand the concept that you are a brand then this may not be as far-fetched as you think.

It’s no secret that organic SEO will send you consistent traffic for years to come and is probably the best way to build traffic (and an email list) over time. And Social Media will only be as strong as your marketing strategy i.e. how often you post and engage your target audience, what you hope to achieve from that engagement, analyzing metrics, knowing your audience and so on.

But do you know that some bloggers at the top of their game focus on producing meaningful content without always focusing on SEO? (To be fair, a lot of them have already made use of good SEO practices).

I am sure you have noticed several non-SEO titles on some popular blogs. That’s because of two reasons.

  1. They have built a huge email list and hence, a target audience over time
  2. People search for them — because they are an authority brand. They’re like the news, trendsetters and people are happy to follow them to see what their next move is — or what they recommend

Now you may be asking what chance do I have on God’s green earth to become a celebrity and for people to search for me instead of relying on SEO?

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First, let’s do a little test. Google your name above to see where you turn up… Any videos, comments on articles similar to yours, Social Media accounts, Movies :-). See what I mean?

So, you are shy and ready to get outta here but stick around — you’ll get it in a bit.

Let’s look at some ways to become a celebrity but first…

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What is a Celebrity?

Wikipedia’s definition in a nutshell — it’s all about getting the attention of the public. But how do we do that?


  • Record some videos/podcasts (or star in a movie)
  • Get others to promote you
  • Comment on articles similar to yours, everywhere
  • Get busy on Social Media and engage

Sounds simple enough right? That’s because it probably is. The hard work is honing your strategy and executing it.

A celebrity is a news maker, a household name. So becoming a celebrity is the fastest way to get tons of traffic, capitalize on and influence an audience. Just ask the numerous stars on YouTube. You can see for yourself the number of subscribers they build over a relatively short time because they offer something unique i.e. their own brand. With this power, they are able to influence viewers and sell products. Don’t be afraid of the word “sell!” Celebrities use their fame to sell all the time.

In this day and age, people go viral overnight because of the easy access to tons of free, and inexpensive tools. News spreads quickly, and guess what, you don’t need Hollywood nor do you have to audition for anyone. But don’t do what everyone else is doing. Be you!

Use your expertise but be creative. Don’t just do reviews and write posts, be personable. Let the world see you in the real world doing what you love. Be transparent and be accessible.

Check this list.

# 1. Produce Videos and Podcasts – In a Unique Way

… this will depend on your personality but what’s wrong if you

  • Do your presentations somewhere exciting. In a restaurant, your favorite clothing store, at a sponsor, in an elevator so it’s guaranteed to be quick
  • Do recordings in places your audience wish they could visit — look up your directory for attractions in your area or those you can visit elsewhere (please leave out the flashy cars and huge homes in the background — that’s old)
  • Do interviews — Surprise your audience by having someone you mentioned in an article, join you
  • Let the world see as you work with your local children’s charity, zoo or doing something good for the community. Be genuine, people can tell. Record a few videos while doing this.
  • Interview successful fellow online marketers.

I like what Evan Carmichael does. He has perfected the art of associating himself with other successful people in various locations and shares that priceless information with his audience.

# 2.  Get Others to Promote You — Ride on Their Success

Alright, let’s face it. It’s a fact that some are more popular than you are. Get over it. If you already have, do this;

Send a nice email to Social Media Influencers, those you already follow, sites you comment on, mentors… and ask them to share your post. It’s just a “yes” or “no.” Better yet, ask if you can do a guest post. Again, a “yes” or “no” and since you are not blackmailing anyone, there’s always 50% chance of success with each question. Great odds.

This can result in tons of promotion for you but wait… there is a method to this. It would really help if you follow these steps below.

  • Have your foot already in the door — You should have already subscribed to their site, commented on a few posts or benefited in some way — it helps with being taken seriously
  • If you have worked with their organization or someone that they trust, mention it. That’s all it takes for some to notice you.
  • To avoid being seen as spammy, introduce yourself, so they see your relevance. State your mission and why/how you know your particular post will benefit their audience. They will appreciate that you are concerned about what they choose to share with their audience.
  • Make sure to include the link to the post (or the text)
  • If they say no, thank them for the opportunity anyway — You have sown a seed. Seeds grow eventually.


# 3. Comment on Articles in Your Niche

One of the best ways to become popular is by reading the articles of authority sites in your niche and participating in the comment threads. Do this also on Quora, Yahoo Answers,,  — wherever relevant topics are discussed or questions asked. Provide useful answers and people will find your site eventually. You will become popular in the process.

  • You will be recognized by blog owners as long as you consistently add value
  • You will be building relationships with other “commenters” and potentially driving their traffic back to your site — (*this is a biggie)


# 4. Get Busy on Social Media

define socialble

Get involved in the conversation but not yours… theirs.

The best way to turn your article and ideas into a trending hot topic is to blog about what people are already talking about…then, join in the conversation. Your task is not to dictate the conversation (at this point) — and so, your articles should have already been addressing what is already trending.

Sure, you can add some fuel to the fire. Offer a controversial opinion, stir up the conversation by introducing something outside the box. Use info. discussed on SM to expand your blog post.

In this post, I mentioned a cheeky response to a popular blogger’s “Nine Content Marketing Tools…” This brave guy respectfully challenged the author on Twitter with, “Why only nine tools? Check #10” And subsequently posted a link to his own article with the 10th step. That is the ultimate example of originality and a cool way to become popular.

does persona mean

Bonus # 5. Create a Persona or Mascot!

If you don’t want to feature yourself and you have a suitable website name, then go for a persona or mascot.

Let’s take a peek at the Geico advertising campaigns. GEICO is an acronym for “The Government Employees Insurance Company” but they use a masterful play on words to incorporate a gecko (lizard) as their mascot. The star/celebrity is not human (or is he?) but a spirited, little adorable gecko creature. Now while we are on that, who would have learned to love a pesky little lizard without these ads?

Here’s a pic of the real deal though…

Adorable, isn’t he?


You now know how to become a celebrity. You have to start somewhere. Join in the conversations and you will become known to your target market.

Organic SEO is still the best method for longevity, however, every available strategy should be pursued for a better chance of success.

Success is for the hungry and all you have to do is reach for it. No limitations should be placed on yourself in this regard. No more procrastination when all the tools are out there for you to succeed. Dare to be different — go the extra mile to stand out.

Combining a little “celebrity status” and good SEO best-practices will be a blockbuster and a motorway for your success.

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