Are you benefitting from affiliate marketing? 3 reasons why you should.

When it comes to making money online, nothing beats affiliate marketing in terms of returns and low risk. But with all the influx of people looking to make quick money from this business, the challenges are overwhelming.

If you’re starting out at first, it can be a little bit confusing finding the perfect niche, driving traffic, and promoting your what is the best affiliate marketing rogramproducts. We are saying all this on the part of the affiliate marketers, what about the owners of the program? They too suffer from a barrage of affiliates into the program but are not converting sales. They also have to deal with placing the best payout for affiliates that far outweigh their competitors to attract the cream of the crop.

With all these going on, it’s easy for anyone starting out to feel frustrated about the lack of sales conversion after so much has been done whether you are a publisher or an advertiser. Because of this setback, most people would feel they are not making enough money from the program and will find reasons to leave.

Here are 3 reasons why you should be benefitting from affiliate marketing


There is really no buying and selling business that beats affiliate marketing in flexibility when a product isn’t selling. It’s so easy to switch to another product that offers better sales conversion. The same thing happens with the type of rate you can take when marketing a product. If it’s not working, you can change it, unlike other businesses.

Also, affiliate marketers don’t have to bother about warehousing and the logistics involved with delivering a particular product to the consumer. All that is taken care of by the owners of the product.learn affiliate marketing for free

Decision making doesn’t have to rely on anyone or come from any institution before running an affiliate program. You don’t need to worry about paying staff and running another variable cost; your site is up and running 24/7.


High returns low cost

You can make money from affiliate programs while you sleep with an initial start-up fee that is extremely low.  With little or no operating cost, you can be making thousands and millions of dollars drawing the right type of customers to your product links.

So much has been said about running ads for affiliate marketing, but when we compare those figures to other platforms that drive traffic to your site like SEO and PPC, we can understand why affiliate marketing is most used. The visibility and link building that goes on when promoting a product is very costly when using other platforms to market a product.

Potential for growth

Gone are the days when we used to think affiliate marketing was just about bringing the buyer to an event to buy a product. Today, affiliates have everything set up on their own including, promotion, payment platforms, and consumer engagement far more than the traditional means of selling products.

US affiliate marketing indices will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% from 2015 to 2020, at an estimated $6.8 billion industry.

Advertisers are continuously increasing their budget for affiliates because they know the benefits they are driving from the program. Also, it’s better to track sales using this platform.


It starts with picking a specific niche that fits your passion or interest combined with your desire to GROW into a specialist. You will then connect within your specific niche and select products to help individuals within your particular niche.

Get going – there is no incorrect or bad niche billions of individuals get on the internet every day looking for information and prepared to invest billions of bucks for products and information.

Your online business will be enjoyable, though work and commitment are required, the community at Wealthy Affiliate is a powerhouse of resources to assist you along the way.

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  1. Being involved with two industries—network marketing and affiliate marketing, I discovered that one really has to do affiliate marketing for business longevity. Network marketing companies come and go, but the tools distributors use in marketing products online, always stay in demand. This tells us something: Making money promoting tools such as websites and autoresponders, will be here forever!

    And I strongly agree with you when you said that doing affiliate marketing has a huge benefit we can get. I have done other businesses, and whenever I am compelled by my business partners to come up with a product, to produce our own products like manufacture some stuff, I am reminded with affiliate marketing.

    Why would I load myself with mundane tasks of creating my own products when I can simply make money promote existing products online via affiliate marketing? To me, that’s the smart thing to do. And easier too!

    1. I think you’re right Gomer, you were telling me that for awhile, but I kept believing in the next great product. I might use products but I agree, there’s a bigger need for the tools that anyone doing business will need.

  2. Affiliate marketing offers a plethora of opportunity to generate online revenue. You hit it right on the head. The cost is low but the revenue potential is high. While other business types are decreasing, affiliate marketing is increasing and I believe that the opportunity will just get better. i think this is the best decision that I have ever made. Great post!

    1. thanks Mikey and I agree. The MLM business model didn’t work for me so I am also glad I made the decision to become an affiliate marketer  a couple of years ago 

  3. I like it a lot. I like that you explain affiliate marketing, thank you. Some people just aren’t sure what it actually is so I am glad that instead of just telling us about it you also gave a little info on what you do. This was a great read thank you

    1. Thanks Alexis, you’re right I sure didn’t know the difference in Affiliate marketing and mlm when I got started. 

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