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Becoming a mom is a great thing of joy but it’s often accompanied by challenges. Many a time, mothers are faced with the daunting task of finding jobs that will concur with their schedules. There are several profitable business ideas that are a perfect fit for a stay at home mother. Some great options include:    work from home moms


A virtual assistant provides services to individuals or organizations. It’s a stay at home work as all the work is done online. It’s an effective way of making good legit money. There are a variety of services a virtual assistant can render, these include writing, editing, researching, copywriting, project management, tutoring, travel arrangements, consulting, bookkeeping, ghostwriting, and many more. As a virtual assistant, you can choose to become either a virtual assistant independent contractor or virtual assistant employee


If you decide to become an independent contractor, developing a website or blog becomes indispensable. Choosing the path of independence gives you the liberty to influence your business. You get to set your own pricing, choose your own clients and you have complete freedom. Like every startup or business, becoming an independent contractor is met with difficulties. Finding your own clients can be a real hassle at the beginning, it’s a bumpy ride. But when you persevere and build a good reputation, it will surely pay off in the long run


If finding clients is not your cup of tea, you will be better suited for a virtual assistant employee. How clients are wooed is least of your concern. You are only responsible for your work at the appointed times. The company you work for is vested with the responsibility of matching you with clients. Employee option is far less demanding and it will pay you back right from the get-go. However, your pricing is determined for you by the company and your long-term possibilities are limited


If you have the knack for writing, then freelance writing is one of the best home based business ideas for moms. It’s a highly profitable stay at home work that can fetch you up to $3,000 a month. It’s an independent work that offers you a great deal of flexibility. The start-up requirement for freelancers is basically, a good computer with a source of internet connection.


  •   Be a good writer: Creativity in writing is not everybody’s thing and it’s the basic recipe for freelance. To build a good reputation for your portfolio, you must be creative and comfortable with your grammar.
  •  Be passionate about writing: To make a career in freelance writing, you must have a flair for writing. Many a time, writing can be hectic and there may be a point in time when you may be totally fed up with the whole concept of writing. But your passion for the job can be your driving force.
  •  Open business mind: To maximize freelance writing gigs, you must be willing to write on subjects you despise or have

work from home

  • Open business mind: To maximize freelance writing gigs, you must be willing to write on subjects you despise or have zero knowledge of. Just do it for the love of the money and reserve your opinion to yourself
  •  Time management and prompt delivery: Time is of great essence in freelance writing jobs. You must have an efficient time management plan in other to be able to accomplish jobs and deliver them on the stipulated agreed time. Delivering jobs late will mar and speak ill of your portfolio.


There are several websites that are dedicated to freelance. The websites are platforms for those seeking and providing freelance writing services. Signing up to any freelance website requires patience from the get-go. Many clients may ignore your proposals due to your lack of reputation. However, you may woo clients by offering your service to them at a cheaper rate. When you accumulate writing pieces in your portfolio along with continuous 5-star ratings, you may raise your pricing and clients will still patronize you.

Some freelance writing platforms are

  • Upwork
  •  TextBroker
  •  Constant-content
  • ContentMart


Daycare is a highly profitable enterprise that will perfectly fit a stay at home mother. As a mother, you already have the requisite experience and starting the daycare franchise offers you the opportunity to care for your kids along with other busy mother’s kids. It will be advisable to consider obtaining a license because licensed day care centers are more appealing to parents and the pay is also superior


Are you a good cook? If your answer is positive, then catering might be the ideal business option for you. Starting is quite easy as you already have the necessary requirements for a small startup. Frequent advertising and referral can help you land several cooking gigs


Blogging is also another job that is accessible to stay at home moms. The work is done online and start-up requisite is less stringent. You only need a computer and a source of internet connection to get started. Starting a blog is not a complex matter, you can have your blog ready within 30 minutes or less. Blogging is fun-filled and it can fetch you money and nice recognition.


  •  Choose a blogging platform/domain name
  •  Choose a hosting option
  •  Design your blog
  •  Start blogging Blogging platform

Choosing your blogging platform is the first thing to do. There are several blogging platforms one can choose from. Some top options to consider are listed below:

  • WordPress
  •  Custom
  •  Blogger
  •  Tumblr
  •  Drupal
  •  Blogsmith
  •  Typepad
  •   Movable type
  •  Gawker

If you have no priority or knowledge of blogging platforms, WordPress might be ideal for you. Other top options to consider are blogger and Tumblr. Make sure you think deeply as to what your blog’s focus will be as you will learn right from the get-go, content is King.

Research a bit about what makes an awesome blog and learn a few tricks from the pros.
Moms are some of the busiest people in the world,

I will continue to share more ideas for a home business and I hope I was able to share some valuable points in my post “Are There Real Home Based Business Ideas For Moms.” Your success is a result of those you surround yourself with being a part of a network of ultra-successful marketers at Wealthy Affiliates may catapult your skillset.


To your amazing future.



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