There are arrays of online money-making opportunities available today for anyone who desires to have an access to them.  One of such much talked about opportunities is Clickbank. As popular as it seems to be, a greater number of persons know almost nothing about how to make money on Clickbank. I certainly didn’t.



The great news here is that everyone can easily make a living here, starting from Clickbank affiliate sign up to the very last feature of the program. This article is simply poised to answer the simple question, “do you want to know how to make money on clickbank.

Subsequently, if you desire make money on Clickbank, it’s simple enough all you need to do is learn and master the few processes that will be outlined below


The first process which every potential Clickbank affiliate must pass through is the account registration process. This is made possible through the creation of a free account as outlined below:

  • Pay a visit to
  • Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT”
  • Meticulously and accurately fill your Personal, Banking and Account information
  • Go to your email and approve the confirmation link sent
  • On the confirmation page, you then click on “LOGIN” to access your Clickbank account homepage.

Once you are logged into Clickbank homepage, you can manage your sales and earnings alike. The next line of action is to key in all required information in your payment information page. This section comprises of two segments;

  • Your most preferred payment method segment which gives you room to add where your earnings (commission) will be sent for your easy withdrawal and of course enjoyment.
  • While your payment dashboard is where your earning accruals will show pending until you enough commission to be eligible for withdrawal.

Both segments are however editable by following a link situated at the top right side of your payment information page.

Congratulations! You have successfully done the affiliate sign up process and now have a Clickbank affiliate account.

Clickbank Product Selection Process

This is obviously the next most important part of learning how to make money on Clickbank. When selecting your choice products to promote, you must endeavor to pick out the best for your targeted audience. Achieving this calls for you to master the keyword tricks. Keywords research allows you to find out the products most searched for by internet users (If you desire to know a lot more about keywords, kindly search through our website​ and read up articles covering this topic).

There is a “Marketplace link” on your account homepage; this takes you to a page with an outline of product categories. Once here, simply pick out the product category that you desire to promote.

Choosing a product category takes you to a list of products from there you must make your product choice. This is the most important aspect since whatever you opt for at this juncture will have pretty large impact on your Clickbank affiliate career. So, before picking out a product, kindly consider the following vital things:

Product Gravity

Here, the gravity of each product is revealed to you. Products with 300 or more gravity tend to accrue more earnings.

Average Percentage per Sale

Each vendor has an average amount of commission which they are willing to offer for every completed sale. Best products to be promoted are those that offer above 50% commission.

Average Re-bill

Clickbank offers both subscription product and none subscription products, and the average re-bill section allows you to note whether or not a product is subscribed. Best products are around $15 and have a very high tendency of paying  recurring income on monthly basis.

Clickbank Product Promotion

The most important procedure when trying to make money on Clickbank is the product promotion phase. Product promotion entails the creation of a special affiliate link known as ‘Hoplink’ which allows you to promote products.

Creation of your own unique Hoplink involves few basic, but simple steps, which are:

i. Simply clicking on the ‘Promote’ icon close to the desired product

ii. You will be redirected to a page with the product to be promoted and the vendor’s name.

iii. Next is to key in your ‘Account Nickname’ (ID) then proceed to click on “Create.”

This action presents you with two affiliate links, otherwise known as Hoplink.

iv. Copy the two links and have them pasted and save same on your computer. Make sure these two links are safely kept (preferably, you are advised to backup your affiliate links on the cloud like google drive).

v. Between the two Hoplinks provided, you are required to use the shorter link. However, individuals who are into web designing know best what to do with the other longer link.


You now have the answer if it has been bugging you to know how to make money on Clickbank. The greatest news is that if you meticulously adhere to the above steps, you are on the right track to attaining great wealth on Clickbank. It requires great effort, consistency, and patience. But be assured that it is worth it.

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