About Me

My journey began at a young age.

I grew up as the oldest of 10 children in a home with both mother and father. I remember my mom working low skill, low pay jobs to help make ends meet, however my dad was the primary provider. That had a lasting impact always seeing my dad work so hard, sometimes holding 2 or 3 jobs leaving home very, very early in the mornings and returning home late at night to provide for the family.

I never realized until in my late twenties, the impact that would have on my life seeing my dad always working so hard and sometimes the lack of appreciation and the disrespect shown toward him on those jobs and neither my mom or dad having much materially and forget about having free time for themselves.

I was an introvert growing up and dependent on others for my happiness.  I had my share of abusive relationships which had a devastating effect on my self-worth.

It wasn’t until recently, I realized that it was time to create my own happiness and stop relying on others for that happiness.

While employed in corporate America is where I met my current husband, Jesse and when my journey as an entrepreneur began.  I started laying the groundwork for ways to make money from home.  I built up a nice business selling purses, watches, and ink pens.  My manager’s found out about my side gig and weren’t very happy. For unknown reasons they became intimidated in return began to act out and made my work life unbearable. I had found my niche though so there was no turning back.

I had a decorating store that comes to your door, Decorating Den franchise. I absolutely loved the freedom, the feeling of helping my clients create the home interior of their dream. In stepped the disastrous real estate crash of the 90’s and with it went that dream.  I also secured my insurance license so I could work with a pretty popular network marketing insurance company for a while.

Through a set of unfortunate incidents, I grudgingly went back to work. By now I had a son, and this job provided an in-house daycare, which I loved because I could check on my son through out the day and occasionally have lunch with him. That entrepreneurial voice kept calling so I struggled.

That brief career working with homeowners evolved into my becoming a realtor specializing in working with first-time homeowners. Many of them the first in their family to receive keys to their own home. Once again an unfortunate turn of events surfaced with the banking and savings and loan debacle.

I will be forever grateful to a friend who introduced me to an internet marketing system. I was intrigued with online marketing because at one point my eyes were open to a girl who was making over 100K a month.  At that time I would have been happy with just $2k a month.

After jumping into online marketing I partnered up with a mentor and he pushed me to perfection.  No it wasn’t easy.  He refused to give “things” to me.  I had to work hard for it and figure things out on my own.  There was no babysitting on his part.

This opened an amazing journey that has given me & my husband a lifestyle we only dreamed of in the past.  Now we travel the U.S. more than we have ever traveled in our lifetime.

Jesse doesn’t particularly like boats or flying, I’m still working on that, however, we visit every corner of the U.S. the finest beaches, stay at the finest hotels and resorts, and have developed some amazing friendships along the way.

My specialty is in helping marketers build their businesses online using social media tools such as Facebook. Along with being a mentor / coach in the direct selling industry I have a passion for helping others succeed in this amazing industry.

Today I am passionate about impacting lives, I want to show you how to build your business successfully so you too can live out your dream.