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Finally, SEO strategies that really increase traffic and conversions.

Hey, let’s get to the point. You want traffic and not just any traffic, but the relevant traffic interested in what you have to say and offer; your very own target-audience. After all, you have a great product that might benefit thousands (or millions) but people don’t quite know you so well; and so, they are not stopping by to hang out with you just yet. Can you do something about this — is there hope for you? I say a booming “yes,” so let’s fix this.

Do people even know you exist in your business? Hmm. While you ponder, let me lay it on some more. 

  1. Are you identifying with people’s problems?
  2. Are you connecting with your audience? — Are you even relevant when you speak?
  3. Are you creating and delivering value?
  4. Are you providing real solutions?

These are all important questions you need to answer to measure your effectiveness and impact on your market.  One reason for this is that in the online marketing business there is a lot of competition, so find ways to stand out, to be seen and heard.

The noisy and sizable crowd will never go away, so stay with the crowd and stay in the game. You can’t win unless you are a part of the game. Make the crowd your friend but leverage the crowd by standing on its back. Have you ever watched a surfer ride a massive wave? Not only do they do that by staying on top of an intimidating wall of water, but they also manage to stand out in an intimidating ocean.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks.

1. Turn Problems into Opportunities

Do you know you can turn people’s problems into a win-win situation? The core of this business is to solve problems and provide solutions, right? Who needs more problems? Life is stressful enough on its own and problems come and go.

All you need is to be that shoulder that people can cry on. A genuine shoulder I might add — you have been there and so you understand well. That doesn’t mean you don’t rub the problem in their faces until it stinks enough for them to want get rid of it. That’s where you come in.

While they are crying, you hand them a tissue. By now you should know that they will wipe their eyes and blow their noses in it. You should also know that they will try to return it to you. No, not washed — right there and then. You politely refuse it but your strategy here can be this; the tissue is a keepsake representing a turning point in their lives — snot and all. That’s your gift from you to them. Your free E-Book of comfort pointing the way out of their misery.

But wait, here’s a bonus. Don’t collect their email address just yet (as everyone does). Yes, I know you want that email for real but be patient. Earn their trust, don’t be just like everyone else. I know I am going against the grain but hear me out.

You offer a free EBook with valuable content but you place your CTA (Call To Action) in that EBook. I told you I was going somewhere with this. Boom, they come right back to you with loads of trust (and hopefully loads of money) — just kidding about the money, I know your is reasonable but packs the punch of the Hulk defying the Norse god, Loki.   Get A Free Download here


Now go and turn people’s problems into solutions — into opportunities. Hey, you might even write a book called “Turning Setbacks Into Greenbacks.” Now that’s a win-win marketing strategy with good intentions in mind, for both marketer and customer.

NB: Sorry, someone has already written that book — but here’s a great opportunity for an affiliate sale right there. Don’t leave any money on the table.  Just remember to send your customer to your affiliate page where you will collect an email address first before sending them off to your affiliate link.  I spoke about this here. It also works out better for you. Google dislikes your affiliate links all over the place. Oh, and remember to use pretty links.

2. Know How to Connect With Your Audience

  • Watch your tone

If you are pragmatic but jovial by nature and make insults in a friendly engaging manner with no one knowing you are really laughing at them, then this doesn’t apply to you. However, if you are an Einstein and scientific in your approach, be warned.

You will come across as a scary individual (no offense) and it’s only a matter of time (very short) before that mouse pointer sends you to an eternal cyber-hell. The scariest part of this is that it will be forever. Anyone having left a site in a hurry, usually never returns.

  • Don’t be a Dave Ramsey be a marketer (great guy with loads of great advice)

No one wants to hear that they spend too much money on stuff when they are looking for products to buy. No one wants to hear they are a loser who wasted precious time running around with trophies of shiny objects. (* not Dave Ramsey’s quotes)

If people like our mentioned friend were popping up everywhere on Adsense and on Amazon sites, they would be bad for business, wouldn’t they? In another forum, however, they offer great help.

OK, so people don’t want to be reminded that they are doing crappy things that lead nowhere — unless you can show them a better way that works right away… which of course is a great review or post bundled with a solution. Yes, you heard that right — that’s why we are here.

  • To connect with your audience you must talk and act like them
  • You must be understanding but positive, reassuring, offer hope and have a cure for their problems
  • You must show you care about what they care about (we touched on this before)
  • You must provide a meaningful solution, not a plaster
  • You must point the way to great value for as little money as possible little is relative :-))

Show them that their success is your success. It really is… When others succeed, they make you look great. Share their success stories and inspire more people.

3. Market Products That Provide Value to You First

What and why are you selling? What is your product worth to you first, and then others?

Aha… we’re onto something here. You’re delivering value and that value should first mean something to you before you even begin to give others the opportunity to experience it. That’s why you are sharing it and that’s how you will relate to your audience.

With no real knowledge and experience about the benefits of your product, how can you become an authority on the matter? People are great at spotting frauds. Don’t be one.

When something means the world to you, it creates wonderful energy and provides you with the freedom and ease to talk about it. When you adore something, you also demonstrate it by making sacrifices and great personal investment.

  • You will speak with great authority on the subject and develop a “following” of students
  • Your passion will show as you present your content
  • Your confidence will improve because you have tried, tested the product
  • Others will follow you to every new level of success
  • Your passive income will become consistent

4. Marketers Should Provide Real Solutions

We must understand that people are primarily looking for cures, not prevention. Yeah, yeah, advice on prevention is great but the reality out there is this. The only advice people want is  “where and how do I get this or that — and how can I get the best value for money?” Add the word ”fast” to all that and there you go. Sorry — let me rephrase that. What I really meant to say was the quickest way, not “fast.“

Yes, why waste precious time if we can cut through the noise and zero in on success, right? The quickest way between two points is a straight line, we only have to know how to avoid the obstacles in our path and truly, success can be a shorter run.


What you should do:

Write great reviews and posts — Those that seek to accomplish the following:

  1. State the customer’s problems
  2. Hammer it in some more —  the more it hurts, the louder they scream for a solution… Yours.
  3. Give an honest all out convincing review or comparison
  4. Present your trusted honest recommendation  
  5. Let the decide but benefit either way from their decision

If they can’t settle for option A, give them option B. Again, a win-win.

Check out a Free lesson Here and Learn the right way to educate people so they trust YOU for suggestions on what and where to buy.

What have you found that helps your customers, know, like and trust you?  Are there other topics that you would like us to cover?  Please comment below and if you found value share 4 Great SEO Strategies for Traffic and Conversions with your friends on Facebook.

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