Can You Really Earn Money From Home Online Using ClixGalore?

Hello Friend, it is no longer news that there are a good number of affiliate programs that pay. Today, we will beam our searchlight on Clixgalore Affiliate Network. Join me let’s explore the following Clixgalore review!

What is Clixgalore?

Almost everyone truly poised to earn money from home online must have at one time or another heard about ClixGalore Affiliate Network. This is because of its constant growing popularity, resulting from the powerful and well-tuned publicity put forth by the admins of the ClixGalore Affiliate Network. Is it though among the 10 best affiliate programs?

Most people are still not obviously informed about what ClixGalore Affiliate Network truly entails.

online affiliate program

ClixGalore happens​​ to be an online-based affiliate network that provides payment for members who carry out advertising instructions.

ClixGalore like any other affiliate program helps clients otherwise known as ‘Merchants’ to attract their target audience and consequently derive traffic based on the ‘pay for performance’ pricing model.

By implication, website owners, bloggers and internet freaks alike can try taking advantage of the wonderful services made available by the ClixGalore Affiliate Network to turn their most useful website traffic into a source of legitimate wealth.

Yes, anyone stands a great chance to earn money from home online simply by trying their hands at top affiliate programs which helps you drive customers to the many thousands of Merchants using the ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing network to promote and sell their businesses and services. There are huge claims that ClixGalore Affiliates can earn commission for the sales they generate for ClixGalore Affiliate Network Merchants.


Number of Offers:                               2000+

Commission Type:                             Cost per acquisition (CPA), Cost per lead (CPL), Cost per sale (CPS), Cost per click advertising (CPC)

Minimum Payout Threshold:             US$50 or AUD$100 or UK£35 or €60

Payment Frequency:                          Each Month

Payment Method:                               By Check or PayPal

Referral Commission:                        Varies

Tracking Software:                             In-house proprietary platform

Tracking Link:                                     N/A

Twitter:                                                 N/A

Clixgalore Affiliate Base Countries

United States

United Kingdom




Clixgalore Affiliate platform boasts of a number of tools which Clixgalore members can use to their advantage. These include:

  • Text-based adverts
  • Graphic or banner adverts
  • Clixgalore instant site builder etc

Affiliates actually have the opportunity to use an array of professional marketing tools provided by the platform to promote Clixgalore Merchants. Some of such is through textual or graphical advertorials. On the other hand, Affiliates can take hold of the Clixgalore ‘Instant site Builder’ tool, which is attached to the Clixgalore member Home area. 

This allows you to without difficulty, come up with web pages containing the Clixgalore Merchant’s products for promotion. Once the instant site builder is put to maximum use as per the creation of custom styled pages, Affiliates then enjoys the use of these professional pages to promote the Clixgalore Merchant’s products and then earn commission for every sale so generated.


Joining the Clixgalore Affiliate Network is quite a simple one that requires a few steps.

  • Click on “Affiliate/Publishers (JOIN FOR FREE)” located at the mid left side of your device screen
  • This takes you to the Clixgalore registrant form where you are expected to meticulously fill out all necessary information.
  • The final step is to click on “Join Clixgalore Affiliate Marketing” or Click Below.

When you have successfully completed the above steps, then you have become a Clixgalore Affiliate and can now explore all the platform’s features to enable you to earn commission from their valuable website traffic.


  • 9500+ merchants
  • 20,000 active affiliates


  • Reports of Lack of response from support
  • Loss sales due to failure to track customer’s various mode of payments
  • Limited 90 day tracking of sales

    A popular affiliate marketing network, ClixGalore Affiliate mall is as big as Texas.   Does that begin to illustrate the size and selection available from the ClixGalore network? Made up of five primary networks, ClixGalore includes several thousand merchants and many more affiliates.

    This is more than the average affiliate network – it’s a provider of online advertising services around the world and offers networks in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US. This is affiliate heaven for any marketer or merchant looking for the next opportunity.

    If you’re a merchant who wants to join ClixGalore, you’ll be happy to know there are no setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees and no cost to join their membership, though there is a startup cost. This is usually about seventy-five dollars ($75. USD) and is the opening account balance used to pay out affiliate commissions.

    Millions of advertisements go through ClixGalore, offering millions of potential customers a chance to see merchant sites.

Since ClixGalore is an affiliate network, merchants only pay commission to affiliate marketers if a lead converts to a paying customer. This is the kind of affiliate flexibility that allows ClixGalore to be profitable for both affiliate marketers and merchants, too.

One of ClixGalore’s best features is their support for merchant URL search engine popularity. You can make use of this feature through the program edit page.

There are four unique recruitment levels in ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing, as well as many promotional services just for merchants.

That means that just about anyone can find the right package to fit their specific business and their budget. If you need to upgrade your package or membership at any point, you’ll find it simple to do.


As made obvious in this article, ClixGalore offers lots of features to merchants.

However, marketing online changes very quickly as search engines change, as the techniques and strategies for building an online business change, and as technology quickly advances.

The education you will get with this Online Marketing Certification Course promises you a competitive advantage over your fellow webmasters and keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of what works today and what will work tomorrow. 

 When it comes to the best affiliate marketing platform to consider, Wealthy Affiliate has my topmost vote. So, do think about all your options when you pick an affiliate network, but, with the right education you will take the proper action and attain your absolute best potential. 

Finally, if you happen to find yourself in the Affiliate Marketing sphere, you are at the right place at the right time! All that’s left to it is to Do it!

To Your Amazing Future,


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  1. Hi Sheryl. I have not heard of the affiliate before. It sound like you recommend them at least to some degree. I noticed you mentioned their sales and sign ups are down. Is this something to do with the company and the way they are handling things? Or is it more like one of those flexible things, where they do good for a bit then downfall some? Thank you so much for telling us about this program.

    1. Thank you for the question Melissa, while there are a lot of products offered the nature of the products offered is what makes the sales go up and down, in addition to a few complaints of a lack of timely follow-up on reported issues. This is why my all time favorite affiliate program is still WA.

  2. Hi.

    I would be interested in possibly joining ClixGalore as I am an affiliate with a few of these type of platforms already. It sounds like a good way to gain additional revenue.

    I am using my laptop but was unable to find anything in this article to click on for ClixGalore. Where is the link to click for this?

    Have you found this to be better than other affiliate programs out there?

    Thanks for writing this post!


    1. Thank you for your interest Cathy, it is definitely worth checking out since a good Affiliate never leaves money on the table, right? The ClixGalore banner should forward to the website so you can take a look around it is free to join. It is good to diversify.

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