How easy is it to launch your own digital products?

You have read about affiliate marketing. How about selling your own products? You only get a percentage of profit when you market other people’s product, launching your own digital product allows you to capture the full profit. In this post, I discuss the steps for a successful product launch to earn passive income online.

what is the difference between passive and non passive income

Passive income “is generally defined as a stream of income earned with little effort, And it is referred to as progressive passive income meaning there is little effort needed from the individual receiving the passive income in order to grow the stream of income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate during the year.”
“Linear active income refers to one constantly needed to stay active to maintain the stream of income, and once an individual chooses to stop working the income will also stop, examples of active income include Wages, Self-employment income.”

1. Research Your Market and Product

Won’t it be great to launch a digital product based on any idea and enjoy massive sales? You bet it is, but that would be a risky move. Before creating your product, you must do market research. This is to ensure that you don’t end up creating a duplicate or a shiny product that nobody needs. You can start your research with a google search and follow it up with website and traffic analysis of your competitors and potential partners. With this step, you will screen out useless or saturated product niches and discover your target users’ goals.

2. Build Your Audience

This step helps you get targeted users who are interested in your product. Create a landing page for your product idea where you can offer free giveaways to visitors in exchange for their email address. If you get enough subscribers for your pre-launch product, chances are that people are very interested in your digital product and would buy when you launch.

To get subscribers, your landing page needs traffic. A free way to get traffic is guest posting. You research popular websites and influencers in your niche and pitch them a guest post idea that is relevant and valuable to their readers. Paid tools such as Google Adwords and Facebook adverts can also be a good source of traffic.

3. Build Your Digital Product

If you are a beginner, building an actual product can be the most challenging part of launching. To create a quality product, a lot of research and creative thinking need to go into your product creation process. Digital products can take many forms including eBooks, courses, themes, software and so on. You already narrowed down a viable product from the research step and you will find it easier to build a product where you have relevant expertise.

4. Install Distribution and Monetization Toolshow to sell digital products online

Depending on your type of digital products, you will need different tools to facilitate sales and management. WooCommerce and Stripe allow you to process payment for digital products on your existing website. If you are creating a video course, Udemy is a great platform for organizing your course module and processing payment in one place. Membermouse, a WordPress plugin, helps you create a password protected membership site. For common products such as ebooks and guides, you can use Clickbank for selling and recruiting affiliates.

5. Create Buzz

One more thing to improve your launch success is the pre-launch buzz. It is best started weeks before launching. You can leverage your relationship with partners and influencers to get the word out there about your product. Remember to build anticipation among your existing subscribers.

Create content on your website and drive traffic to it using giveaways such as a chapter in your ebook or a preview of your course to get more user emails.

6. Make a Big Launch

The big launch day has arrived! Email influencers and your subscribers about the launch. If you have a vibrant social media group, update them about your product launch. Then, relax as sales roll in on autopilot. Product launch doesn’t end with the actual launch, plan ahead for post-launch marketing. You will need to keep promoting your product even after launch using reviews and testimonials from your customers. Customer feedbacks can also serve as a helpful resource for updating your digital product.



Following the steps discussed above will improve your chance of having a successful product launch. It can be tempting to jump from idea to product. Don’t! That is a recipe for wasted time and money. You need a plan to create a quality product and market it to your customers.

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You will find everything you need to create and grow a business.

Are you stuck in the product launching cycle or have launched a digital product in the past? Share your thoughts, questions or experience in comments below.

To Your Amazing Future,








What Are Proven Business Survival Strategies For The Online Marketing Business?

No matter which system or product you are promoting, your business shouldn’t come to a complete stop if your platform turns out to be problematic ( happens). I do understand that there may be some frustration and loss, but if you had been busy building yourself as a brand, an email list and had an overall marketing strategy, you could dock your broken ship, repair its wings (or use another) and soon be back where you belong – soaring in the clouds.

Like it or not, there is no time for a pity party… not with passengers on board. Life goes on and few care about your problems; they only care about how quickly you can recover (and that’s for their sakes).

TIP: You must be prepared to get off your butt, dodge the punches and make it happen. People are watching you.effective marketing strategy

We have all heard about the pending demise of another high-ticket player and MLM-type program made up of people who were promised the usual, “insert cliche here…”

From the buttload of evidence brought by the FTC (4 thousand+ pages), it is unlikely that this company will raise its head again and recover from this hot mess.

But seriously, my heart goes out to all those who are affected, but we must ask ourselves, why do people buy into high-ticket programs? Especially, those who are new to the online business marketplace? Is it because of greed, ignorance, being gullible, combinations of these — who knows?

I do believe that we all have to take personal responsibility for how we go about pursuing and doing business, but some elements of manipulative psychology do play a part in this. After all, everyone wants to get ahead in life, right? And sometimes that opens up a measure of vulnerability where time constraints and personal ambition interweave.

However, our success should not depend on an income stream from one system alone – There is no reason not to continue to succeed if an online business platform goes down. Your skills are transferable, so make sure you understand this survival kit below and make it your virtual mentor. It will sustain you in whatever area of business or system you choose to market.

 4 Strategies for Surviving Any Online Business Crash

1.  Your Goal – Be an Online Marketing Expert

Understanding the business in a nutshell

  • Customer Strategy – Identify a niche, target market & audience
  • Branding Strategy – Visuals, website, logo, packaging, content
  • Content Marketing Strategy –  Written, video, audio, graphics, SEO
  • Monetization Strategy – Funnels, SEO, pay per click (PPC), cost per impression (CPI/CPM etc.

As an online marketer, it is your ultimate responsibility to understand the 4 steps above as thoroughly as possible.

It is important to note that in these 4 steps, there’s not a single reference to a particular product/service or type of business. What does this mean? It means this blueprint can work for any business whether offline or online or any idea still in that brilliant mind of yours.

By following this set of principles, you can rest assured that you will be back in the saddle soon should you ever happen to find yourself flat on your butt. Your success is now only limited to whether you properly understand and implement the strategies above.

If your focus is on promoting value and solutions and not just on selling products, you can take this model and use it as your literal money tree. It will bear you fruit in due season.

As you identify your target market and find your audience for your product; you must then be armed with the strongest marketing drive that converts your audience into buyers. Your strategies must appeal to and engage your target audience in the most relevant and effective ways possible.

By utilizing the tools of the trade, you will be focusing your attention on honing your marketing skills. This is done by implementing best-practices and applying your knowledge and experience as you deliver your skills.

Despite whatever your niche market is, your focus is to become an Online Marketing expert. When you understand your small business marketing expertbusiness and its inner workings, what works and what doesn’t, you can:

  1. Confidently promote any product or service for which there is a market
  2. Transfer your business model to other brands, products, and other platforms quickly if necessary
  3. Enjoy a passive income
  4. Automate your business
  5. Replicate your business model for more income

2. Build Your Personal Brand

As online entrepreneurs, we must be about building and promoting our own brand. That’s it. That way if we are promoting a product for ABC company and it fails, we would still have a measure of continuity and with little disruption to our clients and our income…

Why is all of this important? It is because we have our reputation and image (brand) to maintain. This is vital for our own survival as a reputable brand — Brand yourself.

Some Benefits of Branding:

  • It is key to building success
  • It will identify you and set you apart as unique — cutting out your market segment
  • It represents you and speaks louder than words
  • It keeps you focused as it locks you into a specialized area or niche
  • People will take you more seriously because you are specializing
  • Accountability — Your message, products must be consistent everywhere and every time
  • It creates an aura of trust, quality, and assurance in a customer’s mind

TIPIn time, your message will be captured by your brand’s visuals and awareness alone.

 3.  Leverage Your Skill-Set and Specialize

After spending time in online business and you are not coming away with some serious skills, then you are leaving money on the table. You are not seeing the larger picture.  No one can be an online marketer and not possess a multiplicity of skills.

There are many people willing to pay whatever you are worth to learn some aspect of what you know at this point. The more you learn, the more you continue to expand your worth and reach.

As you become an Online Marketing expert, you will notice that certain skills will come more easily to you. That’s OK. Some of its strategies will stand out and that’s a good indicator of what you can specialize in. As you continue to learn from the best in the business, you will be amassing a wealth of knowledge in various aspects of the business. You now have several options that you can zero in on and train others.

Dear Past thank you for the lessons. Dear Future I'm Ready. Click To Tweet

As an online marketer and entrepreneur, these are the areas you become familiar with:

  • Marketing (duh)
  • Web-design
  • Understanding target markets/audiences
  • Content marketing strategies – ideas, goals, types of content, publishing, brand, audiences etc.
  • Content writing, audio, video
  • SEO — PPC, Keyword research,
  • Project Management
  • Social media
  • Using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools

Finally, the one thing you should always be doing is building an email list. Yes, the cliche is coming. “The money is in the list” and here is why.

4.  Build an Email List — It’s Your Biggest Asset

Building an email list cannot be said enough. All of what I have mentioned before depends on this list. This is what truly defines your business. Your list is your biggest online asset; treat it well.

Why an email list is your biggest asset and your core business

Since this is so important, let’s look at this example.

Let’s say you are an affiliate marketer promoting an awesome product on (for Amazon) — so you have worked hard to build your blog to create some engaging SEO butt-kicking content that brings a visitor over. They loved your review so much that they head over to Amazon to buy your recommended product. So you think you have hit the jackpot and begin to celebrate your $2 or $3 commission. Congratulations, and good job, but you are robbing yourself of a much better way of doing business.

That model is good for Amazon… but bad for you. Yes, I know you got a sale and that’s fantastic – but basically, you have recruited a customer for Amazon like a good recruiting bot … sorry, officer you are. This customer can now choose to bypass you next time they want to buy. And don’t forget about Amazon’s follow up email promotions with them.

Now, this would be sweet if Amazon and other networks allowed their affiliate cookies to last forever. This way once we recruit a customer they would be ours for life. OK, let’s stop dreaming now.

Instead, you should be sending your visitors to your email opt-in first, then convert them to buyers, second. The objective is for you to become the expert.

This is the difference between a successful or a cents and pennies mindset. Get rid of it. Convert your cents into dollars by building a list today.

Please note:

Sending your visitors straight to buying an affiliate product will result in a one-time sale. However, a subscriber to your list will buy many times whenever you choose to promote your products to them.

Your email list comprises your fans and your personal target audience.  

They are the most important people in your life (except for your family of course… I hope). 🙂

You get to influence their way of thinking and buying habits as you build trust over time.

Treat them like your loyal friends who you bounce ideas off of, share helpful thoughts while giving away loads of value. Never treat your list like an ATM

After doing this, you would have gained “the right” (tread carefully) to periodically promote a product/solution without any reper-cussing repercussions.

Nothing is wrong with checking in on them occasionally, just don’t make it too personal nor do it too often or you may scare them off. Last time I checked, feeling scared and building trust never goes hand in hand. Knowing your list will take time, everyone is different so you may even have to create separate lists based on demographics and other factors.



So now you have had a breakdown of how valuable you are, please look at yourself as a marketer who knows more about top marketers worldmarketing than 99% of online users. Leverage this immediately and live your dreams.

Do you have a continuity plan for your amazing business or will it die a natural death because you have all of your eggs in one basket?

Develop and market your skills. You do have many… Design sites, write content, do SEO, consultancy etc.

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To Your Amazing Future,


If you have had past struggles surviving in the online world, have other strategies to share or you found value in 4 Business Survival Strategies For The Online Marketing Business, please comment below and share with your friends on FaceBook.

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Do You Want to Know the Truth About the Price Of Success?

The internet is full of scammers and their predatory systems as in the real world. These vultures can be found everywhere looking for an opportunity to prey on well-meaning, ambitious people who just want to be entrepreneurs in their own right. Entrepreneurs like us, who are simply creating a better future for ourselves. But how do we cut through the noise? How can we fend off online predators while knowing how to recognize a good opportunity that can lead us to a rewarding success? 

Though most are willing to invest in any business that looks like a viable one, some are lost concerning the requirements necessary to recognize a good business opportunity when they see it.  Therefore, you better believe that scammers are making big money as we speak. It’s a billion-dollar industry and someone is always falling face first in crap.

Some have been burned so many times that they are still swimming in you know what from the ridicule and the disappointment of their loss. Mostly because they have taken uncalculated risks, i.e. risk due to ignorance.


It is known that most people who pursue online business opportunities are making a bold move to expand their income and build a profitable business. They are investing in themselves with the expectation of reaping some sweet returns within a reasonable time-frame. That’s why one of the most devastating things a person can do to another, is to betray their trust. No one wants to be deceived or ripped off.

smart business quote

It takes time for us to accumulate money and time is equal to life. When we allow ourselves to be scammed, we lose investment, faith in the system and waste of valuable life. We are conned out of a portion of life we can never get back. No one wants to be in that frustrating, vision-killing position — and with less money in our pockets.

get the facts

Let’s face it. You fight to make your dreams a reality – you are aiming for a better future and constantly seeking ways to improve yourself. You are inspired by those who have traveled the path of success before. Since success leaves a trail, you believe it’s possible for you as well – and you are right.

If you are observant and disciplined, you too can eat the crumbs and succeed. However, to do this, you have to be mindful of a few things.

Beware of Those Who Make Promises of Wealth

There is no automated turnkey system for success without hard work. Neither is there any secret to success. We achieve success by following a plan of action: i.e.  VISION → Seeing & Believing, OBJECTIVES → Measurable goals, STRATEGY → Game-plan, Risks, ACTION Timeframes, Discipline, Hard work.

Tip: Successful people never promise success without hard work. They teach its principles and what they have learned from their experience. The choice to succeed is up to us.

Risk and Opportunity

Both opportunity and risk require action but our decisions can be a lot less risky if we have knowledge. Risk presents the concept of less overall control while opportunity is simply taking control of a situation

Opportunity is synonymous with a favorable outcome that is usually already predetermined or settled. It awaits acceptance by the recipient in order to complete or fulfill the process of reward

(1) Paying an established, proven company a few dollars to enroll in a program that offers great value and no upsells is worthy of merit.

  • Paying a few dollars per month tells me that the owners understand the process and that the path to success will take a little while. That’s an investment opportunity that puts success solely in your hands.

(2) Paying thousands of dollars for another program (with further costs for higher tiers) with little value is another thing; especially if you are new to online marketing. However, this becomes a blatant risk venture, that leans more on the negative side.

Usually, a sure sign of fraudulent activity is if it guarantees wealth in a short space of time. Never let greed blind the path to your success. No sincere person or company would demand such large sums of money from their members before they even begin to make money.

With so many online leeches seeking to suck you dry of money with fancy talk and flaky promises, we need to learn how to rise above the noise and zero in on a real opportunity. Understanding this is key to avoiding regret, stress and wasting time… And yes, there are still lots of excellent programs out there.

Leverage Risk – Zero in on Value

Everything in life involves taking risks and how do we get to the next level unless we do. To properly understand this, we have to accept that there are good and bad risks.  Risks are unforeseeable “what ifs” that can have either a favorable or unfavorable outcome. However, they can be governed by a set of principles and experience for a more streamlined and guided positive outcome.

This is the approach entrepreneurs often take when taking risks. One such principle and the golden rule of investing is “never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.”  I also like the analogy between ‘pain’ and ‘risks.’ Good and bad risks are like good and bad pain.

Good pain: To build muscle, one has to constantly work those muscles until they hurt — but after a while, the results of the pain begin to bear fruit.

Bad pain is like untreated ligaments in a sprained knee. It will only get worse.

  • Good risks — taking out a loan to buy a house is considered a good risk
  • Bad risks — investing large sums of money you can’t afford to lose for very little value in return

To take this a bit further, education, research (or acquiring knowledge) can cause you to be better prepared for risks as well. Choose risks that lean toward opportunity. Don’t take risks in the name of blind faith hoping for success.


President Obama once said, “If you think education is expensive, wait until you see how much ignorance costs in the 21st century.”     


Ok, so where am I going with this?


Rebuilding Trust in Online Business  Because of much dishonesty and scams, some are prone to take the stance of the skeptic and deny themselves a stake in the future where online business is concerned.

I want you to rise above the fraudsters and hold on to your dreams. Nothing has changed because fraudulent companies are exposed. This is just proof that there is money to be made but some are willing to prey on the crowd to get it…

Risks have to be managed within the few common-sense guidelines mentioned earlier. These will protect us from scammers and thieves lurking to live big at our expense.

I am positive that you understand that there must be a measure of personal sacrifice in order to succeed. I am also positive that you are not willing to give away your hard-earned cash for nothing, or for little in return.

Plan, examine and execute with this step by step training platform that has helped literally tens of thousands start a successful Online Business since 2005.

To Your Amazing Future,


If you think the risk are not worth the perceived opportunity, have tips to share how you conquered the risks or found value in Ready For The Truth About The Price Of Success? [Risk and Opportunity] please comment below and share with your friends on FaceBook.

P.S.You may also find value reviewing Ways To Avoid Scams Online-What Success Really Looks Like






Use this website scam checker and save your hard-earned cash for a real opportunity.

Now the FTC’s are clear concerning what constitutes a legitimate business model. If most would follow these guidelines we would have fewer people being scammed and many more success stories. Where is the personal responsibility for us to read and understand what we are getting into as aspiring online entrepreneurs? We can see why so many fail. It is the failure to properly do the upfront research resulting in a blatant lack of knowledge.

In people’s quest for success and more money, it is very easy to see why some fail in their pursuit of wealth. Reason being, they bring the same lackadaisical offline attitude to business into the online realm and expect that they will have born-again, life-changing results. But hey, attitude is attitude and bad attitude offline will result in bad attitude online as well. There is nothing hard to understand about this at all.

“Before signing on the dotted line, study the company’s track record, ask lots of questions, and seek out independent opinions about the business.”

FTC Advice concerning MLM

FTC Advice concerning MLM verification

Read the Fine Print Before Making Decisions — Protect Yourself

consumer decision making process

Every online marketer should read and understand the terms of service and agreements of every platform, software or marketing tool they use, or else it may return to bite you (you know where). Too many people continue to ignore the fine print but have great expectations.

By the way, if you spend time reading terms of service, disclaimers, privacy policies and the like, you would hardly have to go anywhere or to anyone to learn most things. You would come away with enough knowledge to make healthy — informed comparisons and decisions.

For example, recently, I was looking at the difference between two products and as expected, there was so much information in the user agreement and various other legal agreements that I never had to refer to anything else. After my research, I could have posed as a product expert just from reading these. 🙂

However, more importantly, what I learned from reading the fine print of a recently defunct online company is that only 1% of its members were making decent money.

Though sometimes this is the fault of members themselves because of laziness, I am sure if many of them had taken note, they would have had questions or maybe, not have signed up at all.

Ways to Avoid Scams Online – Look For Red Flags

ways to avoid scams online

There are many scams online because there is much money to made from persons who refuse to investigate anything. Scams are fairly easy to spot and so are frauds. Just look for a few tell-tale signs and you are good to go.

1 – A Flashy Lifestyle

Anytime a presenter is standing in front of a mansion, jet, yacht or fancy car, beware – (that’s sooo corny and kindergarten). They are trying to tap into your emotional side and manipulate your innate longing for success. This can lead to impulsive decision-making and subsequent disappointment.

Most rich and successful people already know who they are and what they have. They are a disciplined breed who don’t judge success by loose standards. They don’t have to impress or prove anything to anyone.

Haven’t you ever seen people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and others flaunt their success by talking about their possessions? They know that having lots of “stuff” is not their primary passion — and certainly not a fair assessment of their success.

2 – Huge Up-sells

Now imagine a program starting at one nominal price of let’s say $49 and by the time you jump into a sea of learning and begin to enjoy your newfound knowledge, you are presented with a barrage of upsells that leaves your eyebrows raised in a permanent expression of surprise. You are also pinching yourself so hard and wondering why you wouldn’t awake from the recurring nightmare you are having.

3 – Images of Generic Persons

One time I right-clicked on the image of a photo of the presenter of a program and searched in Google, to see whether the person’s image was authentic. Would you believe that person’s face was all over the Web with claims to several other names, programs, websites etc? The image turned out to be generic and derived from  It also allowed me to see some other frauds out there.

4 – Payment Requests

They haven’t offered any real value but are ready for a payment. Their sites are like Christmas trees and filled with payment options and “don’t leave!” pop-ups.

5 – Guaranteed Wealth Using MLM Model – Recruiting New Members

I am always curious about this one. If your system guarantees such high returns why try to make money from me and a downline (sign-ups)? Why not use the ‘product’ or the core system itself to generate wealth.

6 – It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Well, you know the answer to this one. I will leave this one for you to figure out. Want a clue? It’s a cliche.

7 – You Feel Cornered and Pressured to Respond “Now”

“Hurry, get started now! Only 5 more left!” — for a digital product… sigh… You return in 10 hours and now 6 more are left. You know this feeling, don’t you? You also hate the feeling and hurry on over to the little “x” on that tab in your favorite browser (Chrome) to slam the door and say good riddance.

You haven’t felt this way since you were asked to be married long before you were ready — And certainly, not since your significant other called you by the wrong name, then pretended it was your new pet name for you.

How to be different from scammers and frauds? If you want to come across as the real deal, show people that you care.

stop scammers

What Success Really Looks Like

  • Show people you care about their success.

The bottom line is this, people like others to care about what they care about. This is the secret to winning anyone’s confidence and loyalty. This the reason for targeting a niche market and providing solutions. We then demonstrate how much we care about them by providing awesome reviews and solutions.

Yes, the houses, yachts and flashy cars would be nice, but they are not what creates a real incentive for most.

  • Build a list, get traffic, conversions, sales by connecting with people on a positive emotional level.

Do not use cliches, and perceived materialism. Be transparent and you will build trust with your followers.

Now let’s look at what really stands out in your customers’ eyes and what they are really looking for in you. Be real, be true and demonstrate what success really is.

Common Characteristics of Successful People

how successful people think

Let’s examine some key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

They are not just successful financially but;

  • Emotionally — that good feeling you get when you give or do something awesome for someone.
    • Successful people give and are not selfish. They create and deliver tons of value whenever they get the opportunity to share
    • They understand that they get back much more in the end than what they have given
  • Spiritually — They connect with God, the purpose and the reason they exist. This also governs their principals and values hence, their character, personality, and impact on others.
  • Physically — Their discipline usually transcends business and causes them to understand the importance of staying healthy in order to enjoy success

They value relationships and solving problems more than anything else.


Success Means Different Things to Different People

In the end, success will be different for everyone — but our promotion of success should in no way be trivial or narrowed down to a fancy car or a house as proof. People take us more seriously when we don’t come across as egotistical, superficial or materialistic. That just makes us seem irresponsible and unaccustomed to success and therefore, can’t be trusted.

Follow Your Gut!

Our intuition or conscience is a good thing. It’s what convicts us at the beginning and at the end of a thing. It usually springs to action early in the game but is usually beaten into a pulp when we want to have our own way. Don’t worry, though its face is often battered, it’s forgiving and will be ready to function on your behalf again if you let it.

What we can learn is never get rich at the expense of others if they too are not succeeding. True wealth is mutual; i.e. money for value and value for money.

Never make promises of hefty sums as a sales pitch to anyone in order to reach your personal targets.

Don’t be afraid to put any company through a test to determine their credibility and claims.

Do not ignore these red flags.

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Your goal, your dream is within reach trust your gut and a little help from your friends at Online Success Partner and “write your own success story.”

To Your Amazing Future,


If you have been a victim of a scam what did you do? What have you found helpful to avoid scams? Please share your thoughts below and if you found value in Ways To Avoid Scams Online – What Success Really Looks Like, comment below and forward to your friends on Facebook.

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How to Find Your Target Audience Online.

As an online marketer/blogger, you want traffic to come in hoards to your site and for visitors to engage. You need them to become loyal fans, to subscribe to your mailing list, to buy your products and recommendations. You need them to support your promotions and to share your content on social media. However, in order for them to do that, you must know your target market and how to find your target audience online. Knowing your target market and audience will define and drive your marketing efforts, your content, brand and your message.

You are working hard on your SEO skills and considering PPC, producing in-depth content, trying shorter articles (for those who don’t like to read) but are you seeing any real increase in traffic? If the answer is “no,” then you are writing for Peter Pan and his band of boys in Neverland. Peter and his crew will never land on your site. No traffic, no engagement, no conversion; no target audience and no money will make you a poor individual. We don’t want that.


Find the right traffic, target the right audience and build your empire

You will easily identify your target audience after carefully noting their interests; shared characteristics, where they spend time online, their unique problems etc. within that particular segment of the market.

  • Leverage what people are searching for in the search engines
  • Research long tail keywords
  • Solve problems  — Meet their needs and they will stick to you like bees on honey
  • Relate and appeal to them by using this information to speak their language, interact and hang out with them online

Let’s elaborate on the 4 points above.

sear engine optimization

1. Use SEO to Identify Your Target Audience

Your focus should be on your reaching your target audience not just generating more traffic. This is what will help determine your brand and your authority in your area of expertise. Your contribution to the market will be directed at your audience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works while you sleep. Think of SEO as an employee who is always at work and one you never have to pay. The more time you invest and understand it, the better it will work for you behind the scenes — and for free. Use SEO best practices recommended by Google here.


Search Engines are coded algorithms used to find quality answers and place the best results in front of its audience. They are your loyal friends, but can also become your enemy in a jiffy if you foul up. They never compromise. They reward people who follow their best-practices (with rank). They can be a little controlling but the bright side is, once you accept them for what they are and work with them, they can be your ‘bestest’ friend ‘ever.’


The downside: betray them too often, and they will sentence you to cyber-cell where no one will ever find you — at least for a long time. You will also become the lowest ranking creature on the planet.


Stay One Step Ahead of Your Audience and Competition

You must get the attention of your audience by using good SEO strategies. Match what they are searching for in the search engines, i.e. their problem, to your solution. This is how you place your content/products/services directly in front of your audience and stay 1 step ahead of them and the competition.

find keyword search volume


2. Long Tail Keywords

It’s no mystery that what people search for in the search engines reveal their “problems.” Just ask why the VPN (Virtual Private Network) services like TOR are so popular. Oh my, some things we search for we would be revealing too much about ourselves and allow the profilers to come up with a fairly accurate version of ourselves. Mine is the super-awesome marketer; what’s yours?


The good news is, there’s probably a file on you right now but that doesn’t matter. We are just trying to make an honest dollar whenever we are online, right? In the same way, we are building a profile of our target audience by examining what they search for – keywords entered in search engines.


What Is a Long Tail Keyword in SEO?

A long tail keyword comprises 3 or more words entered in a search-engine that are relevant to

  • a product or service being sold or offered  – by the Marketer/Publisher
  • what a customer actually wants to buy –  the specific nature of the search reveals the visitor is close to the point of purchase

People who search for long tail keywords are usually at the point of conversion and are your target audience in motion. Your job as a proactive marketer is to meet their needs with excellent well-prepared content – so Google can chauffeur them (in style) to your site for an awesome solution.


Here are a regular keyword search term and a long tail keyword example for you to peruse.

1. Regular keyword —  “grow lettuce”
how to do keyword search

Summary for regular keyword:

Average monthly searches: 798

Traffic if 1 st page ranking is achieved:136

QSR = Number of competing websites for quoted search term: 286 – Too much competition as expected

2. Long tail keyword — “how to grow romaine lettuce indoors”

seo page analysis

Summary for long tail keyword:

Average monthly searches: 120

Traffic if 1 st page ranking is achieved: 21

QRS = Number of competing websites for quoted search: 4  – Very low competition

The result of the long tail keyword means less competition because it narrows down an otherwise broad saturated niche-market. Searches are conversational and solution-specific, hence the longer search term. It indicates that the person is ready to “buy in” or convert because they are being specific in their question. In time, capitalizing on these metrics can allow you to target and dominate this market.

But here is the bummer. Once you get them to land their craft on your site, you better have what it takes to keep them.

There are some sites that get thousands of hits per day but few conversions. This is because they may have a great topic, but poorly written or — are not solving any specific problems. Using our example above, let’s say someone is searching for “how to grow romaine lettuce indoors,” (a good niche, by the way) and according to your research, there’s little competition and enough traffic.

top keyword searches for


You post an article on the same topic and rank for that keyword phrase. Jane Speed, a visitor who is in a hurry, is already growing her lettuce indoors — but her lettuce ends up touching the ceiling. Thanks to some low competition long tail keywords, she lands on your site looking for a solution — but your writing isn’t engaging; nor is it offering any real value.


After 30 seconds of reading, she points that mouse pointer and gives you an “X” (not a vote), that dreaded sound of “click” fills the air and you are shut out of Jane’s world. She now goes on to look for another problem-solver (not you). She also never wants to see you again. Now we don’t want that.

The better you can solve a problem and write good content, the more your website traffic will grow and define your target audience.


Quality over Quantity — Less can be more in the long run

Tell me, which do you prefer. 10 million visitors per year who land like flies on your site and fly away just as quickly – or 2,000 subscribers per year? I heard you. The 2,000 will be worth much more to you in the long run. That’s your target audience, your fans, and your focus.

They told you what worked to find them so treat them with respect. Once acquired, that’s who you live for and target with your products, promotions, content etc.


3. Learn How to Solve a Real Problem

Everyone has a problem or a need that must be solved or cared for. You must be that problem-solver. The problem you solve could be small and provide a solution for many or it could be big and provide a solution for a few people.


However you phrase it, people and the search engines love problem-solvers. If your number 1 priority is to be a problem-solver, soon you could have every search engine and satisfied client/customer working for you.

  • They will recommend you to everyone and on every medium (SM) they have access to
  • The more problems you solve, the more recommendations you will get
  • You will earn their love and respect
  • You will gain dedicated followers
  • You will create a template for others to follow and build on
  • They will be your personal investment who will bring in high returns


Adopt this approach and let your target audience not only sing your praises but become your “employees,” who by the way you don’t have to pay. All while they buy from you over and over again and share you with their world. It can’t get any better than that, or can it?

Learn how to solve a problem and your followers will solve yours

seo with content marketing

4. Understand Your Target Market: Talk the Talk — Speak the Language of Your Audience

Great marketing, is knowing how to reach an audience

From what I said here about targeting organic hair care products for women with curly hair, you must be willing to empathize with your audience. They are your friends. If you don’t have curly hair, now is a great time to buy a curly wig or toupee. You need to understand and share in the emotions and aspirations of your audience.

Visit blogs,  Yahoo Answers, Quora and find conversations on curly hair. Discover trends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.  Start a movement and be bold. Reassure those who wished they had straightened hair. Tell them how they are blessed.

OK… I am overdoing it, but you get the gist. One more thing…

Don’t promote American footballs to soccer players and don’t talk about either to your dog. Be relevant… It’s wasted effort.

social media trends today

Relate to your audience by doing some simple research.


  • Who is searching, and for what
  • What is their problem
  • Where are they from
  • What are their ages
  • What are their similarities and interests
  • What is the common speak or jargon associated with that topic and audience – according to the demographic
  • What do they enjoy reading

Your response:

  • Cater to search-terms real people are typing in the search engines
  • Share relevant and practical solutions that work, with their problems
  • Find, interact and hang out with them on Social Media, blogs and forums
  • Learn more about how your niche affects your audience
  • Provide relevant content that stimulates creativity and inspires your audience



Keywords real people type into the search engines provide hints of what they need from you. They provide great  insight on how you should go about presenting your content:

You should present relevant and factual information in the content-style required to interact with that specific audience. Use this to your advantage and create amazing content.

Use forums to see what questions and topics people are discussing and pay careful attention to the best answers provided.

When you’re ready to really dig in and get started, try the Free membership at The most efficient online marketing course on the planet.

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Target Market and Target Audience

I am pretty sure that you are in this business to create and deliver value, and make money — there’s nothing wrong with this. That’s the bottom line of all business. The good news is, you can do it all. Your remarkable articles and products don’t have to remain like a beauty queen (or king) in a cave — with no paparazzi, no cameras, no lights, no action, no fame. Continue reading this and I promise even if they remain in that cave, you will learn how to get traffic from a target audience you deserve, even if they are bats. Knowing how to effectively leverage your target market and target audience can make all the difference in achieving success.

target market target audience

Target Market Vs Target Audience: Knowing the Difference Can Be the Key to Your Success

In a previous post, How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing, we talked a bit about target markets and how they differ from niche-markets. Well, in the same way, there’s a difference between a target market and a target audience. Surprised? Understanding this will help you to properly focus all your efforts where they are needed most.

It can also help refine and establish you as an authority in your niche and will be instrumental in how quickly you reach success.  In the end, you might discover you are better suited for, or better at reaching a particular audience within a target market.

What Is a Target Market?

  • A target market is a group of people you deliver products to. It’s a segment of a market defined by needs, behavior, ethnicity, commonalities having a distinct interest in a specific product or service.

A company will aim its marketing efforts here… e.g. a company manufacturing organic hair care products for (x) women.  * Replace “x” with any variable e.g. tall, short, orange.

Product Target Market
organic hair care products X women


What Is a Target Audience?

  • A target audience is an audience within a target market but who are specially targeted for certain factors, like; a unique feature or need that separates them from the others in the target market. For this reason, they are positioned and ready to buy.
Product Target Audience
organic hair care products for X women with curly hair


(X) women with curly hair now become the target-audience inside the target-market organic hair care products for women. This is done to appeal to and satisfy a specific segment (target audience) of the target market. Your marketing efforts can now be specifically geared to this audience — especially if research shows they spend a lot on products.

*After determining which aspect of a target market is spending more, you can run a successful niche-based business to serve this waiting audience.

how to target a audience

A Marketing Strategy That Sets You Apart

Successful Publishers, Marketers, and Advertisers use a more targeted approach when marketing products. After the tests results begin to roll in, they focus all their marketing efforts on this unique area for maximum ROI.

Ultimately, they aim for a target audience within a target market. They know that a targeted audience is more likely to purchase a product.

From the above, it’s safe to conclude that there can be a range of audiences in a given target market. This can help you to refine your focus when planning content-style and product-promotion for maximum results.

There is also another opportunity here to take advantage of. You can use this data to broaden your reach into several audiences within the same target market. Do this by matching each audience to its unique product demand.

As a niche-based business, you could specialize in offering your target audience, reviews; reports; recommendations; products and services — to capitalize on their potential spending power.

marketing to target audience


Your website may be exposed to 4 billion potential internet users on the World Wide Web but you certainly don’t need to waste time targeting all of them to become a success. Less is more.

You only need to reach your target audience and guess whatthey are trying to reach you too. That’s what search engines allow them to do — so your job is to work your SEO butt off by trying to meet them halfway. You can relax later.

Oh, and the good news is most of the hard work is done upfront but it can be lots of fun, once it’s done right. Stop trying to be too broad in your market. Focus on your target audience. They are ready to buy.

Remember to tap into other audiences which show signs of conversion. This is sure to extend your reach as you scale your business up.

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