What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be described as a secure, speedy and a cost- effective way to transfer funds across borders. Technically, bitcoin is a mathematically structured, limited, tested, transparently acquired and a regionalized invisible currency which is strengthened by cryptography to ensure security.  Why the question do you buy bitcoin?

This virtual currency however has the following features:
– Instant payment across international borders
– Irreversible transactions no matter the circumstance
– Elimination of Third Party
– A system devoid of manipulation, control or interference by any government, entity or organization.

Bitcoins are made through ‘mining’ procedures and usually created in blocks of 50. Mining in bitcoin is a procedure through which transactions are checked and then included in the public ledger known as the block chain where bitcoin is newly released. 

In simple terms, one party transfers a certain value of bitcoin to another party using an electronic bitcoin wallet. This wallet in bitcoin is the name for the digital files where these two parties or wallet owners store their encryption keys as a proof of ownership for the wallets. 

These transactions are facilitated by connected computers in a network that mine bitcoin and are in a shared public ledger known as a block chain.

 This block chain is retained over the entire network based on peculiar cryptographic regulations and every transaction is to be corroborated by computers (nodes) on the network before it’s approved. Immediately the mining computers on the network finish the complex algorithms required to complete each transaction, the owners of the mining computers are rewarded with a number of Bitcoins.

Importantly, the bitcoin transaction is verified no lesser than six times by distinct computers in the network before the wallet owners receive their payment. This ensures that the wallet transferring the bitcoin has enough bitcoin to facilitate the amount it wishes to transfer, that the appropriate number of Bitcoins is transferred accordingly, that the balance of each wallet is of the correct amount after the transfer is completed and that each computer authenticating the transaction inputs its own set of numbers in the block chain. 

When the transactions increase, the calculating and evaluation power needed to complete each transaction increases as a result of bigger block chain and the higher difficulty of the algorithms required to complete each operation.

So now that we have refreshed ourselves on what exactly Bitcoin is, it takes us back to our original question, seriously do you buy Bitcoin? Whether your answer is a Yes or No, here are a few things that you need to know about the advantages and the down sides of Buying Bitcoin. This is because no matter what part of the divide you are it is important to know both sides of the story, so you decide what’s best for yourself


High Yield over Small Period

Bitcoin has been doing quite well for itself in such little time. Investors who invested a little fraction of its present cost are reaping mouth watering profits and becoming millionaires overnight. Its current value has a lot of business men biting their fingers and wishing they listened to those who asked them to invest in bitcoin.
Guaranteed Privacy and Lower Risk of Fraud

When using credit cards, the risk of paying both physically and online is high because the other party has acquired access no matter how small. Credit cards operate a “pull” system of payment where the store or merchant initiates a payment with your card and pulls the amount required from your account, but Bitcoin operates a “push” mechanism which allows the sender to pay exactly the amount required without any other information being released to the receiver. Bitcoin also protects identities because it only uses digital IDs.

Perfect for sending money to family abroad

Sending money to people around the world is easier and safer with bitcoin. Usually buying things physically or through other platforms include third party issues, delays, high charges and a load of cock and bull stories but not with bitcoin. There’s no third party involved and your money safely cross borders without little or no hassle once you’re connected to the internet .

No Bank or Purchase Charges

Since no bank is involved, you don’t ever have to be charged on your purchases and there is no third party interference. As there is also no way that any third party can trace or interfere with transactions that are denominated in bitcoin, sales taxes cannot be charged on them. 

Lower Fees

 Bitcoin transactions have no middleman institutions or government interference therefore the costs of bitcoin transactions are quite cheap. This is a crucial advantage for travelers. Furthermore, bitcoin is very fast and does not keep you waiting over authentication processes.


Lack of Awareness

People are yet to discover bitcoin and only a small number of people and majorly business know about bitcoin. Some merchants also have not started accepting bitcoin and they need to be educated on it. Bitcoin’s advantages in comparison to other currencies and payment system is actually quite low not many people are ready for it or even understand the concept of bitcoin.


Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry in general is known for its high rates of volatility. This is a currency that can swing up or down dozens of percents within a few hours which is something a lot of investors don’t feel too comfortable with. If you are not one who enjoy the rollercoaster ride that Bitcoin gives its backers, then you should carefully consider before you put your money in.

High Risk

The risk of bitcoin as stated earlier is also high because this currency is in its infancy stage and many are not sure that they can invest in it and trust that their money isn’t in the wrong hands. New features and developments are being worked on by bitcoin to make it’s operations smoother and easier but bitcoin needs time to work out its issues just like every other currency that has ever existed.

Bitcoin is a new, innovative and interesting way to exchange services and wealth. It seems to be the currency that the whole world is talking about and the new wave to easily jump on but its risks are also to be carefully considered when choosing to venture this path. Bitcoin might just go right or and on the other hand, might go wrong.
For the moment it seems it will be around for a while.  Check out this community that has helped literally hundreds of thousands become financially independent since 2005.

I hope I was able to share a little more insight on this new cryptocurrency in my article “Seriously, Do You Buy Bitcoin?”  

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social media strategiesThe world is fast becoming a huge global village. Due to the great advent in technology, social media channels have become such powerful tools in making your business very prosperous. However, getting the perfect and most tangible social media strategies that work can be a little bit of a challenge. But first,

What exactly is a social media strategy? It basically defines how a business or an organization can efficiently use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on, to achieve goals, aims and aspirations of the said company. It simply outlines objectives and goals for the use of social media and targeting the desired outcomes the business wants.  

A lot of times, people make social media strategies seem so easy like traffic will pour into your businesses immediately as you start posting. It is never that way. You have to learn how to get every like, repost, share, comment backed up by a plan that will work with the goals of the business. 

It is the summary of every social media action to achieve for your business. If you are looking for great social media strategies to put in place for the success of your business, read on methods for how to achieve them.

Set Realistic Goals and Objectives 

The first thing you have to do is to set realistic social media goals that are in tune with your overall company goals. This way, they will possess unimaginable impact. The goals and objectives have to be realistically planned out so you can quickly react when the business campaigns on social media do not meet your expectations. 

How you can achieve this is by looking at the overall needs of your company and choose how you want to use social media to achieve such goals. Marketing experts advise that business owners should choose two main goals and two secondary goals. 

Setting too many goals and objectives for yourself tends to be very distracting and most times, you end up achieving none. Make all goals and objectives measurable, relevant, specific and time bound.

Choose the Right Social Media Networks

There are a hundreds of social media applications to select from (and new ones popping every now and again), you just have to decide the one that will best suit your business. One thing you should never do is jumping to use all social media networks.

 All social media networks may not be the best fit for your business, so you need to take your time and look closely. Find the applicable networks that are on the same page with the image and goals of your business as they have to align. 

For example, if your business focuses on the production of raw materials, LinkedIn is the best social media platform out there, and not snapchat which is targeted at a relatively younger and not necessary working-class population. 

If you are confused on what social media platform to use, you can hire the services of a seasoned social media marketer to advise you on the best option for your business.

Find and Develop a Single Voice.

The main personality of your voice has to be reflected on every post you make on social media. This has to do with how the brands communicates through its posts. The process of finding your voice is a bit time consuming and tasking, but it will all be worth it in the end.

 Eventually, you will settle into it. When it comes to finding your social media voice. First of all, decide who your target audience is. Is it a younger set of people? Is your business for students? Is it for job seekers? Once you have decided on who your audience is, you need to speak to them in a way that they feel connected. Secondly, you need to be a hundred percent original. 

Don’t go copying other businesses as it might look tacky and can even backfire.Lastly, you need to look at what your company stands for. The social media voice is a direct reflection of the business, it has to be authentic and genuine to the brand of your business.

Consistency is Key

If you want your business to have a successful online presence, you have to keep posting. Some social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. you can also make use of content curation. This is a great way to build a firm stand in the social media space which are not self-promotional. 

Streamline all your efforts by not posting several times about different topics. Pick topics related to your business type. If your business is about how to get unemployed graduates to become employable, you have no business posting about sex and relationships. That will be an unnecessary deviation. 

Focus on your main area of expertise and not jump into every area you stumble on. Doing this even makes you set aims and objectives even more achievable within a short time frame.

Post Regularly

Perhaps, this is the most important strategy to have in mind. If you want to have a very successful and active presence on social media, you have to keep posting. You’ll be quickly forgotten if you only post rarely, i.e. once in a month. The reason for high frequency in posting is to engage your target audience as often as possible. 

Social media branding can easily be killed by irregular posting, so do not fall victim of this. To determine how often you should post, you can use the service of a seasoned social media marketer.

Finally, ensure you do not fill up you social media handle with random tags, hashtags and quotes that have absolutely nothing to do with your business. Use only relevant content on your social media page. Also, engage your followers as often as possible by replying their comments and answering their questions pronto really helps in the growth of your business.

When it comes to building effective strategies on social media for your business, think and reflect on the connection and impact social media will give your brand. This gives you a better way to be focused and strategic, and, also to effectively connect with your target audience and achieve the desired results. For more information to become a social media pro in no time go here: Wealthy Affiliate 

To your amazing future.

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willing to work from home

Working at the office is a good thing but sometimes it can get very annoying. Going to the office everyday can be quite a lot of stress to put up with and the tension at our workplaces can be a lot to handle. 

It would be a complete relief if we could work from home because indeed, there is no place like home. Here are some reasons you should absolutely be willing to work from home.

1. There’s No Place Like Home

Your home is the most comfortable place in the world because you know it like the palm of your hand. You don’t have to be among any strangers or colleagues when you’re having a bad day and you never get to quarrel with anyone. 

Being at home also gives you the power to wear whatever you like while experiencing premium convenience. At home, there’s no boss shouting directly at you or no funny colleague attempting to make you angry. Honestly, working at home is an offer that nobody should refuse.

2. Spend Time with Your Family

Family is one of the most important units in life and sometimes, working long hours can make anyone miss out on the beautiful memories that can be created with your family. Working at the office can make you distant from your family but working at home can bring you closer to your family and enable you to spend more time with your relations and friends. This is definitely an important benefit.

3. The Stress is Less

When working at home, the tension and stress is greatly reduced especially physically because there’s no one breathing down your throat or pressuring you. 

You get to work at your own pace and without anything stressing you at home. At home, you’re in control. Your home is also quiet with less noise or people around so it will allow you to concentrate and be in the right frame of mind when working.

4. No More Long Commute

For those of us who do not have cars yet, we can also testify that going in a bus to the office especially when your work place is far can be frustrating and practically a mini hell. Waiting at the bus or train station, getting a ticket, how long it will take to get there… It can be a serious headache. 

Working at home can eliminate those worries as you never have to get out of bed so early to bathe or get ready. As a matter of fact, you can even start work without having a shower!

5. No More Traffic

For some of us who have cars, here’s our version of long commutes. Driving to work can be so stressful sometimes because you could get stuck in traffic that will slow you down, kill your mood and make you uncomfortable even before you get to the office. 

The office is where you should have your best behavior and be in the best frame of mind. Dealing with traffic issues can dampen your mood and slowly kill your vibrant attitude to work.

6. Your Productivity Goes Up

One of the most important reasons why you should absolutely work from home is that the more comfortable at your workplace, your productivity level will definitely increase. When your home becomes your workplace, this is definitely the case. 

Your attitude to work would be more vibrant as a result of comfort, less stress and the elimination of unnecessary long hours at the office. You’ll relax better, think better, operate better and provide better results working from home.

7. Money Saver

Working at the office could create a hole in your pocket because you’d have to pay for gas, for lunch and transport costs if you don’t have a car and add the miscellaneous you might stop to buy just because they looked attractive on your way home. However, working from home does not require any extravagant costs. 

You will get to save a lot of money to do other things while enjoying the comfort of your home.

8. Work/home balance 

It creates a work home balance for you. If you’re one who has kids, it will enable you to monitor their growth, have more time to teach them and monitor their behavior. It will also give you the chance to monitor things in your house, see and oversee the affairs of your home. That way, you can solidly maintain a fantastic balance in your everyday life.

9. Office Costs

As an owner of a business, offices can be quite pricey. They can cost lots of money to rent, buy or maintain. You can save so much money by deciding to work from home instead of paying a large rent just to have an office space. 

Making your employees work from home can also eliminate transport costs, eliminating the need to calculate the expense and also makes your employees happy, comfortable and more productive.

10. You Get To Hire The Best

When working from home as a boss, you can hire a boss without any problems or borders. Some of the best workers work at home, and such workers won’t leave the comfort of their home to work in an office. 

In addition, if such workers or the dream professional you’ve been dying to hire lives in Texas and your office is in Atlanta, the only way you can hire that person is if he or she gets to work from home especially if the employee does not want to be distanced from their family or want to move out of their area. When everyone is working from home, you can hire the very best without any problem or obstacles.

11. Good PR For You

Working from home will make your company popular in the labor market as your company will gain popularity and attract more workers to your company because they may want to leave their company to join yours. 

They would want to become a part of your company because they will want to enjoy more comfort and also be relieved from their stressful jobs. Working from home will make your brand stand out.

There are many other benefits Why You Should Absolutely Want to Work from Home.  These are only a few reasons why you may want to think twice about working from home or offering a work from home opportunity.  Your success is a result of those you surround yourself with being a part of a network of ultra-successful marketers at Wealthy Affiliates may catapult your skill-set.

To your amazing future.


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how to write content for a website

Creating valuable and high standard content for a website can be quite the trick because attaining how to write good content for a website is quite different from creating content elsewhere. However, you can learn a few tricks to the trade by the time you’re done reading this.

1. Your Content must be Compelling and Concise

Web visitors are very eager for information and they hunt for content like wild animals hunt their prey. You must be ready to catch their attention pretty quickly and quench their thirst. 

This must always be at the back of your mind when inventing quality content for a website. Every shopper always wants the best product and this works for web visitors too. You have to make sure that you deliver the best of what they need.

Web visitors are usually interested in just two things and that is if your website can give them what they want and if your website delivers it easily. Waiting too long for a meal at a restaurant can be an appetite killer so that goes the same for the website. 

They want the content top notch, quick and easy so web visitors decide if your website is worth it there and then. On the spot.

The web is like a market. If you don’t have what the customers want, they move to the next seller and you lose them right there. If there’s too much hassle and complications using your website, they’ll keep it moving too.

2. You Need To Get To The Point

Creating content for a website is not like a research thesis. In academic papers, you want to talk about the genesis, origin and discuss the background extensively but that’s a no for web content. To be quite candid, people have no time for that.
They want you to get to the point on time and tell them just what they need to know. They are interested in your most important information which is the very essence of the article. 

If you wanted to buy a Blue Hermes bag, you wouldn’t want the sales attendant rambling about a Gucci Red bag or Christian Dior Black bag when there’s a Hermes Blue bag right in front of you. You’d get annoyed and exhausted.

This method of writing is known as the inverted pyramid. Usually used in newspaper articles, the most important part of the story comes first so that once you read the first paragraph, the story or message is already clear. This goes for a website too. Your customers want to know the big picture before anything.

3. Keep It Simple

One of the important tips you should learn to create quality content is simplicity. It’s okay to be creative and demonstrate your writing process in length and structure but honestly, most web visitors don’t. Statistics say only 16% actually read web content word for word so why bother?

Keep it concise, not too complex or elaborate so it is easy to digest and peculiar creatively draws the visitors in. Endeavor to also avoid needless repetition. It is a reader vibe killer.

4. Keywords Are Important

When creating content for websites, endeavor to infuse popular search terms and keywords that visitors would be interested. It will help boost your numbers and fetch you more ardent followers.

Using keywords make your articles more accessible, increase your site’s exposure and will help increase a website’s traffic. Finding services and information has become easy due to Google’s Keyword Tool so using keywords while creating your content will make the article easy to search and increase ranking.

5. Take Advantage of SEO

The Search Engine Optimization tool is important for website content creation because of rankings and site traffic. SEO helps to increase your internet income as well as your number of visitors. To take advantage of this tool;

–  Try to answer the trending questions and solve the puzzles revolving around trending topics
– Add relevant links to your site or other sites
– Use keywords or care words that are trending.

6. Your Outlook is Important

The web design of your site, the colors, the structure and the arrangement is very important. You must try to attract more readers and customers to your site by using compelling features, outstanding colors and seamless navigation. These things matter to your readers because it’s what welcomes then to the site.

No one likes anything looking dull or rusty. If you stopped by a car dealership garage and you saw all their cars looking dusty with ugly scratches and dents, would you come back? I don’t think so. This also applies to a website. People want it to look appealing, bright, well structured and attractive.

7. Be Transparent

Try not to pick a side in any of your articles. People have different allegiances, faiths, beliefs, attractions and things that they fancy. The thing however is, you can’t read their minds, so you must try to be neutral.

Ensure not to allow your personal opinions, obsessions or allegiances to get in the way of your writing because you are not writing for just yourself but everyone who clicks on your page. Don’t let your bias or dislike towards anything reflect in your writing or on any site which content is being created for. It is unprofessional and repels readers who aren’t in line with your entity or beliefs.

8. Be Original

This is one rule that is important. Don’t. Ever. Copy. As a writer and content creator, you must be free of plagiarism and original with your ideas and of course, the work itself.

Don’t go snooping on blogs and doing a copy and paste especially without credit. Even the photos you must use should have credits properly added to them. No visitor wants to keep purchasing the same kind of a similar item. Do your own thing.

After mastering these 8 solid tips, you might just become a Jack or Jane of this trade. And master How to Write Content for A Website!  Get access to the most powerful training platform in the world while you are building a real and tangible business and start earning right away

To your amazing future.

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Becoming a mom is a great thing of joy but it’s often accompanied by challenges. Many a time, mothers are faced with the daunting task of finding jobs that will concur with their schedules. There are several profitable business ideas that are a perfect fit for a stay at home mother. Some great options include:    work from home moms


A virtual assistant provides services to individuals or organizations. It’s a stay at home work as all the work is done online. It’s an effective way of making good legit money. There are a variety of services a virtual assistant can render, these include writing, editing, researching, copywriting, project management, tutoring, travel arrangements, consulting, bookkeeping, ghostwriting, and many more. As a virtual assistant, you can choose to become either a virtual assistant independent contractor or virtual assistant employee


If you decide to become an independent contractor, developing a website or blog becomes indispensable. Choosing the path of independence gives you the liberty to influence your business. You get to set your own pricing, choose your own clients and you have complete freedom. Like every startup or business, becoming an independent contractor is met with difficulties. Finding your own clients can be a real hassle at the beginning, it’s a bumpy ride. But when you persevere and build a good reputation, it will surely pay off in the long run


If finding clients is not your cup of tea, you will be better suited for a virtual assistant employee. How clients are wooed is least of your concern. You are only responsible for your work at the appointed times. The company you work for is vested with the responsibility of matching you with clients. Employee option is far less demanding and it will pay you back right from the get-go. However, your pricing is determined for you by the company and your long-term possibilities are limited


If you have the knack for writing, then freelance writing is one of the best home based business ideas for moms. It’s a highly profitable stay at home work that can fetch you up to $3,000 a month. It’s an independent work that offers you a great deal of flexibility. The start-up requirement for freelancers is basically, a good computer with a source of internet connection.


  •   Be a good writer: Creativity in writing is not everybody’s thing and it’s the basic recipe for freelance. To build a good reputation for your portfolio, you must be creative and comfortable with your grammar.
  •  Be passionate about writing: To make a career in freelance writing, you must have a flair for writing. Many a time, writing can be hectic and there may be a point in time when you may be totally fed up with the whole concept of writing. But your passion for the job can be your driving force.
  •  Open business mind: To maximize freelance writing gigs, you must be willing to write on subjects you despise or have

work from home

  • Open business mind: To maximize freelance writing gigs, you must be willing to write on subjects you despise or have zero knowledge of. Just do it for the love of the money and reserve your opinion to yourself
  •  Time management and prompt delivery: Time is of great essence in freelance writing jobs. You must have an efficient time management plan in other to be able to accomplish jobs and deliver them on the stipulated agreed time. Delivering jobs late will mar and speak ill of your portfolio.


There are several websites that are dedicated to freelance. The websites are platforms for those seeking and providing freelance writing services. Signing up to any freelance website requires patience from the get-go. Many clients may ignore your proposals due to your lack of reputation. However, you may woo clients by offering your service to them at a cheaper rate. When you accumulate writing pieces in your portfolio along with continuous 5-star ratings, you may raise your pricing and clients will still patronize you.

Some freelance writing platforms are

  • Upwork
  •  TextBroker
  •  Constant-content
  • ContentMart


Daycare is a highly profitable enterprise that will perfectly fit a stay at home mother. As a mother, you already have the requisite experience and starting the daycare franchise offers you the opportunity to care for your kids along with other busy mother’s kids. It will be advisable to consider obtaining a license because licensed day care centers are more appealing to parents and the pay is also superior


Are you a good cook? If your answer is positive, then catering might be the ideal business option for you. Starting is quite easy as you already have the necessary requirements for a small startup. Frequent advertising and referral can help you land several cooking gigs


Blogging is also another job that is accessible to stay at home moms. The work is done online and start-up requisite is less stringent. You only need a computer and a source of internet connection to get started. Starting a blog is not a complex matter, you can have your blog ready within 30 minutes or less. Blogging is fun-filled and it can fetch you money and nice recognition.


  •  Choose a blogging platform/domain name
  •  Choose a hosting option
  •  Design your blog
  •  Start blogging Blogging platform

Choosing your blogging platform is the first thing to do. There are several blogging platforms one can choose from. Some top options to consider are listed below:

  • WordPress
  •  Custom
  •  Blogger
  •  Tumblr
  •  Drupal
  •  Blogsmith
  •  Typepad
  •   Movable type
  •  Gawker

If you have no priority or knowledge of blogging platforms, WordPress might be ideal for you. Other top options to consider are blogger and Tumblr. Make sure you think deeply as to what your blog’s focus will be as you will learn right from the get-go, content is King.

Research a bit about what makes an awesome blog and learn a few tricks from the pros.
Moms are some of the busiest people in the world,

I will continue to share more ideas for a home business and I hope I was able to share some valuable points in my post “Are There Real Home Based Business Ideas For Moms.” Your success is a result of those you surround yourself with being a part of a network of ultra-successful marketers at Wealthy Affiliates may catapult your skillset.


To your amazing future.



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